The adventures of a young deer growing up in a forest.
Bambi The adventures of a young deer growing up in a forest

  • Title: Bambi
  • Author: Felix Salten
  • ISBN: 9780307010612
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I am an empath, who cannot abide animal death even fictionally. With relief, my 1941 Golden Book subtly skims it. It focuses on education and joy: a Mother's love and a forest welcoming a birth. Emphasis is on friendship, fun, and like German-speakers of my family, Felix Salten lacks no humour. From a more abridged story, I know the language sequence well, in which Flower tutors Bambi amid laughter. We see why a baby takes a butterfly as a bird and a flower as a butterfly; a loving awakening. Do [...]

    2. Like most of my generation; the reading of this classic children's story was overshadowed by my memories of the Disney movie. Although I do remember reading the book along with the tape (you will know it is time to turn the page when you hear the chimes, like this.). That being said, however there is a reason that this story is a classic; albeit a sad one. Think of this as the origin of Lion King if you will; a story of the circle of life and the transition of the crown from father to son (with [...]

    3. Enjoyed watching the classic movie. Was nice to see it in book form, especially with the original movie illustrations.

    4. I liked this, it was cute and it made me want to re-watch the movie all over again. The part where his mother dies gets to me haha.

    5. In a forest thicket, a doe gives birth to a fawn whom she names Bambi. After he learns to walk, Bambi befriends Thumper, a young rabbit; then, while learning to talk, Bambi meets a young skunk whom he calls "Flower" (the skunk says that he does not mind this name at all, and the infant Bambi says, "Flower, pretty Flower").After Bambi has completely learned how to talk, his mother takes him to the meadow, a place that is both wonderful and frightening. Bambi's mother warns him that deer are unpro [...]

    6. Oh how many ways can you ruin Bambi, let us count the ways. First of all this is more like one of those film books that was made so fans of the movie could also read. As such this isn't targeted for the youngest of readers but for those who are actually into smallish type of novels as it tries to replay the whole movie. Along with the aforementioned novel-size book it is also within an unusually large book that is awkward to hold and read from thus making it a struggle to deal with. From there y [...]

    7. This is an early translation from the 1929 German book. It has a dark blue hard cover, and as far as I can tell was translated and printed in English about 1932. This book is nothing like the Walt Disney version. The hero of the book is Bambi, and his destiny is traced from a tiny fawn to a mature stag with a family. Some of the charters are his cousin Ava, and her two little fawns Gobo and Faline. Then there are Prince Ronno and Karus the young deer. also the hare, the squirrel, the old stag, t [...]

    8. My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community. They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause. If your local I encourage you to check them out. For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place. And if not, you can always help start one.spreadthewordnevada/Myself, I go out on the we [...]

    9. Unfortunately I saw the movie as a child well before I read the book and I have to say the movie was a lot more interesting to me. I'm not sure if it was because Walt Disney published the book of Bambi just because the movie has always been such a classic or what but this book was not very well put together. I refute that Bambi will always be a good tale for children as well as a wonderful movie for the whole family to enjoy. I guess I'm just frustrated because a book like this should have been [...]

    10. As a story, this book is merely a dull retelling of the classic film. However, as a parent, this book is interminably long, with huge blocks of text and no pictures. Reading it aloud is absolutely a huge undertaking, especially to a toddler. Which might not be such a bad thing once, or even twice, but upon the 50th retelling of the book, it is an enormous drag on emotional resources.If I were a mean parent I would simply hide this book from my daughter until she reached the age where she could r [...]

    11. In Walt Disney's Bambi, it is a sad story about a young deer who loses his mother to a hunter. He learms that when a old stag comes along and tells Bambi that he must learn how to survive on his own. Bambi makes friends with other forest animals, and once he's older the same old swag came to tell him that their was a forest fire. After the next year the forest was almost fully grown and Bambi watched from the hill top as the new prince of the forest. The moral of the story is that even though ba [...]

    12. I first saw the Walt Disney version of the classic when I was five or six. And till this date, I love this book and the movie. Simply written with the flair for touching your hearts, this book narrates the story of Bambi, a young fawn born to The Great Prince of the forest. It goes on to describe the events that happen in his life, the tragedies and the corner stones, the way he climbs out of his sorrows and eventually, takes over as the Great Prince himself. A charming yet deep rooted story, a [...]

    13. Bambi made me remember parenthood and how my mom was a great mother. How loving and caring the animals was with each other. How the world really isn't this way. I try to teach my daughter that children don't actually act like this and you can't make them. Remember life isn't a fairy tale. You can only be nice yourself but in the end you might get hurt and loose your way. Like Bambi he lost his mother but was not alone. He had good friends. Life as we know will not be like that but with God it wi [...]

    14. I like the little golden book series for sharing stories with PreSchool-2. I have always liked how loss and love is handled in this story which is based onBambiby Felix Salten.Age Range: 3 - 7 yearsGrade Level: Preschool - 2

    15. This book is based on the Disney movie. Boring!But maybe there is no real Bambi book. Maybe Bambie only exists as a Disney movie and all the merchandising knock-offs spawned from the movie. Anyway, in my immediate family, my sister as a little kid is known for crying in the movie theater when Bambi's mother died. Or maybe not. Maybe she cried at the Rescuers. Well, if she did cry at the demise of Bambi's mom, who could blame her? That's sad stuff.

    16. I decided to read this book becuase its a great book and its one of my faves this book compeletes the "written before i was born" category (orignally published in 1970's) i liked that bambi is soooo cuuutee and she has lots of little forest friends ! i dislike that bambis mum got shot and she was left alone ! i recomend this to 5-10 yr olds i must say i am a big kid soo i love it ! its a great bed time story :)looovee steph

    17. I really liked this book when I was a little girl. This is a story of Bambi, a baby dear and his mother teaches him all about the world and hunters. He meets friends along the way and his mother is shot one winter by a hunter. He gets older and ends up liking a female deer. They become together and there is a fire in the woods. Bambi and his dad help get everyone to safety. Then the story ends with Bambi having a baby.

    18. Loved Disney's Bambi, both book and movie but the killing of Bambi's mother was shocking and very upsetting. I warn all children over 4 about this scene before they watch the movie. Not a vegetarian but the horror of what I felt as a child has not been forgotten. Even a decade later, I associate Bambi's mother with venison and will never touch it. Adored cute little bunny Thumper and really like "Flowers" the skunk.

    19. I love Bambi! It is a lovely tale of forest creatures. What I liked about this book was it was completely happy. There were no hunters or fires. I think children would like this story better than the movie because they like happy stories unlike the movie. This unforgettable moment happens where you see the baby dear grow up and it is like just a child. I think teachers could learna a lot from this book about diversity and development.

    20. My mom gave me an envelope containing old schoolwork assigments from when I was in grade school. At the age of 8, on an "About Me" writing assignment, where it asks for the best book I ever read, my answer was Bambi, and when it asked what part I liked best I wrote "when Bambi falls on the ice". So there you go!

    21. Everyone knows the movie Bambi. The book is a lot like the movie. They type of cartoon artwork from the movie is the same artwork you will find in the book. This book is great to read to all children. Everyone can find something to relate to in this book and it is a classic that they will want to read again and again.

    22. Bambi is a Disney classic. I saw the movie before I could read on my own. I love this story because its a mother child tragedy story.It is such a heart-felt story. When i become a parent I am going to read this book to my children. I don't think this an appropriate school book, but it absolutely a bed time must.

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