Because of an Acorn

Because of an acorn, a tree grows, a bird nests, a seed becomes a flower Enchanting die cuts illustrate the vital connections between the layers of an ecosystem in this magical book Wander down the forest path to learn how every tree, flower, plant, and animal connect to one another in spiraling circles of life An acorn is just the beginning.
Because of an Acorn Because of an acorn a tree grows a bird nests a seed becomes a flower Enchanting die cuts illustrate the vital connections between the layers of an ecosystem in this magical book Wander down the fo

  • Title: Because of an Acorn
  • Author: Lola M. Schaefer Adam Schaefer Frann Preston-Gannon
  • ISBN: 9781452112428
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Because of an Acorn”

    1. The circle of life, somewhat cryptically examined through mixed media illustrations and very few words. I was initially excited to see the topic addressed for children, but this book will definitely need some more mature interpretation to explain The Acorn> tree> bird> seed> flower> fruit> chipmunk>snake>hawk>acorn process. The simple artwork is fairly engaging and could be a subject for conversation with young readers.

    2. The book is simple and very easy to read. You learn what the acorn becomes, how it travels. What kind of acorns are there? The book has information about what certain animals eat and why we need to plant more acorns and what can we do to help our ecosystem.

    3. A poetic look at the interconnectedness of an ecosystem. Back matter gives more information about the location of this particular ecosystem and provides ideas for children to adopt to positively impacts forests.Great read aloud for PreK-2.

    4. With mixed media illustrations that evoke the collages of Lois Ehlert, this picture book introduces the concept of the forest ecosystem and the food chain to young readers.

    5. Nice simple introduction to the idea of interconnectedness and ecosystem, good for preschoolers through KG.

    6. Wonderful concept that builds and flows—and that ending! Plus, info at the back to get kids caring about trees, ecosystems, and how they can help them.

    7. A simple baby/toddler book about all the things that happen because of an acorn dropping. Clear text and simple bright pictures.

    8. Children's Choice Book AwardAppropriate grade level: Pre k- KindergartenSummary: An acorn is the cause of a lot of natural happenings, like the growth of a tree which leads to a bird building a nest in the tree. The illustrations demonstrate the connections in nature. A simple thing like an acorn is used to describe a complex, natural cycle. Review: This book gives the reader a better understanding of the cycle of nature. It is a great way for readers to see how something that surrounds them eve [...]

    9. Because of an Acorn is a picture book that follows the science behind how the environments connected. Through the book you learn how because of an acorn there are trees and because of trees there are bird nests. Dives deep into the circle of life and how the ecosystem is all connected together. I really liked this book and found it very informative. The illustrations are beautiful and its a simple read. I think this book could be used on many different age levels but would work great in a class [...]

    10. I really really enjoyed this book. It was a very informative book to be a children's book but they deliver the material in very interesting ways. All of the illustrations are very beautiful, and sure to keep a child focused onto the story. I always had issues with science and history information growing up, and I know that if I were shown this book when I was learning the material that I would have been a lot more interested in it than I was.

    11. have you ever thought just what happens because of one simple acorn? tress grow and birds nest and on going. read this book to find out just what happens because of one little acorn. this book does a great job at showing stages throughout nature and that if one thing didn't happen the others wouldn't. this would be a good book in a classroom library teaching cause and effect. plus teaching nature or just some as teaching about the life of something.

    12. What an incredible children’s book! Everything about this book is great. The illustrations are wonderfully done, but most of all is the brilliant story. ‘Because of a Acorn’ teaches children the importance of the white oak forest ecosystem, and what they can do to save the forest. A five star book!

    13. Oh, you had me with that cover! This is a book with lovely illustrations that also manages to be both nonfiction and a picture book. It's a great read-aloud that still provides a fabulous overview of a forest ecosysteml starting with one, little acorn. Perfect companion to a study of botany or to add a little nonfiction to a storytime about plants. Recommended.

    14. This is a wonderfully illustrated book and a great way to introduce ecosystems to young children, Because there was an acorn, there is a tree. Because of the tree there is a bird. Because of the bird.until we come right back to the acorn. This simply written book will help children understand the importance of all the plants and animals in our world. Each thing has its special purpose.

    15. This story tells the process of the ecosystem with a fun filled story about an acorn. We can watch how because of one acorn, a tree blossoms, and then flowers bloom and birds find their homes in nests in the trees. With this fun filled story of the ecosystem, we can see how everything has its place and they all work together to make the world that we live in!

    16. Simple well thought out text shows how an acorn becomes a tree, and how creatures and plants are interconnected. Fun little cut-outs add a touch to the details as Schaefer shows that the "the forest needs all of its inhabitants". Schaefer also includes more info about ecosystems, oak trees, and acorns, as well as what you can do to help the environment.

    17. I think this book would be an excellent resource in the classroom library. The natural cycles are simply explained, but the connections are clear. The illustrations are simple and not distracting. I especially like the cut-outs at the beginning and end of the book. For the full review: twobookwormsblog.wordpress

    18. This book describes an ecosystem quite simply. It starts with an acorn and tracks each step of the food chain and the effects of one simple acorn.I could use this book in a science unit talking about ecosystems.

    19. A stunning and simple book describing the life cycle of the mighty oak, the importance of a forest for all creatures including humans with a brief description of ecosystems, erosion and such at the end.Effective and beautiful.

    20. When talking to little guys about the ecosystem and circle of life, this is pretty cool. I do think there's some explaining that will need to happen, but it's simple and lovely as stories go.

    21. Gorgeous illustrations that teach children a basic version of the circle of life. I like the extra information at the back of the book as well.

    22. I can see using this book to help young writers. It’s a great mentor book for writing a cause and effect story. Enjoyed it.

    23. This is a circular story about an acorn's role in growing a forest. The illustrations are very lovely, including cutout pages.*I received a review copy of this book from the publisher*

    24. Great book to help children understand the forest ecosystem and food chain. I really enjoyed the mixed media illustrations. Excellent resource for the classroom.

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