Sun, Sand, Murder

As a Special Constable, Teddy Creque is the only police presence on the remote, sun drenched island of Anegada, nestled in the heart of the British Virgin Islands In all his years on the job, Teddy has never considered the possibility that he might have to address an actual crime on his peaceful island That is, until he receives a hysterical call about a dead man on theAs a Special Constable, Teddy Creque is the only police presence on the remote, sun drenched island of Anegada, nestled in the heart of the British Virgin Islands In all his years on the job, Teddy has never considered the possibility that he might have to address an actual crime on his peaceful island That is, until he receives a hysterical call about a dead man on the beach Indeed, Teddy is shocked to discover Paul Kelliher, a biologist who traveled to the island every winter for research, lying dead on the sands of the island s most remote beach, killed by a single shot to the head And when the BVI s real police task Teddy with informing Kelliher s nearest kin of his death, Teddy makes an even surprising discovery there s no record that Paul Kelliher ever existed Suddenly Teddy s routine life is thrown into tumult as he tries to track a killer against his boss s wishes while balancing his complicated family life, three other jobs, and the colorful characters populating the island around him.Written with a wry, witty narrative voice and a plot full of twists and turns, John Keyse Walker s Minotaur Books Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award winning debut is a pure delight.
Sun Sand Murder As a Special Constable Teddy Creque is the only police presence on the remote sun drenched island of Anegada nestled in the heart of the British Virgin Islands In all his years on the job Teddy ha

  • Title: Sun, Sand, Murder
  • Author: John Keyse-Walker
  • ISBN: 9781250088291
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Totally charmed by the island of Anegada and the Special Constable. Wonderful characters and island descriptions, masterful surprise and great plot. No surprise this one a First Crime novel award.

    2. Knowing that I am a big fan of the Virgin Islands, having been there on sailing and scuba trips, my brother-in-law recommended this book when he came across it. One island I was not able to visit was Anegada where this story takes place since one needs to have a professional guide along to navigate through Horseshoe Reef which has caused hundreds of shipwrecks over the years.I did know, that unlike the other Virgin Islands, this one is not volcanic in origin and is low and flat, similar to the B [...]

    3. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this book, but it sounded interesting. I thought maybe it would be a bit like "Death in Paradise," the BBC television show. It isn't at all, but the story was riveting just the same. I thought I had it all figured out, but I wasn't even close! I enjoyed it so much that I told my husband that it's HIS next book. Keyse-Walker deserved his Best First Crime Novel award.

    4. Surprise !! This book was well written mystery. I had my doubts when I first got it so pleasant surprise. I loved the island setting. I would love to read the next book when it comes out.

    5. Wasn't sure I could like a mystery featuring a black constable on a minor island of the British Virgin Islands that was written by a white guy from Ohio who gave no indication via author note of any particular experience in that part of the world or its local culture. I was wrong. My scepticism rapidly melted away as I came to know Special Constable Teddy who, despite a few flaws was interested in seeing justice done in the face of the indifference and incompetence of his superiors. The twist at [...]

    6. Thanks to Netgalley, St. Martin's Press and Minotaur Books for the ARC of this mystery. It was a pleasant diversion and I enjoyed the main character, sort of a sad sack guy that can't seem to get ahead who of course comes out okay at the end (not a spoiler, it's that kind of story). I thought that parts of it were too "tell me" instead of "show me", where long explanations of the backstory were written out. Overall, it was enjoyable and I would probably read another with this main detective char [...]

    7. I loved the beginning of the book but as it went on and on I found the stereotypes of women and police to be boring. The wife, the mistress, the coworker all so predictable and poorly done. The plot was good - but not good enough to cover up the character disaster. The main character was written quite well though, which makes me think the author spent most of his time on him and no one else. If you can overlook stereotypes, this book is good. Gotta love a good Murder mystery.

    8. A wonderfully entertaining contemporary murder mystery/treasure hunt. Keyse-Walker's characters lean off the page with ease, and the pacing of his story set me on the edge of my seat until I fell right into the words. Definitely worth a peek for fans of modern detective tales, and I will be reading his future works.

    9. I quite enjoyed this. As an aspiring mystery writer myself, I was interested in seeing what kind of story won the St. Martin’s Minotaur/ Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition. Of the seven published winners, this one sounded most interesting to me. It has a great setting that Keyse-Walker illuminates skillfully, and Teddy Creque makes for an intriguing protagonist. My hat is off to Keyse-Walker for a nice debut.There are two things I'd like to comment on in more detail (no s [...]

    10. This fun little thriller was a great read. Based on a fictional little backwater island in the British Virgin Islands, it's the story of an inexperienced auxiliary police man caught up in an unexpected wave of violence.Teddy Creque has served the island for 20 years and never reported a single crime. Suddenly there is a vicious murder, followed by an equally vicious assault, all while Teddy is agonizing over a heated love affair with a local pilot while he feels guilty for cheating on his wife. [...]

