The President's Husband

When an assassin s bullet strikes his predecessor, Grayson Alexander becomes the first openly gay President of the United States and his husband, David Hammond, becomes the first openly gay First Husband With their world turned upside down, David relies on his career as a medical school professor and ER doctor to keep him grounded But his decision to keep working rufflesWhen an assassin s bullet strikes his predecessor, Grayson Alexander becomes the first openly gay President of the United States and his husband, David Hammond, becomes the first openly gay First Husband With their world turned upside down, David relies on his career as a medical school professor and ER doctor to keep him grounded But his decision to keep working ruffles feathers from day one.Gray throws himself into learning everything he needs to know to be President, especially a liberal president surrounded by a conservative cabinet and staff Even though he puts in outrageous hours working and traveling seven days a week month after month, he s happy But David has trouble coping with Gray s new job requirements He can t help but feel abandoned by his husband of ten years.When Gray asks for his help with a public health crisis, David obliges, but he is furious about what happens once the emergency passes When they learn that the President s staff has manipulated them both, they wonder if their relationship can survive the White House.
The President s Husband When an assassin s bullet strikes his predecessor Grayson Alexander becomes the first openly gay President of the United States and his husband David Hammond becomes the first openly gay First Husb

  • Title: The President's Husband
  • Author: MichaelMurphy
  • ISBN: 9781623803896
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Audio review here. After the inauguration of a new President is ended minutes later with an assassination, Vice President Grayson Alexander is suddenly made President of the United States, and he and his husband David Hammond are completely unprepared for it. After ten years of happy marriage, the new changes to their status and Gray's new responsibilities begin to quickly take their toll on the couple.Told entirely from medical school professor and ER doctor, David's POV, the story chronicles t [...]

    2. 4.25 StarsI remember thinking when I first read and reviewed The President's Husband that I would love to listen to it as an audiobook. When it finally came out on audio, narrated by Randy Fuller, I was excited to see how Fuller dealt with the character's emotions and the tension in the story.Because, ultimately, this a story solely focused on the relationship of the two men. How the smallest cracks become wide chasms when lies, meddling people, improper communication and too little time spent t [...]

    3. Review at Ohmyshelves Blog on release day! I really wanted to read this book based on the title and the blurb. I thought it would be a cool trope, and really good story. This is my first read from this author, and I like the writing style a lot. The execution fell really flat to me. I totally think it should have had a role reversal between the two guys. Honestly, I could never see Gray as anyone's principle let alone leader of the Free World. He just didn't have it, and that was the biggest let [...]

    4. I absolutely love the premise of this novel. I'm not super-interested in deep political discussions, but there's a ton of potential in this idea, and I would have happily read some necessary political stuff if the payoff was a good look at what the life and trials of the First Gentleman might be like.Unfortunately, this novel had so many flaws that I'm honestly not sure how to write this review.* Wooden writing. No rhythm or melody. Lots of tedious—often word-for-word—repetition of ideas and [...]

    5. 'The President's Husband' is set in the near future and starts with a bang - no less than the assassination of a just-elected president of the United States. It doesn’t let up as the consequences of that heinous act on the vice president, Gray, and his husband, David, dawn on them in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. Different from what you might expect, this novel does not look at the political consequences, nor the hunt for the perpetrator. There is some initial scrambling as Gray, totall [...]

    6. Well this book was not as bad as many of the reviews made it out to be. However there were a great many things definitely wrong with the book.It started out well enough and I was liking the characters, then at one point the reader (in my opinion) could definitely see the writing on the wall.At another point it became very exciting, stressful and suspenseful. From there my anger grew with one of the characters Anger and angst. And from that point it was a continual rerun of the same arguments ove [...]

    7. The President’s Husband is a remarkable read. If you’re looking for a political thriller, a steamy romance, or a drama, this is not it. This story is solely about the relationship between the newly appointed President of the United States and his husband of ten years.We get to meet David and Gray during the Presidential Inauguration. The author gave us a hint of their relationship and how comfortable they are with each other. After ten years of marriage, they knew each other well and respect [...]

