What the Bible Really Says

Readers will be shocked and surprised when they discover what the Bible really says about war, intolerance, marriage and divorce, capital punishment, government, and many other issues Some of the world s foremost authorities have contributed to this lively collection that shows that what the Bible says is far important that what its interpreters say.
What the Bible Really Says Readers will be shocked and surprised when they discover what the Bible really says about war intolerance marriage and divorce capital punishment government and many other issues Some of the worl

  • Title: What the Bible Really Says
  • Author: Morton Smith R. Joseph Hoffmann
  • ISBN: 9780060674434
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. about capital punishment, government, marriage, miracles, segregation, slavery, war, wealth, women, and the world. A sensibility of a distant world.

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