A Life Less Monogamous

Cooper S Beckett, host of Life on the Swingset The Podcast now beginning its sixth year, author of the bestselling memoir My Life on the Swingset Adventures in Swinging and Polyamory, and guest expert on Dan Savage s Savage Lovecast, takes you back to the beginning with a novel about being a newbie in the swinging lifestyle Believe it or not, repeating their therapistCooper S Beckett, host of Life on the Swingset The Podcast now beginning its sixth year, author of the bestselling memoir My Life on the Swingset Adventures in Swinging and Polyamory, and guest expert on Dan Savage s Savage Lovecast, takes you back to the beginning with a novel about being a newbie in the swinging lifestyle Believe it or not, repeating their therapist suggested mantra Today is the day we change our lives, hasn t made a whole lot of difference for Ryan and Jennifer Their seven year old marriage has hit the wall, and they both yearn to experience the sexual explorations they never bothered to do in high school and college Their therapy going nowhere, advice from friends unhelpful at best and detrimental at worst, they ve resigned themselves to a long and steadily sexless life together Like everybody else they know Their resignation is called into question when they meet Bruce and Paige at a Christmas party This older couple is cool, worldly, and surprisingly flirty Over the course of a long evening of wine, confessions, questions and answers, Ryan and Jennifer both feel the tug of attraction for Bruce and Paige, knowing they could never actually do anything with that Unless, that is, Bruce and Paige happened to not subscribe to traditional notions of relationships and monogamy Unless they happened to be swingers Now the door has been flung wide open, showing them a vast universe of possibilities, that all start at the front door belonging to Bruce and Paige Today is the day they change their lives.
A Life Less Monogamous Cooper S Beckett host of Life on the Swingset The Podcast now beginning its sixth year author of the bestselling memoir My Life on the Swingset Adventures in Swinging and Polyamory and guest expert

  • Title: A Life Less Monogamous
  • Author: Cooper S. Beckett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. Beckett’s first novel is a hit! Ryan and Jennifer are just like any couple you know; they love each other, but something is missing. This is the story of how they find what’s missing. It isn’t always sunshine and roses, sometimes it is painful; but in the end they grow stronger and more confident in their choices, their love, and their relationship. You’ll be enthralled in the sexy times, and brought to tears by the tough times [...]

    2. This is my full review of “A Life Less Monogamous,” a fiction novel written by Cooper S. Beckett. I was sent an advanced copy for review. The review can also be found on my blog The Unlaced Librarian: theunlacedlibrarian.cCooper S. Beckett is no stranger to writing about ethical non-monogamy. Readers of The Unlaced Librarian know I reviewed his first book “My Life on the Swingset,” which is a non-fiction book comprised of personal essay style chapters in the realm of swinging and polyamo [...]

    3. This review also appears on my blog: Stranded in TorontoI was given a copy of Cooper S. Beckett's new novel in exchange for an honest review. Now, I'm no literary reviewer, but let's see if I can make this puppy fly, shall we?It is a story of Ryan and Jennifer as they being their journey outside the traditions of monogamy. A new friendship with a swinging couple, Bruce and Paige, who offer our heroes a way to spice up their marital experience.This couple, given my lifestyle, I felt strong empath [...]

    4. Ryan and Jennifer are a couple who’s monogamous marriage is growing sexually stale. They meet a swinger couple and decide to do something bold. In the process they discover themselves.This is the story line in A Life Less Monogamous – a novel about swinging by Cooper S. Beckett.When people ask me about opening up their marriage, I advise them to imagine what it’s going to be like; then be prepared for the experience to be unlike anything they have imagined.For Cindy and I, like Ryan and Je [...]

    5. Finally, a book about the mistakes we all make as new swingers! Cooper S. Beckett writes about the whirlwind that you get caught up in at the very beginning of any new relationship and the lows after something goes wrong as if he's writing his very own story, word-for-word. The sex scenes, while not as graphic as I write, are descriptive enough to make you feel like you're there watching everything from the side lines. It's not a romance or erotic novel, but it still gets to you like one.I highl [...]

    6. I received a copy of "A Life Less Monogamous" in exchange for an honest review.I can't tell you how transformational this novel is. It's not a guide to consensual non-monogamy, and yet, you will still have breakthroughs, you will learn a ton, and you will get really attached to the characters. They're so human, so vulnerable. You are going to be able to relate to their fears, emotions, their confusion and their own limitations and possessiveness. We've all experienced jealousy. We've all been fr [...]

    7. This is a interesting tale of a couple that goes from a boring predictable life to jumping deep into the pool of swinging. Complete with a scene that could have easily been taken from Eyes Wide Shut. It explored some very interesting realities that should be considered if you are contemplating this Lifestyle. I won't go into more detail because I would rather you bought the book and experience this story for yourself.

    8. This book is a pretty damn entertaining one. They author, Cooper S. Beckett, can be a little too clever for his own good at times. However, there is a charm present in his mixing of smutty situations, pop culture references and $10 words. Overall As sexy and as it is entertaining.

    9. I was so excited to read Cooper’s novel, and once I got started I couldn’t put it down! It follows a couple starting out in the non-monogamous lifestyle and all the ups and downs of that adventure. This story was an emotional roller coaster in the best way, and I wasn’t sure it would all work out in the end… (Moral of the story: do your research or at least talk to people who have some experience! Or listen to the On the Swingset podcast.) Sexy, funny and definitely something I’ll want [...]

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