    8. Disclaimer: I do not understand much about politics, U.S or any other, therefore the technical aspects of this book were fascinating and engaging, but I am in no position to even speculate as to the accuracy of events/attitudes etc.I'm not usually a fan of established relationships, but the blurb for this book intrigued me, and I am so pleased I got to read it. You know how sometimes a story can really dig in and take hold? This was one of those for me.The strength of emotion here is incredibly [...]

    9. Rating overviewWriting: ★(★)Story: ★Characters: ★(★)Overall: ★ (1.33)~~~I haven't been this glad about finally having finished a book in quite some time I really did not like it and I'm somewhat upset about that because the premise was fantastic; a story told from the perspective of the first 'first gentlemen' of the United States. David's husband unexpectedly becomes president following the assassination of the man he was supposed to act as a vice president for. Moreover, he is pres [...]

    10. Michael Murphy is a new to me author, and while I enjoyed this story, I had some issues with it in general. The writing itself wasn’t bad, a bit long on telling instead of showing the action, but it was smooth and easy to read. It was the characters themselves I took issue with. Some suspension of disbelief must be had in reading fiction, but the lack of the reliable characterization of the two MCs wasn’t enough for me to completely enjoy the story.Grey Alexander is in his forties and is a c [...]

    11. Being the first gay president is not the only first covered in this book. The story is told from the POV of the First Husband and he has a career, which he loves and plans to continue working. The previous president, who was conservative, chose Grey as his running mate because he drew the liberal votes. When an assassin strikes during the procession after the swearing-in ceremony, Grey becomes president, a job he never expected to have.Grey's husband, Dr. David Hammond, has no intention of aband [...]

    12. Read this as part of the Dreamspinner Press Year Nine Bundle. Full review to come shortly as part of the overall review of the bundle.

    13. An intense and emotional romanceWow.This book blew me away with its intense and very emotional storyline. Gray was only supposed to be vice president but tragedy happened and suddenly he is President of the United States. David is doctor and teacher of medicine as well as being Gray's husband. He loves his politician husband and is proud when he is sworn into office. The story is told from David's perspective and portrays his thoughts and feelings on being "first husband". An emotional roller co [...]

    14. Awful. 90% telling, 5% showing. David is a shrew. Gray is ball-less. No one else is named, no matter how often they appear (secret service agents, the WH chief of staff, etc). Dialogue is repetitive and repeated. Descriptions are noticeably lacking. Did I mention it's repetitive? Because it's really repetitive. Like dialogue is repeated over and over and over and over again. I skimmed the last 30% because I couldn't have cared less. Oh, and David just took it upon himself to knock down a wall in [...]

    15. This is the first book I have read by this author, I enjoyed this book very much. The Main Characters: David, I loved him, fighting to save his marriage from forces who want's him out of the way. Gray, The President new to the game of politics, eager to learn, but losing the man he loves. A good story; with a good plot, and strong characters, also well written.

    16. This is a new to me author that I will read again.This story is more about the effect of the presidency on David and Grayson's marriage. How they work at the marriage and it's work! For me the storyline was just ok and a little unbelievable at times. Overall I enjoyed it!

    17. New author for meA little different than what I usually read but well put together. I would recommend this book to suitable family and friends.

    18. If you like established-couple romances you will enjoy this one.I really liked the book. It has the right mix of characters, plot and dialogue. Overall it was the blurb that really caught my attention. I mean the story is just so unique that I am pretty sure a lot of interests were piqued.Overall I loved David, he was just so awesome. I loved his take-charge attitude and his upbeat personality and I loved the fact that he did in fact stick it out when the going got tough and tougher. Being in Da [...]

    19. The blurb really does a good job of setting the scene. The President is assassinated ad the VP is forced to move into his job, when, in reality, he NEVER figured on being President. Gray is young and relatively new to politics. He’s quite liberal and hasn’t done a lot of the long haul grind on the Hill. When he signed up to be the liberal counterpart to his conservative running mate, he never figured it would mean that he’d have to run the nation one day.The President is killed on Inaugura [...]