    11. I do not normally read mysteries but since this one won the Minotaur Mystery Writers First Crime Novel Award, I was intrigued. I was definitely not disappointed. The main character, Teddy Creque, is a likable guy who you tend to root for. The author gives a fabulous verbal description of the Island of Anegada. I was awarded by an ending that was totally different that I had visioned, which made me pleasantly surprised. This is a quick, enjoyable read which I highly recommend. I am looking forwar [...]

    12. On August 12, our mystery discussion group reviewed "Sun, Sand, Murder" by John Keyse-Walker. Serving for years as a special constable in the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force, Teddy Creque has never had to deal with any serious crime on the small, remote island of Anegada, where he was born and raised. His attention is split between his other three jobs and his complicated family life. Then visiting biologist Paul Kelliher is found dead on a remote beach with a gunshot wound to the head. The BV [...]

    13. I received this book as part of a holiday gift of the Mystery BooklyBox. I have not finished a novel in several years (started many, but nothing but graphic novels could hold my attention through the minutiae of daily tasks). But this book changed that. I love this writer's style and it reminds me very much of Lawrence Sanders' McNally books (before he passed on and Lombardo ruined the series). Reading this book, I felt like I learned about a new place, I loved the quirks of the characters, and [...]

    14. Pretty average. The story had potential when the murder victim turned out to not be who he had claimed to be but I found it quite boring (could be cos I'm not a fan of beaches and the story is set on islands). Teddy the main character/detective wasn't even on the case which is odd for a murder mystery story. The author spent a lot of time describing the surroundings. The killer wasn't who I thought it was so I guess there was a slight "twist" but overall I recommend to give this book a miss. It [...]

    15. I found myself immersed in this novel for two main reasons: the unique and well-developed character of Teddy Creque and the author's ability to skillfully evoke the rhythm of island life. This is a book meant to be read on a sandy beach, with a cool beverage in hand. That the novel won the Minotaur/Mystery Writer's Award is no surprise. Looking forward to the next novel in the series!

    16. I read the second book first but it didn’t matter. Keyse-Walker paints such a wonderful picture you can smell the salt air and feel the sand under your feet. The characters are rich and interesting and the plot is excellent. The ending? Suffice to say I didn’t see it coming. Give this book a try, I think you will enjoy the rideBravo Mr Keyse- Walker

    17. A terrific story by a first time author. Though I typically do not read mysteries, the characters drew me in, as did the atmospheric setting,. A perfect "beach read", and for me a welcome change of pace. I look forward to John Keyse-Walker's next book!

    18. Title: Sun, Sand, Murder - Teddy Creque Mystery Book 1Author: John Keyse WalkerPublished: 9-13-2016Publisher: St. Martin's Press/Minotaur BooksPages: 288Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Sub Genre: International Mystery & Crime; Police ProceduralsISBN: 13: ASIN: B01C2TAAI8Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 4.75 StarsI received a copy of "Sun, Sand, Murder" from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Publisher's Description: As a Special Constable [...]

    19. There is something about Teddy's homelife that made me wonder if I was going to like this book, but John Keyse-Walker swiftly drew me into his story by bringing the people and the tiny island of Anegada to life. The landscape, the weather, how the people live, the food they eat everything combined to put me right on the beach with them. I love it when that happens.Teddy is not always a likeable character, but he's always interesting. For twenty years, he's had it relatively easy. His wife makes [...]

    20. Special Constable Teddy Creque has an interesting adventure on a small island in the caribbean. This first novel from a new writer is a riveting murder mystery thet is enjoyable and fun to read. I look forward to more from John Keyse-Walker

    21. Having won the best first crime novel from Mystery Writers of America, I am happy to opine that this was a very good read. It is well written, well-paced, and has a very compelling character in Teddy Creque. This "not really a policeman", in the British Virgin Islands doubts his abilities, is scorned by his boss and some DEA officers, and yet forges ahead with an investigation into a murder on his small island. Place also acts as a strong character as the history and people of the region contrib [...]

    22. I really enjoyed the mystery and was surprised by the ending. The book is so well written with descriptions of the land and it's history interspersed within the story which really kept things fascinating. The author has an intriguing narrative manner that tells the story from the protagonist's movements and thoughts. Exceptionally well written and very enjoyable. Read it in one sitting as the story was so captivating. Highly recommend.

    23. This book is a great read. I love mysteries, so it was thoroughly enjoyable for me. Lots of twists and turns together with a surprise ending. The characters were intriguing and I enjoyed the way some of the island background information was seamlessly incorporated into the story. Looking forward to the sequel. The book won the 2015 Minotaur Books, Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award.

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