Curious George and the Pizza

Curious George is up to his elbows in dough and trouble as he tries his hand at making pizza Tony the baker chases him out of his restaurant, and George hides in a truck in the alley An angry Tony becomes a grateful Tony when George helps him deliver a pizza in a way that only a monkey could.
Curious George and the Pizza Curious George is up to his elbows in dough and trouble as he tries his hand at making pizza Tony the baker chases him out of his restaurant and George hides in a truck in the alley An angry Tony bec

  • Title: Curious George and the Pizza
  • Author: Margret Rey H.A. Rey Alan J. Shalleck
  • ISBN: 9780395390337
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This Curious George story is great. Always start out by asking if they think George will get in trouble in this story. See if anyone can guess how Tony the Baker will get the pizza into the factory since the gates are locked.

    2. My son recently discovered the Curious George animated television show and is totally enamored. I decided it was time to show him that Curious George was originally a book character, so I grabbed this as his first Curious George book.I know, I know, I should have gone with the classic Curious George or Curious George Takes a Job (which was definitely my favorite when I was a kid)but those books seem long for a two-year-old. Plus I have a very empathetic kid, and I'm sure the pitiful "OH NO"-ing [...]

    3. My 7 year old son recently borrowed this book from his school library. This book is adapted from the Curious George film series. My son loves the Curious George TV shows and movies, so Curious George books are on the top of his list when looking for books. George and his friend (most of you will know him as the man in the yellow hat) go out for pizza. Tony is the baker at the pizza place. The book shows you how Tony makes his pizzas. Tony's wife tells him that he needs to make a delivery. While [...]

    4. Curious George has always been my favorite since I was very young. Children of all ages can relate and love George. George and his friend want some pizza. As soon as George gets to the pizza place he immediately starts causing mischief due to his curiosity. The pizza place gets a call for a delivery to a factory and thats when george becomes curious as to whether he can make a pizza or not. He takes four peices of dough and tosses them into the air and they land all over the restaurant. He then [...]

    5. This is a 'classic' Curious George that will bring back wonderful memories of your childhood looking forward to finding it in the library to read! The man and George go to get a pizza and George is curious about how they are made but gets into mischief without realizing he is. He accidentally gets hidden in the delivery van but in all his adventure he ends up saving the day in the end of the story. My 3 year old granddaughter and my special needs teenage son enjoyed listening to George and his a [...]

    6. Curious George – and the Pizza is about a monkey named George and all of the mischief he gets into while at the pizza parlor. George wonders if he can make a pizza, so he tries and winds up causing more trouble for the owner. All of the pictures in this book sit at the top of the page with the text in a white box at the bottom. The pictures depict the story well while the text adds with its narration. I would use this book with young readers, ages five to eight, to teach that it is good to be [...]

    7. One of the many books that features Curious George, this time the monkey gets caught sneaking away with a pizza much to the dismay of the owner of the pizza shop. This book would be great to have in a classroom library for children's enjoyment.

    8. George becomes curious (of course) and tries to make pizza. After causing some trouble, he helps the chef deliver pizzas to make up for it. This book can teach how to make a pizza, as well as teach children that they shouldn't get into things without asking.

    9. This is the most disappointing of the Curious George books adapted from the film. Very thin plot, you are definitely better off with basically any other CG book available. We bought and then returned this one, children deserve better.

    10. So this isn't George's best. The illustrations seem to be off somehow, as if it was a pirated work with scanned copies. But it could have been my library's edition.Nonetheless, George saves the day and gets pizza.

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    12. Not the best of the George stories but cute - I just wish people didn't get so mad at George - he's a monkey after all.

    13. This was very obviously a book taken from a film, as the cover says. It's not bad for beginning readers, but it's certainly not the best Curious George book either!

    14. George has fun in the pizzeria and makes a mess but ends up saving the day with his pizza delivery skills.

    15. This felt a little lacking compared to other curious George books. The intro was missing "this is George George was a good little monkey and always very curious".

    16. A readable book for preschool storytime. It's getting a bit dated with the phone in it-do children know what it is? George who is sooo curious ends up helping Tony.

    17. This one was one of my brothers favorites as a kid. I always liked to listen to Mom read it to him. I still own this one too.

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