Ghost, Interrupted

There s Scott Wilder The founder of the firm, Scott has a head for business and a passion for the paranormal His motto is Ghosts don t kill people Running away from ghosts, tripping and breaking your neck in the process, kills people.There s Anjali Kumar A reluctant psychic, Anjali can communicate with the dead but can t beat the house in Vegas Her typical Indian parThere s Scott Wilder The founder of the firm, Scott has a head for business and a passion for the paranormal His motto is Ghosts don t kill people Running away from ghosts, tripping and breaking your neck in the process, kills people.There s Anjali Kumar A reluctant psychic, Anjali can communicate with the dead but can t beat the house in Vegas Her typical Indian parents believe in reincarnation and karmic debt, but a telepathic daughter is something they prefer to deny.Last, but not least, is Coulter Marshall A telekinetic cowboy from Tennessee, Coulter can move objects with his mind and the ladies with his good looks He has the face of an angel and the charisma of the devil.Find out what happens when three people from very different backgrounds band together to help San Francisco solve its supernatural problems.Who says there s no such thing as ghosts.
Ghost Interrupted There s Scott Wilder The founder of the firm Scott has a head for business and a passion for the paranormal His motto is Ghosts don t kill people Running away from ghosts tripping and breaking your

  • Title: Ghost, Interrupted
  • Author: Sonia Singh
  • ISBN: 9780060890223
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I wanted to love this book, but I didn't. The characters were great, the writing style was fun to read and the concept was intriguing. But the plot just wasn't there. If you were to ask me what the "plot" was, I would be hard pressed to tell you. Things happened too easily. Things happened unexpectedly. Not unexpectedly as in "mysteriously" or "of supernatural origin", but unexpectedly as ine character and plot development didn't lead you there.

    2. Really drab read. I mean, sure, it was cute, but It certainly didn't hold my attention. It was cliche out the kazoo. Characters who were witty took their wittiness and beat it into the ground. I don't know. It just was not a good, enjoyable read. -_-;

    3. I found this in adult fiction but it reads as Young Adult. It lacks the detail and fleshing out that was expected but I find common among a lot of YA or preteen reading. Taken in this perspective, it was entertaining. A funny cast of characters & clients. A light enjoyable read.

    4. This book doesn't have much to recommend it. The premise was interesting but the author skated the surface the whole time. There was little characterization, the Paranormal details were minimal and weak, and the plot was thin. The only saving grace was that the book was short.

    5. This book had some problems with its narrative flow and it never really seemed to have any direction. The characters' objectives were not clear and there was virtually no conflict. Everyone just drifted through various scenarios that had no real impact on the story. That said, I did enjoy the attempt at mixing genres, even if it wasn't entirely successful.

    6. This book is very 'meh,' it's pretty much a no-brainer book to read when you don't want to think too much, yet don't feel like watching TV. It's the story of a guy who is fascinated with the paranormal, so he leaves his corporate job to become a paranormal investigator. He eventually recruits two psychics- a woman who can communicate with the dead and read minds, and a cliche good ol' boy who has telekinesis- and they all work together as a team.I'd give a synopsis of the plot, but there really [...]

    7. This book was cute, I guess. It's painfully self-aware and overdescribed, and what I'm sure the author intended to be witty banter falls as flat as the characters' inner thoughts. A similar point is to be made with the book's structure in general. Sentence structure is often shaky and regularly lacks pronouns in a failed attempt to mimic natural dialogue, followed by words chosen from a thesaurus rather than the story's context. The second half is slightly better plot-wise, but the portrayal of [...]

    8. Fun, fluffy, funny. I wish there was more of Anjali. The plot is an episodic series of the team encountering various ghosts, with some perfunctory tension as they sometimes face off against a rival ghost hunter team. The resolutions were too easy, and I think Singh needs to work on her plotting. Scott and Coulter come off as a little flat to me, but Anjali was a delight. Some of my favorite parts were Anjali facing off against the therapist in the beginning, and how she told her family about dec [...]

