When a pretty, quiet grad student discovers a door into another world, little does she realize that she is about to set out on the greatest adventure of her life For the door is the mystical portal to the land of Gryylth, and Suzanne holds the fate of a world in her hands
Dragonsword When a pretty quiet grad student discovers a door into another world little does she realize that she is about to set out on the greatest adventure of her life For the door is the mystical portal to

  • Title: Dragonsword
  • Author: Gaèl Baudino
  • ISBN: 9781558020030
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was, I think, the second fantasy book I ever read. I remember starting it, and then looking at all of the pages I had left to read and thinking, Wow, this will take some work.It did, and looking back now, I'm surprised I finished this book. I didn't like it as much as the first fantasy I'd read - a Dragonlance book - and I was surprised by some of the sexuality in the book. Little did I know that Gael Baudino is much more adult than your average Dragonlance book.Still, this book has a speci [...]

    2. Transported to a land that cannot exist, transformed from Suzanne Helling and Solomon Braithwaite into the Dragonmasters Alouzon and Dythragor, they are the bearers of the Dragonswords, Guardians of Gryylth and defenders of the Circle. The characters of "Dragon Sword" unfold and draw the reader into Suzanne Helling's nightmares, and into her rebirth and healing as Alouzon Dragonmaster, hero of Gryylth. We also plumb deeply into Braithwaite's psyche, discovering his personal demons in more detail [...]

    3. I liked the idea that a magical word was created out of someone's unconscious. Kind of interesting. Story about a college professor who created the world of Grylth after suffering a personal tragedy, and bringing an unsuspecting assistant along for the crazy ride. I liked the characters, and sympathized with all of their challenges. Slightly more graphic and violent than I like, but the world was at war, and so there were a lot of battles to go through.

    4. Lots of cool ideas, not the best execution in the world. I'm a sucker for a good portal fantasy, but the main characters mostly came off as self-involved jerks, especially the rapey male protag, who was the worst kind of caricature. He had his redemptive moment, but it felt like it came out of nowhere. And for a book espousing the ways of peace, the battle scenes sure do take forever. I won't be revisiting this one.

    5. If I recall correctly, my mom picked this one up for me from a bargain basket somewhere. As I was working through the Weis/Hickman DragonLance books at the time, I think the connection was made there. This was well, an average fantasy effort that seems (in retrospect) like the author's attempt at dissecting the genre's popularity through its own narrative. (Or some such pretentious thing.)While it wasn't all together bad, it was also not particularly memorable.

    6. A solid fantasy story with a modern sensibility and much-needed deconstruction of the genre. Unfortunately, other authors did not take the invitation Baudino extended to examine the fundamentals of the genre.In general I recommend the series for strong transgender themes & characters.

    7. Another blast from my past, Baudino once again, toying with emotions in a close-but-not-quite world of almost-real. A master at blending fantasy and reality, she never disappoints in her detailed worlds and rich characters.Women's lib, run amok with swords, and dragons!Enjoy!

    8. An interesting read of modern day and fantasy. This tale is slow in spots but finishes with a exciting thrill ride.

    9. Managed to get through itjust. I was hoping the sequel would be better, but that's not proving to be the case so far.

    10. I enjoyed the depth given to the characters more than the actual story. This really is an up-close-and-personal look at the psyche of the main characters.

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