Hooked on Murder

Molly Pink is about to discover the joys of crochet It s a relaxing escape from her hectic life as a bookstore event manager and from the stress of being Tarzana, California s latest murder suspect.For Molly, the weekly crochet group at Shedd Royal Books and More was just another event to manage Then she stumbled across the body of group leader Ellen SheridanMolly Pink is about to discover the joys of crochet It s a relaxing escape from her hectic life as a bookstore event manager and from the stress of being Tarzana, California s latest murder suspect.For Molly, the weekly crochet group at Shedd Royal Books and More was just another event to manage Then she stumbled across the body of group leader Ellen Sheridan Her complicated past with Ellen has made her a prime suspect, and after being cuffed and questioned, she could use a little diversion Never mind that she doesn t know how to crochet Granny squares don t look that hard to make.But while Molly s fending off a detective with a grudge and navigating crochet group politics, the real killer is at large And it s up to Molly to catch the culprit before she winds up in a tight knot.Delicious recipe and crochet pattern included A gentle and charming novel Its quirky and likable characters are appealing and real Earlene Fowler, author of Tumbling Blocks
Hooked on Murder Molly Pink is about to discover the joys of crochet It s a relaxing escape from her hectic life as a bookstore event manager and from the stress of being Tarzana California s latest murder suspect Fo

  • Title: Hooked on Murder
  • Author: Betty Hechtman
  • ISBN: 9780425221259
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. If I didn't really love crochet and know a lot about it, I probably would've given the book 1 star instead of 2. I enjoyed the parts that dealt with learning the craft. I didn't much care for the stupid antics of the main character and how she actually broke the law a few times to snoop. There's one thing to be curious, it's another to be foolhardy and have no regard for one's own safety.That's one of my biggest problems with a lot of these craft genre mysteries. The protagonists tend to pull re [...]

    2. If you want a perfectly lovely, cozy murder mystery on the level of a MacMillan and Wife TV episode, then Hooked on Murder is your cup of tea. Molly is a 40-something widow who is working in a bookstore running the events schedule. She is also the one who set up the Tarzana Hookers crochet club to begin meeting in the bookstore. So when the fouding Tarzana Hooker ends up dead, found by Molly, and Molly becomes the main suspect, of course she is going to learn how to crochet and become an amateur [...]

    3. This was a pretty good read, there just seemed to be a lot left out and then at times too much thrown in. I did enjoy the characters, and the lead, Molly Pink, is near to my age and a widow, trying out the dating scene again, so I could relate somewhat. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Hopefully it will flow better.

    4. It was a cute little mystery that flew by pretty fast. I liked the added crochet talk, but I think if people aren't interested in the craft they may find this book to be a little boring in parts. Not that the author went into great detail about crocheting, but it was definitely a theme in the book.The main character Molly Pink (yeah that's really her name) is a 48 year old widow. She works in a bookstore as the PR person. A local crocheting group uses the bookstore as their meeting place, and th [...]

    5. This is actually my second time reading this book, and I remember enjoying it much more the first time I read it. For me, the book was pretty boring and not well written, especially with overly repeated use of one action like eye rolling. I felt that there were a lot of parts that just seemed pointless which wound up slowing down the mystery. Then there were Molly's other actions, which wound up putting her in considerable danger, and yet it was perfectly acceptable for her to do so in the name [...]

    6. Crochet tips and patterns along with a fun easy read, what's not to love? The characters make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

    7. As a teenager, I considered myself a mystery fanatic. However, I'm not sure I realized then that I was raised on the cream of the crop -- Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Dorothy L. Sayers. I loved Agatha Christie the most. I read dozens of the novels, some of them more than once, and ate up the BBC adaptations of Poirot and Miss Marple. So, as an adult reader coming into a world of more modern and casual "cozy mysteries" after such a rich, decadent introduction to mystery novels in chil [...]

    8. Molly Pink co-ordinates events at Shedd and Royal books, but ends up stumbling upon the body of Ellen Sheridan, leader of the crochet group and her late husband’s old business partner. Soon she is being targeted by the policewoman in charge of the investigation whose judgement is clouded by jealousy over Molly’s relationship with Detective Barry and feels like the only way she can get herself out of the sticky situation is to do some investigating herself.What I liked about this book was tha [...]

    9. This cozy gets started real quick with Molly being a nice friendly short and delivering a lady her bag that she had forgotten. Sometimes being a good samaritan is not all it’s cracked up to be when she finds the lady dead.And because she is found the body and the fact that she is dating one of the detectives, whom the other detective likes, things get a little sticky. Barry can’t work on this case so he leaves it to Detective Heather who seems to hate Molly.It seems the only way that Molly i [...]

    10. This crafty murder centres around crochet and does actually make good use of the craft, not just use it to pad out chapters. We start with our protagonist, a lady in her middle years, finding a dead woman on an office floor. Our heroine Molly Pink has already had an eventful life and we see this unravel gradually as she gets to grips with the crime and with being a suspect for no good reason. Molly turns out to be a widow and starting to date, with a police detective who is an admirer. Only, he [...]

    11. I'm a crocheter, not a knitter, so I was excited to see this book on the library shelves and to see it was part of a series, too. I'm not a fan of mysteries but I enjoyed Joanne Fluke's mysteries so maybe I'd just never run into a "good" mystery series before.And I still haven't. In a way, the book reminded me too much of Joanne Fluke's mysteries. The sleuth in both books dates a cop and happens upon a body. The sleuth hides evidence and gets in the way of the law and, thus, solves the mystery. [...]