    9. I saw this humorous paranormal chick-litesque novel on some sort of “paranormal chick lit” list and since that seems to be my favorite time consumer this summer I requested it through interlibrary loan. It only took me a couple hours to finish and I thought it was entertaining enough. It has some weird parts where Singh contradicts details or the story seems to jump around but I didn’t go into this book expecting a masterpiece. I enjoyed the paranormal stuff and the romance was livable eve [...]

    10. This cute ghost novel involves one rich boy who tries his hand at stock broking but is bored, one former computer programmer who tries to deny her psychic ability, and one cowboy who uses his telepathic powers to throw people against brick walls. It works in a cute, fluffy way. The three work for The Cold Spot, a paranormal investigation firm in California. They are called out to investigate hauntings, and the three of them use their knowledge to send the ghosts/entities to the next level. Of co [...]

    11. I don't know why I keep picking up books like these. I don't normally bother to review the chick lit books I read but I hate how South Asian American fiction is so popular that books like these come out so I had to write something. The main character reminded me of the Dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where she related everything to India. Why can't it be like Aziz Ansari's character on Parks and Recreation? He's Indian American but it's not shoved in your face.

    12. Oh myis book started off poorly and didn't get any better. I managed to make it to page 50 (which, in my opinion, was about 20 pages too far) before I just gave up. I can't give it a proper review because I didn't read enough, but it started out reading like a YA book, then the female protagonist turned out to be a full 8 years older than I had imagined her to be from the story, and it all started going downhill from there.

    13. I gave it a chance and I just couldn't be bothered to care about what happened in the book. It seemed to be lacking something (apart from the lack of actual plot) and some characters didn't really seem to need to be in the book at all. The main characters were ok in some ways and just had the misfortune of being in limbo with the bland plot line. I keep hoping to come across a good haunted house story that's longer than 20 pages but keep ending up not finding one.

    14. Meh. It was harmless. Just a series of things happening. I feel like there was supposed to be some kind of conflict, but it really didn't come through. But it was fun, and the romance wasn't stuffed down our throats.Oh, and when they compared one of the characters to David Hyde Pierce I went Aw

    15. People like me with overactive imaginations should probably not read books like this. It kept me up way too long fearing every sound that went bump in the night. That being said, I still liked the book. The only reason I didn't give it 3 stars was because of some crudeness and swearing. Other than that it was a fun, easy read.

    16. A businessman with an interest in the paranormal A psychic Indian-American woman… A telekinetic cowboy from Tennessee Three young adults with extraordinary abilities who become the staff of the Cold Spot, a ghost-hunting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area Without spoiling the ending, their final encounter from the novel doesn’t involve a ghost, but something far worse.

    17. Fast (I literally read it in like two hours), cute, fun read, with amusing characters and situations. However, I almost feel like the book would've been even more amzing if the characters were fleshed out a bit more and if the plot didn't actually move so quickly. Definitely more back story, on all points. Still a fun, light read, however.

    18. I enjoyed this book, but then I like watching Ghost Hunters too. It was interesting and it kept me reading (I didn't need a break because I was bored or bothered by it), but it was also very light. I was never in any doubt that the heroes would win in the end. I also had the strange sense that I had read it before, but maybe I have.

    19. Was scanning the library shelves & remembered I read this book.My library has a little comment sheet in back of book and I rated it a C. Which means an OK book, I do remember the dialouge was what kept me reading. Its a good book 2 read for Ghost Hunting fans.

    20. Funnyfunny, funny, funny book. A cute look at a paranormal investigator and two psychics who hunt ghosts. Definite must read.

    21. I think it was entertaining. I liked that it wasn't scary,but a little spooky. The end was a little weird to me. Some of the characters were a bit cheesy,but it kept my attention,so it was worth it.

    22. Cute story, a very quick read. Loved the main character and her perspective as a child of Indian (of India)descent with paranormal abilities.

    23. Fun, easy read. I loved Anjula's attitude and Coulter is fun and sexy. A quick easy read about a paranormal research agency.

    24. I work at a library and this book kept calling out from the shelf. I finally picked it up. It's a cute story and light to read.

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