A Boy Made of Blocks

A Boy Made of Blocks is a funny, heartwarming story of family and love inspired by the author s own experiences with his son, the perfect latest obsession for fans of The Rosie Project, David Nicholls and Jojo Moyes A father who rediscovers loveAlex loves his wife Jody, but has forgotten how to show it He loves his son Sam, but doesn t understand him He needs a reason tA Boy Made of Blocks is a funny, heartwarming story of family and love inspired by the author s own experiences with his son, the perfect latest obsession for fans of The Rosie Project, David Nicholls and Jojo Moyes A father who rediscovers loveAlex loves his wife Jody, but has forgotten how to show it He loves his son Sam, but doesn t understand him He needs a reason to grab his future with both hands.A son who shows him how to liveMeet eight year old Sam beautiful, surprising and different To him the world is a frightening mystery But as his imagination comes to life, his family will be changed for good.
A Boy Made of Blocks A Boy Made of Blocks is a funny heartwarming story of family and love inspired by the author s own experiences with his son the perfect latest obsession for fans of The Rosie Project David Nicholls

  • Title: A Boy Made of Blocks
  • Author: Keith Stuart
  • ISBN: 9781250111593
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This is a lovely heartwarming read about a father who has struggled to connect with his high end autistic spectrum young son, Sam. Sam is a difficult and socially awkward child who has been cared for primarily by Jody, his mother. She is exhausted and at her wit's ends and hopes that a trial separation will bring Alex to his senses and get him more involved with Sam. Alex is aware of his inadequacies but at a loss how to address them plus he is working in a dead end job. He ends up living with h [...]

    2. Right from the first chapter, I absolutely despised Alex: the very useless father of young Sam. I read his selfish, childish avoidance of his life with muttered epithets and wondered how the hell his wife, Jody, had lasted so long with this man child. I was seriously annoyed. And without realising it, completely invested. What came afterwards is the slow, stumbling building of a relationship between father and son. Full of setbacks and wrong paths, both characters learn about each other as we le [...]

    3. "Life is an adventure, not a walk. That's why it's difficult."Beautifully written emotional story of a father trying to rebuild his life and reconnect with his autistic son and an estranged wife. Alex is one of those characters that I learned to like as I kept on reading. When I started reading he comes across as being selfish and childish. As the story goes on I realised he's a more complex and interesting character than I thought. Having to deal not just with his son autism but also a past tra [...]

    4. This is the sort of book that pulls at your heart strings and certainly makes you realize the challenges that Autism brings to a family and the struggle it is to get the appropriate help and educational needs their child requires and is entitled to.While I did like the book in places and felt the author did a good job getting across to the reader just how difficult life for an Austistic child can be and those who care for him, I didn't feel the book reached its full potential as the emotion or t [...]

    5. A Porta MágicaPermitam que vos apresente esta família:Sam é o filho : um jovem autista daqueles que se escondem debaixo das mesas, que detesta contactos físicos, e em que até o olhar dos outros figura algures lá pelo rol dos itens mais incómodos.Jody é a mãe : diligente e a tempo inteiro. Vinte e quatro horas pronta a assistir e socorrer o seu filhote, como seria expectável numa mãe a 100%.Alex é o pai : por exclusão de partes coube-lhe o papel de ganha-pão. Para o efeito entregou- [...]

    6. It is extremely difficult to be a parent of a child with autism. The looks, the behavior, the lack of closeness is a trial for the parent as well as the child who just does not seem to fit into the world in which he/she was born into.For Sam, the eight year old son of Alex and Jody, the life and the trials of having an autistic son has weighed heavily on their marriage. Alex and Jody have separated and to add to this unfortunate situation, Alex has also lost his job. Alex withdrawn from Sam whil [...]

    7. "Life is an adventure, not a walk. That's why it's difficult."3.5 starsAlex's life is falling apart. His wife, Jody, has asked him to move out their home. The sticking point in their marriage is Alex's inability to connect with and parent their eight-year-old autistic son, Sam. He's struggling at his stressful job, and he's still carrying unresolved trauma from his childhood. So maybe it's not too surprising that he finds himself, in his 30s, bunking with a mate and sleeping on a lumpy air mattr [...]

