1 thought on “A World Away”

  1. I don't like LDS fiction because I think it's the path mediocre authors take in order to get published. However, for an religious fiction book, is was good enough.

  2. Usually I don't even start LDS fiction because I find it rather preachy and/or poorly written. I was pleasantly surprised with this one though. I picked this book up for 50 cents at a library sale (not realizing it was an LDS author) and figured I would give it a try. I liked the characters and it kept me wanting to read. I felt a little unfulfilled at the end wishing I could know more about all of the characters endings But the story was good and it was easy to see how much the author put herse [...]

  3. This story felt pretty contrived (very predictable) and the characters were somewhat unbelievable. A young woman escaping from an abusive relationship, with just her son, a rusty car and a suitcase of clothes happens upon a bed and breakfast escape for so many, named 'Haven', of course, where conveniently a recovering lawyer, immediate guy friends and possible future/current love interest (though too young and immature at the moment--yet responsible enough to take care of her son?!--an annoying [...]

  4. Victoria and I listened to this on tape in the car and it was interesting, not my typical taste though. We liked the reader because she had a beautiful English accent. We also liked the way the author described things, since she is from England too it was very different than the way we talk.

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