Cretaceous Sea

A time warp machine offering the ultimate travel experience is ready to take off to the Cretaceous Period when dinosaurs ruled the earth Now paleontologist Rick Clements and a select group of tourists have arrived unfortunately, just in time to witness the meteor that once laid waste to earth 65,000,000 years ago.
Cretaceous Sea A time warp machine offering the ultimate travel experience is ready to take off to the Cretaceous Period when dinosaurs ruled the earth Now paleontologist Rick Clements and a select group of tourists

  • Title: Cretaceous Sea
  • Author: Will Hubbell
  • ISBN: 9780441009893
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I have a weakness for dinosaur fiction, and picked this one up on a whim. This was Hubbell's first novel and it's a pretty good one. Our Hero, a paleontology grad student, finds himself working for a dodgy time-tour outfit on the very eve of the big end-of-Cretaceous dino blowoff. He and his new girlfriend get rather closer to the fireball than they intended.Here's a decent review by Donna Scanlon, who liked it rather more than I did: rambles/hubbell_cretse"Hubbell's Cretaceous Sea demonstrates [...]

    2. I'm a total sucker for a well-crafted time travel story. THIS IS ONE OF THEM! I've never read any story that takes place at the KT boundary. I was absolutely enthralled at the amount of time spent during the KT disaster with Will's main characters. I could go on and on about this story, but if you're as much of a fan of time travel as I am you will not be disappointed. I immediately picked up Sea of Time (the sequel) to find out how Con and Rick fare after they're send, sorta, back to the future [...]

    3. Slurp! Dinosaurs, time travel and a little romance. Who could resist? Not I.In a twist, I had read the sequel first and liked it very much and this one was nowhere to be found. Thank goodness for Roberts books at the beach where this little book was waiting patiently for me to claim itbertsbookshop/

    4. Now this was a find. It looked like nothing but read very well indeed. I read the follow up too. I wish there were more.

    5. Cretaceous Sea was certainly enough to keep my 11-year-old self staying up well past my bedtime on a school night. More than ten years later, I still find myself thinking about some of the themes and events from Hubbell's sci-fi nerd kibble.Judge a Book by Its Cover Rating: 4It has been over a decade sine I've read this novel, but I do remember a striking confusion about the nature of the cover art and the title. The story did include a sea or ocean in the Cretaceous Period, but it was not so ce [...]

    6. _Cretaceous Sea_ by Will Hubbell is a fun and well-written tale of time travel to the end of the Mesozoic Era.The book centered on two main characters. One is Constance (she prefers Con) Greighton, whom we meet on the first page of the novel. Daughter of wealthy industrialist and investor John Greighton, she finds that her Dad - who neglects her most of the time - is trying to win her affection by taking her on a very expensive vacation to make up for his overall poor parenting skills and lack o [...]

    7. What would you do if you had access to a time-travel machine? H.G. Wells had his Time Machine traveler go far into the future, returning once to grab a few volumes from his library to help the growth of the society he found there. Leo Frankowski scattered generations of a world-wide time-police organization across 2000 years of history to make sure that one man, his Cross-Time Engineer, survived in medieval Poland. And L. Sprague de Camp assumed a historian traveling to Imperial Rome would want [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. (I say that a lot) Anywho, the pace was nice, and the writing was good. The characters were understandable in the reactions to things that happened. Rick - grad student turned tour guide he's our main guy in this book. He's young-ish and kinda just thrown into the leadership role when things go sour. But he manages to not lose his head and keeps focused, because if he loses it, the others will too.Con - the rich girl, who both loves and hates her emotionally unavailab [...]

    9. Despite the rather hokey cover, this book actually delivers a decent story about time travel. When a greedy businessman steals a time machine from someone from the future, he can only see dollar signs. Wooing a potential investor by taking him and his family on a 'vacation' to the Cretaceous period, he is totally oblivious to the fact that the original intent of that 'vacation' spot was to watch the meteor crash that ended the time of the dinosaurs. As the holiday unfolds, the truth is discovere [...]

    10. My only complaint with this book is that it was not longer. I love time travel books and of course dinosaurs,but have never read one taking place during the K-T boundary impact. He could have made this book twice as long just focusing on the survival of the characters after the impact.I wisely chose not to even read this book till I had the sequel for when I finished it I immediatly picked up the sequel and devoured it. Great read for a book who's cover looks like it would belong to a 6th grader [...]

    11. A very well-written dinosaur fiction novel, but I would have enjoyed more dinosaurs. The human characters were very much human and believable and the plot interesting, but in hindsight many of the twists were rather obvious. The dinosaurs were portrayed very well and the author has clearly done his research into current theories. This is a good choice for a adamant dinosaur lover and a very good book overall.

    12. A very satisfying time travel adventure, well written and well researched. The reconstruction of the Upper Cretaceous period of Montana, it's topography, flora and fauna, is very close to the currently held consensus among paleontologist. The story has some unexpected twist. Definitely a good read.

    13. A stolen time travel device, a resort located in North America 65 million years ago, and the K-T event. What could go wrong?

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