Goddess for Hire

A hip chick from Newport Beach, California, who s just turned thirty, discovered she s the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali,and happens to be unemployed and still livingwith her parents Saving the world, though,may prove to be a curry scented breezecompared to dealing with her extendedIndian family In their eyes she isn t just theblack sheep she s low grade muttoA hip chick from Newport Beach, California, who s just turned thirty, discovered she s the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali,and happens to be unemployed and still livingwith her parents Saving the world, though,may prove to be a curry scented breezecompared to dealing with her extendedIndian family In their eyes she isn t just theblack sheep she s low grade mutton.To make matters worse, despite frequent andtherapeutic bouts of shopping and Starbucks,and the mentoring of a Taco Bell loving,Coca Cola guzzling swami, Maya hastrouble just surviving, thanks to the attentionsof a Kali hating fanatic and a matchmaking aunthell bent on finding her a nice Indian boy Maya hasno interest in boys She wants a man and she may have found one.He s tall, dark, and gorgeous and completely uninterested in her.In the name of all that s holy and fashionable what on Earth is a goddess to do
Goddess for Hire A hip chick from Newport Beach California who s just turned thirty discovered she s the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali and happens to be unemployed and still livingwith her parents Saving th

  • Title: Goddess for Hire
  • Author: Sonia Singh Keusch
  • ISBN: 9780060590369
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I saw this book randomly at Borders and remembered it being mentioned on Dev's site, so I thought I'd pick it up. The cover was pretty (yeah, yeah) and it sounded like it would be pretty funny.I finished the book in about two and a half hours. It was such an easy read! And it was hilarious! So many funny one-liners and memorable conversations. While I was reading I kept pausing to read some stuff out loud to my sister, who then commented, "What, are you gonna read the whole book to me?" I couldn [...]

    2. How often do you find and enjoy a book that makes fun of your culture, the state you live in, arranged marriages, and religion too? Not often, right? I didn’t think it was possible either until I found Goddess for Hire by accident on amazon one day. You know how always suggests purchases when you add something to your cart? Well, I am the idiot who always ends up ordering the suggested books. And more. Let’s just say that for me is like Target…I go in intending to buy toothpaste and 45 m [...]

    3. Honestly, I bought this book because of the image on the cover. It turned out to be a very funny read. It's nothing I would count as high literature, certainly, but for light-hearted Chick Lit beach reading? Perfect.I also started looking into 'culture-specific' chick lit after reading this. Who knew that there were dozens of titles specifically aimed at younger women of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, and other Asian descent? The books deal with the difficulties of being American-born with A [...]

    4. Goddess for Hire was chick-lit with a twist. The main character, Maya, is a 30 year old Indian-American woman with no job and no love life, who is basically living life by mooching off of her parents. Then her family sets her up in an arranged marriage and at about the same time she finds out that she is the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali. The book was a cute, light and quick read and I found the 'goddess' twist entertaining. The story was predictable in the way that chick-lit often is an [...]

    5. I hate when I bring home a book that looks interesting, smart and funnyd it turns out to be Chick Lit. There are some nice moments in this little novel, most having to do with the character's interactions with her family, her culture (defined by her family) and her culture as she defines it (Orange County shopaholic fashionista).But the heroine is a spoiled brat with very few redeeming qualities. The superheroic bits don't fit in at all. The love story made no sense. If you don't care about name [...]

    6. Sonia Singh was kind enough to come to a book meeting in the Orange/Villa Park/ Anaheim Hills area. This is a fun book that combines Indian culture, strong female lead, magical realism, gourmet food, humor and Orange County. This is a great read to take on an airplane or to the beach or the pool.

    7. Liked the book. The premise is unusual and somehow it works! I love reading Indian chick-lits so this was an enjoyable read.

    8. What a nice surprise! =) This was such a fun read. Finally one I didn't want to put down A few of the jokes fell a bit flat but mostly this is a very entertaining read. Nice twist with the cultural differences - different than most chick lit. And I learned a bit about Indian culture in the process. I'll be on the lookout for more by this author.

    9. Btdubbs, when I say "scrummy" I mean SCRUM-DIDDLI-UMPTIOUS!!!!!!!!!!This was my first book of 2018 and what a perfect start to the new year! It was so cute, so magical, so perfect, and Mrs. Singh has found a new fan!GO READ IT!!!!!!!

    10. I thought this was a fun, light and easy book. I read this after reading quite a few serious and heartbreaking books in a row (While the City Slept, Incarceration Nations and Evicted) and was in need of some fun books that wouldn't break my heart or fill me with rage. I liked that the book was firmly around Maya although there are other characters - I have read some books lately that haven't done a good job of explaining one character, let alone multiple - so I liked that I didn't need much abou [...]

    11. Maya Mehra, an American born desi girl, who hit her 30th birthday still with no career of her own to speak off, no husband on the horizon and still lives with her parents. While her parents are getting worried about her marriage and career, she spends her days shopping, keeping Starbucks in business and trying to fend off her match making aunts. She wonders what her purpose in life is but she is too lazy to attempt to figure it out. Her situation is not just sad but hopeless too, and her family/ [...]

    12. This is the Indian version of My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding. Your duties: marry an Indian and have Indian babies by age 25. Oh, and be a doctor or a lawyer. For Indians, it’s all about status. That’s why they live in Newport Beach. I liked Maya. She’s an independent, fierce woman with an acid tongue. Outrageously funny! But is she the reincarnated spirit of a goddess? Apparently. The story had a quick overview of Indian culture. It was fun seeing Maya harnessing “the Goddess within” and u [...]