    8. Review: Surj Facebook: facebook/TheHopelessRBlog: thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bI'm a romance reader through and through and that is really all I've read for the last three years. However, when I read the synopsis for "A Boy made of Blocks," there was just something about Alex's story that said "Read me. You won't be disappointed" and I was right. This book was different but so brilliant. It was captivating, addictive, poignant and absolutely life affirming. I'm so tired of feeling like this- he [...]

    9. This book was a journey. A journey for a Father and son to connect with one another. The story is based on Alex and his son, Sam. Sam has autism, and a distance has inevitably grown between them. Alex is at a loss of how to bond with him. I admit here, I almost immediately despised Alex due to his lack of attempts to make peace with Sam, spend time with him, and to be honest, I found him to be rather pathetic! Needless to say that my opinion of him changed further through the book. The author ha [...]

    10. A Boy Made of Blocks is a fiction story based on real life experiences with the authors own son.Alex has been trying to do the best for his family by investing his time in his work and providing for the family. Sadly he has been neglecting his wife and son to a certain extent and Jody his wife has had enough.Being a parent can be trying at the best of times but Sam being autistic, at times, makes their experience even more trying which is leaving them both exhausted. Jody has had enough and asks [...]

    11. I loved this book so much. The straight forward writing makes for easy reading as Alex tells us his heartfelt story. Alex’s eight year old son, Sam, diagnosed with autism, has some difficult behaviors that create stress in the house so Alex spends most of his time at the office, hence his marriage is on the rocks. After moving out of his home and leaving his wife and son alone, he moves in with an old friend and the reality that he needs to make big changes sinks in. His marriage, his connecti [...]

    12. Alex and Jody have recently separated due to their struggles in raising 7-year old autistic son, Sam. It will take a lot of hard work, soul searching and letting go of some old baggage to bring their family back together. The author’s inspiration for writing this insightful and touching novel is drawn from his own life raising an autistic son. I felt the author’s personal connection as he drew me in. Although this is fiction, Stuart helped me to better understand motivators of an autistic ch [...]

    13. Vijf sterren. Ik heb meermaals als een gek zitten knikken tegen de pagina's. 'Ja!', wou ik roepen. 'Ja, zo is het helemaal.' Af en toe las ik mijn eigen gedachten op de pagina's. Freaky in a good way. Het verhaal is warm, mooi, grappig en zeker goed geschreven. Maar die vijf sterren zijn vooral voor de verschillende snaren die bij meermaals en duidelijk geraakt werden.

    14. Once I picked this book up, that was it.I started early evening and didn't put it down until the early hours as the daylight was coming through my window, the early start to another day.This is compulsive reading.Autism. I only know a little due to my husbands brothers child who is now an adult. He is very mild on the autism scale and holds down a job, drives and has a rounded life. However, his social skills are awkward and looking into people's eyes to make eye contact in conversation I can te [...]

    15. Emotional, honest and utterly compelling this is truly an inspirational story that a lot of people can relate to. Alex is unhappy with his life. Stuck in a dead-end job and struggling to connect with his an autistic son he doesn't understand, he knows he has failed but he can't figurte out what to do about it. Everything comes to a head when he is made redundant from his job and his wife suggests a trial separation. At rock bottom Alex decides to make his son his number one priority and sets abo [...]

    16. A thoroughly wonderful book following Alex and his autistic son Sam's journey to connect with each other. Full of humour and warmth this story tugged at my heartstrings and I even shed a tear (or two).

    17. This is a story about a man and his son.Alex has left the marital home - he and his wife Jody haven't been getting along. A major part of the conflict is how this affects Sam, their young son, who is on the Autism spectrum. Alex is also dealing with something from his past that is most definitely having an effect on how he communicates with Sam, so he needs to find himself and move on before he can even begin to heal his family relationships. Through the game of Minecraft, Alex finds a way to co [...]

    18. Uit! Twijfelde nog wel een beetje tussen 3 en 4 sterren, maar waarom ik uiteindelijk toch voor de 4 ben gegaan lees je binnenkort op The Dutch Reading Society!

    19. Alex and Jody are going through a rough patch in their marriage. They're temporarily separated because Alex isn't mentally present in his own life anymore. His withdrawnness is difficult for Jody. They stopped talking long ago and Alex is always at work. Their son Sam was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and their days with him are often a struggle. Alex doesn't connect with his son at all. While Alex is staying with his best friend he has the chance to figure things out, to discover what went w [...]