    20. Gray Alexander is the Vice President who has the duties of president thrust upon his when the president is assassinated just moments after the inauguration. Gray has a husband of ten years named David, who is an accomplished physician and teacher. When Gray takes office, the job of being president overwhelms their relationship, and Gray becomes a terrible husband who leaves David to fend for himself in every aspect of life. (I really felt bad for David because it appeared that Gray was intention [...]

    21. 3.5 Heart Review by AmberHmmm….ok, I really enjoyed the first like 30% of this story. So much so that I found it hard to put down. Then it started getting super repetitive. I mean it was the same argument over and over and over…like 3 or 4 times. And it wouldn’t be so mad if it was just a mention of an annoyance but these were long drawn out conversations of essentially the same thing over and over again. And while I totally sympathized with David and totally understood his frustrations he [...]

    22. initially I thought wow this could be a new author for me, deja vu struck and I swear it was john Simpson wrote something similarOMF REALLY!!!! MY LENGTHY REVIEW IS CUT.I will keep it simple then this book sucks the ending is horrible the characters are whining and weak it the author needs to work on his scenes not that I'm really needing a lot of description but these reminded me of old Harlequin romance where the bedroom door is shut way too bland. I just discovered the talking type there were [...]

    23. A Joyfully Jay review. 2 starsLet me preface this whole review with this simple comment: I utterly, completely, unquestionably, and relentlessly loathed the David Hammond character. On-page, he is manipulative, emotionally abusive, utterly selfish, displays sheer odious behavior, and is prone to monstrous tantrums for even the smallest of requests or perceived slights. (I will grudgingly grant this: the scale of a small request when one is the spouse of the President is a bit different than for [...]

    24. In lieu of writing reviews – I’m taking an extended break – I decided to leave this list showing the reasons for the stars I’ve given to the stories I’ve read. 5 Stars – Given to stories that had me falling in love with the characters, had me so engaged in the plot I couldn’t put the book down and stories that either made me cry buckets and/or laugh until I cried. 4 Stars– Given to stories that I REALLY enjoyed reading but had me wishing for just a bit more. 3 Stars – Given to [...]

    25. This is seriously one of the worse ebooks I have ever read. Not because the writing itself was so terrible or the characters. I've read worse on those fronts. This book was terrible because of the plot, because of the relationship of the characters from the very start was already at zero, and then proceed, by the middle of the book, to drop down to -1000000. I feel like the writer must have been going through a bad relationship when writing this and felt like dumping all the drama directly into [...]

    26. The President’s Husband by Michael Murphy is an adorably predictable book about the trials and tribulations that a sudden presidency has on the marriage of Grayson Alexander and David Hammond. Grayson “Gray” Alexander is the first openly gay president and not everyone is pleased. While Gray adjusts to his new role, his marriage suffers and one too many sacrifices are asked of David. They have to decide together if their relationship is worth fighting for, but togetherness is difficult to c [...]

    27. Wow! I've never been so excited and so angry at the same time reading. I couldn't have been David first off. His husband did the most awful thing you can do with a spouse or committed lover. I couldn't haven't forgotten what Gray did to me and took him back after that disrespectful crap he pulled on him. I guess being a woman dealing with a man of power is different than a man whose a spouse. I couldn't do it, I'd have to leave Gray for good. I couldn't sacrifice and lose my career or Independen [...]

    28. Total 5 star all the way. Political drama is a complete rush for me. Fiction means not getting it all right or keeping to reality. Gray and David were thrust into the unknown when by a stray bullet he became the President of the free nationhis stint as VP being 3 hours long. This book explored just how our job can affect our relationship and how we all must be invested in order to come out on the other side. There was a lot of twist and turns and backstabbing. So enjoyable I read it in one sitti [...]

    29. 3.5-4 Stars. While I loved the premise and the characters, something went wonky along the way. I hate reviews that pretty much tell you the whole book in summation, so I will try to leave the spoilers out. The book did keep my interest and I'll admit a few tears leaked out of my eyes, much to my surprise. O.O I felt compelled to keep reading until I reached the end though, it kept a tight hold on my interest.I was glad that the Author left the politics out of what could have been a political boo [...]

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