    13. I read this for an academic class and was quite disappointed with it. Let me clear things up— this is NOT an academic book. If I were to read it under different circumstances (maybe while on vacation on the beach or a long car ride) I might have appreciated it more. The story line is fairly bland and doesn’t have a lot of density to it. I felt like it was at an early high school reading level. It was a about a girl, Maya, who finds out she is the reincarnated Hindu goddess, Kali. She takes o [...]

    14. I picked up this book after seeing it recommended on "Fantastic Fiction." I wanted a funny read, and this seemed to fit the bill. The story starts off strong, with the main character (who reminded me of Stephanie Plum, but not a bit likable or relatable) discovering she is the reincarnation of the goddess Kali. The first parts of this are very funny, but in the middle the story drags a bit. The romance seems a bit forced, but maybe that is because it results from an attempted arranged marriage? [...]

    15. Self-centered, vain, useless and immature Indian American Princess falls in love with the man her meddling relatives arranges for her to marry, while she also learns she is an incarnation of Kali. The gods only know why the man falls in love with her, as the heroine is shallow, not overly bright, incurious and ignorant, lives on absolute garbage foods and unapologetically drives a Hummer (goddess of environmental destruction and unnecessary health risks, apparently).I wouldn't waste my time with [...]

    16. This book was a very enjoyable read! It was an extremely amusing blend of fantasy with contemporary fiction. Maya is an Indian American who turns 30, still lives with her parents, and has not met the expectations of her extended family: she is unmarried, has no children, and is not a doctor. While trying to deal with these traditional concerns, Maya also discovers that she is the reincarnation of the goddess Kali and that her job on Earth (dharma) is to fight evil and maintain the balance. It's [...]

    17. I'll admit I'm using "read" in the weak sense. I couldn't finish this book. I love the concept behind the story: a woman discovery she's the modern incarnation of the Hindu goddess, Kali. What I hated was the self-consciously Cosmo girl writing style. It was more than grating. Maybe someday I'll attempt to muscle my way through the fluff to see if there's any protein hidden in the empty calories. For now I'm giving it an ick and a miss.

    18. This book is about a girl finding about herself being the reborn of an indian goddess. she didn't believe it until she started having a feeling when a bad person comes near. This made her role in her family more important and respected not like before when she was like an outsider (her whole family were doctors except her). Finding it out also made it impossible for her to have a love life especially when the feeling comes when she is with her boyfrind and when someone is out for her life.

    19. I could not put this put book down. It won't win any literary awards, but this author has class, style, and a wicked sense of humor. I spent two days lauging out loud as Maya found her way. Sonia Singh reminded me with her clever wit that life is too short to take it so seriously and sometimes you just have to strap on your sari and live a little's up to the goddesses of the word to make it all work. Excellent work young lady, you've got what it takes and I can't wait for Bollywood

    20. It was hard to get past the main characters' annoying personalities in the beginning, but at some point I got carried away by the action and found myself smiling a bit as I read. I liked the whole Goddess aspect (it reminded me of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), and the humor--while obvious--certainly works in places. All in all, a fast and generally fun read!

    21. Different from other chick lit books in that it's about a woman who finds out she's the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali. The same as all other chick lit books in that she's having boy troubles, career troubles, parent troubles and fashion is mentioned a fair bit. I enjoyed it, about the same as 'Bollywood Confidential'.

    22. I didn't like this as well as Bollywood Confidential by Sonia Singh but it was still a fast, fun read. The main character in Bollywood was also spoiled and had an attitude but in this one Maya seemed more flip, irreverent and sarcastic to me. The story line was somewhat less believable as well. A nice read when you want quick, light entertainment.

    23. It's rare that fluffy chick lit can make me give a 5 star, highly recommend rating. Just, picture the reincarnation of Kali in a shallow chick who disappoints her family right and left and who has a terrible attitude. Picture the laughing. Picture the badassery. Seriously - worth the read for sure!

    24. Even though some aspects of this book were pretty obvious, it was fun and different. Plus, it reminded me of one of my college friends (who, unlike the main character, has a great job and lives on her own), so that made it even more amusing to read. But definitely don't read this one expecting some sort of enlightenment.

    25. I enjoy reading fluffy books from time to time, particularly in the Desi Chick Lit category, but this one was a little too fluffy for me. It was just kind of silly, and the author was trying way too hard to sound witty so it came off as contrived.

    26. Its a light read. A lot of fun and it made me laugh out loud a few times. If you are a south asian girl in her 20s-30s living in a metropolitan city and someone that grew up in the North America, you would love this!

    27. If you like the MaryJanice Davidson "Queen Betsy" books you will like this one. Ditzy woman is destined to save the world. I loved Maya. Not crazy about her love interest. He turns from complete asshole to prince charming with no explanation but otherwise very enjoyable.

    28. a quick fun read. i sped through it in one afternoon. yes it had silly name brand dropping and the ending was predictable but it was still a fun read. almost wish it wasn't february and i was on a beach somewhere relaxing and reading this book.

    29. This was pure fluff and silliness. Good bedtime reading. Not much brain power was involved in processing the plot. A bit more shallow than I normally like my books but it was good reading when I was sick in bed with tonsillitis.

    30. I have mixed reviews about this book. An intersting plot and smart story telling. However it sounds stereotypical in bunch of areas in the book. But if you are looking for a quick fun beach read - go for it.

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