Sea of Time

Constance Clements is an 1880s Montana mine owner and a time traveler But she never saw the murder of her husband Rick coming To get Rick back, the shocked, grief stricken Con must gain the trust of a Rick from an alternate timeline, who has never met her, and race to the Jurassic Period where they will have to outwit an enemy who has mastered both time and space
Sea of Time Constance Clements is an s Montana mine owner and a time traveler But she never saw the murder of her husband Rick coming To get Rick back the shocked grief stricken Con must gain the trust of a

  • Title: Sea of Time
  • Author: Will Hubbell
  • ISBN: 9780441011438
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was my "paperback at lunchtime" read the last week or so. I'm reading big and literally heavy hardback books at home that cannot be carried by me back and forth to work.The book is a very decent take on time travel and the paradoxes that it may hold for beings that mess around with time. I picked this book up and realized it was a part two but the libraries couldn't cough up part one anywhere and I was already hooked, so I read it. A good ride. Different cultures, ecosystems, languages and [...]

    2. _Sea of Time _ by Will Hubbell is the riveting sequel to his earlier book, _Cretaceous Sea_. The book opens again with Con, now Con Clements, married to Rick and living the life - incredibly - of her ancestor in 1880s Montana. A happy and successful mine owner, she is enjoying life raising her son Joey and living with her ammonite-collecting husband. Though she would have liked to go back to the 21st century, she had convinced her rescuers that being where she was and doing what she was doing wa [...]

    3. After its light treatment in his first novel, Cretaceous Sea, Will Hubbell has followed with a sequel that really digs into the philosophy and paradox of time travel. The second novel looks at the present-day and future of an age engendered by the incidents detailed in the first. In a fine and suitably ironic way, Sea of Time is the mature child of its juvenile parent.Spoilers to the first novel may follow.Alteration of the present by the past is an important concept in this novel. At the end of [...]

    4. As I reviewed in part one of this tome, I'm a sucker for a well-crafted time travel story. I've not only read many of them, I've published my own two-part time travel story. It is terribly difficult for me to find a story that pulls me in so deeply that I don't want to get out. This is that storyline. This one is so well written that it was extremely difficult to put it down. I'm sad Mr. Hubbell went to the dark side and is writing fantasy instead of scifi nowadays. I say that only because I was [...]

    5. I read this as a paperback and have not been able to find the ebook. I think this sequel is a worthy successor to the original. It's more than a romp in the age of dinosaurs. The plot takes you from the 19th Century West to a dystopian future, to an even more dystopian far future, then back to the Mesozoic before the storyline is resolved. As time travel novels go, I think Will Hubbell's two books are highly underrated.

    6. I enjoyed this book as much as the first one even though they did not stay within the dinosaur time period it kept hopping from future to future to past to past.I wish he could have written more sequels I enjoyed it that much,if you enjoy time travel books pick up this and the prequel "Cretaceous Sea."

    7. The sequel to Cretaceous Sea drags for the first 100 pages and is generally confusing. After settling down it reads like a YA with a few adult situations.

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