    20. KEITH STUART "KALADĖLIŲ BERNIUKAS"Aš tikriausiai esu skaičiusi visas lietuvių kalba išleistas knygas apie autizmą. Ir vos pasirodžius kokiai naujai - ją griebiu. Tai labai įdomi liga, labai įdomūs pacientai. Neįtikėtini jų gabumai ir pasaulio suvokimas, mane nežmoniškai domina. Tad pamačius jog knygynų lentynose jau puikuojasi naujas leidinys šia tema - važiavau, nusipirkau ir kone vienu prisėdimu perskaičiau."Kaladėlių berniukas" - knyga parašyta tėvo, kurio vaikui di [...]

    21. Truly a brilliant story, so very different from what has ever been written before. Keith Stuart is a very gifted writer. The author Keith Stuart was inspired by his own experiences with his son to write this book. The true story behind A Boy Made of Blocks is that when Keith's son Zac reached the age of two, his wife read that most children have a vocabulary of around fifty words. Zac could only say ten. Once Keith Stuart's son was seven he was officially diagnosed as being on the autism scale. [...]

    22. Alex no está pasando por su mejor etapa, su mujer Jody acaba de pedirle una separación de prueba porque llevan un tiempo que discuten por cualquier cosa; tampoco logra conectar con su hijo Sam, al que considera prácticamente un problema por lo difícil que es tratar con él y entenderle, ya que está dentro del espectro del autismo; la relación con el resto de su familia no es la mejor por un hecho del pasado que les marcó a todos y trabaja en un lugar que en principio era de paso, porque n [...]

    23. Расхваленный дебют британского журналиста Кита Стюарта о том, как сложно растить сына-аутиста, если ты — тридцатилетний британец, строящий свою жизнь по лекалам персонажей Ника Хорнби. Увы, драйва Хорнби здесь как раз и не хватает. Стюарт строит книгу с той же осторожной с [...]

    24. I picked up a copy of this book as it was recommended for fans of The Rosie Project which I really enjoyed. But then it sat on my TBR pile as I wasn’t sure I would be grabbed by the storyline when I read the blurb. But you know that thing where you kick yourself because you’ve had a BRILLIANT books sat right next to you for weeks and you hadn’t realised how much you would love it and that it would take over your life? Yep, that!!! As soon as I started reading I knew that this book was goin [...]

    25. Once in awhile, I break out of my comfort zone and read a book from an author I've never read before.#ABoyMadeofBlocks was recommended to me by my cousin.Inspired by the writer's true life experience, this book shares the heartwarming story of a father, who struggles to connect and bond with his son, who has autism. Alex is at the crossroad of his life. Temporarily separated from his wife, Alex needs to pull his family together, and learn to accept his son's condition. Through the (accidental) M [...]

    26. This book for me was such a whirlwind of emotions and I also think probably the most important book I'll read this year so so important to me and it just had such an emotional impact on me I found myself sitting reading at 11pm crying my eyes out not with sadness but with joy.I really connected quickly with Sam mainly because my 5 year old son is also autistic like Sam, although not on the same scale but there was so many moments throughout this book that I saw the same sort of traits in Sam as [...]

    27. I don't have much knowledge of Minecraft except that it's a computer games based on blocks and it's quite popular with pre-teens. In this novel I learned a lot about Minecraft and how it allowed for the relationship between a Dad and his autistic son to develop and grow through a shared interest. In the novel the relationship between the boy's parents is struggling, partly because of their son's autism, and partly because the Dad is spending time working to support the family. The parents decide [...]

    28. In brief - I did really enjoy quite a lot of this book. I just felt some parts were a bit contrived/cheesy - making it 4 on reflection.In full -This book is the story of Alex, his son Sam, his wife Jody and also about other members of his family and friends. In part it is based on the author's own experiences with his autistic son which I think lent a validity to the book. The main focus is on Alex's relationship with Sam - initially not really a relationship at all - more a train wreck. At the [...]

    29. Alex is struggling in life. He has been made redundant, his marriage is deteriorating and beyond that his relationship with his only son has become increasingly overwhelming. Standing between Alex and his son Sam is a villain and it's name is autism.Drawing on the authors own personal experience as a father of an autistic child, this was a touching read about the daily challenges associated with nurturing a child on the spectrum. There were some heartfelt moments and I felt the author gave great [...]

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