    12. This is the first book in a new cozy mystery series. "Molly Pink is about to discover the joys of crochet. It's a relaxing escape from her hectic life as a bookstore event coodinator and from the stress of being the latest murder suspect in Tarzana, California. For Molly, the weekly crochet group at Shedd & Royal Books and More ws just another event to manage. Then she stumbled across the body of group leader Ellen Sheridan. Molly's complicated past with Ellen has made her a prime suspect, a [...]

    13. Charming debut of a murder mystery series centered around a group of charity crocheters. Molly Pink shares a talent for earnestness and screw ups a la Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and possesses an equally endearing cute cop boyfriend. When she’s the main suspect in the murder that opens page one, she and her best friend Dinah set out to clear her name, learning to crochet while infiltrating the group formerly headed by the now dead victim. As power struggles among the crocheters mount, M [...]

    14. I'm an avid crocheter and addicted to murder mysteries so I think it's safe to say I was ecstatic when I came across it. This book is a quick little read but it was a good one. The main character kind of made me nervous with all the boneheaded stuff she would do but you couldn't help but really like her. The murderer wasn't anyone I was expecting so that was a nice change. All in all if you want something simple but fun this is a great book for that. Even if you don't love crochet as much as I d [...]

    15. Pretty disappointed in this book. I never felt connected to the characters or the plot, nor could I see why the protagonist was so attractive to gorgeous bachelors who could have their pick of starlets and gorgeous blondes, but instead went with the somewhat older, somewhat rounder, inexplicably attractive widow. The plot was a bit thin, too, and "Detective Heather" was completely annoying -- as was the use of "OMIGOD!" Which, as my readers will know, I believe should be reserved for Archie comi [...]

    16. It was a "crochet mystery", which included a "delicious recipe & crochet pattern". That seems sort of strange to me. It was all right, but not a series I'm likely to pursue. Because of my fiber connections (contact person for the Eagle River Spinners) I receive notifications about new books that relate to fiber/yarn. That's how I heard of this author. The book was not bad and it did keep my attention, as I wanted to know "who dunnit". Parts of it just seemed a little unrealistic and some wha [...]

    17. I had to make myself keep reading the book till I finished it. I did not care for the main character at all. She read like she was 16, or 12, NOT closer to my "senior citizen" age as she was described. Only wanting to know who did the murder, ad if our protagonist would totally ruin her relationship with the "dream date" cop was what got me to the end of the book.At some point, I may read the next in the series just to see if the stories and the main characters stay as awful as they were in this [...]

    18. I started crocheting a few months back, so seeing a 'crochet mystery' on the shelf at the library piqued my interest. "Hooked on murder" is a light cozy mystery focusing on a crochet group (The Tarzana Hookers). Lots of crochet talk (including a pattern at the back of the book), which is great if you're interested in it, but not too heavy to spoil it if you don't (I think). The characters are generally interesting and the book has a light touch, never taking itself too seriously. An enjoyable re [...]

    19. Not a bad first effort, although a little rocky in places. The killer surprised me, which is always a nice way to end a mystery. I think she might have tried to have too many things going on at once, it was a very "busy" mystery, what with book signings, bookstore events, crocheting, romances, friendships, children, boyfriends and of course a couple of murders. I'll probably read her next book but it won't be an automatic read.

    20. I like to crochet so I wanted to read the only cozy mystery about crocheting that I could find. I have to say that I am not impressed. None of the characters are likeable except maybe the boyfriend/detective. The plot was good but I need characters I can relate to. I will try the next book in the series.

    21. light, Easy, ReadHmmm.a murder mystery centered around my favorite craft—crochet? I had to take the bait. Hooked on Murder is a nice, light, read. It sort of reminded me of the Janet Evanovich books. There are more books in the series, and I might try another when I am in the mood for something light.

    22. Though crochet novels tend to be far fewer in number than knitting ones, and though I was overjoyed to find one, I really only found this "all right." There was nothing really bad about it, I just couldn't connect with the characters-and characters are the reason I read, after all. Though I'd love to support the niche of the genre, I don't see myself reading the subsequent titles.

    23. I'm actually a little disappointed with this book. I picked it up because I love cozies and several people in my family love to crochet, so I figured why not. The characters in this book were quite boring. They just come across plain andmple I guess. Certainly not what I expected.I'm not sure if I will continue with this series or not

    24. OK for a first-in-series. Lots of room for growth; looking forward to the next one to see where she takes the characters. Love that it uses crochet as a theme and hope to see more recipes and patterns.

    25. Fun to read the first in this series. A cozy mystery with crochet made for a fun read as well as some laughable moments. It seems the theme for this book that the things that can go wrong do go wrong for Molly. Relaxing summer read for me.

    26. Don't despair too much at Molly's antics, she learns from her mistakes and takes a bit more care in later volumes in the series. And after all, who wouldn't take a few extra risks and bend a few minor rules if they were unfairly facing a murder charge? Another fun read from this series.

    27. Honestly, not that bad. It's simple entertainment which is exactly what it's suppose to be. I love a little mystery, love reading about a crochet group but not sure what's up when the author refers to yarn as string? What? Is that ever appropriate? Over all, a good time.

    28. Is the best murder mystery ever? No, but for a book the has crocheting and a murder mystery it's good. I'm crocheting right now and it's nice to read a book about one of my favorite past times! And throw in a murder mystery on top of it!!!!!

    29. This is a light and airy cozy mystery. The murderer is not revealed until the very end (although you may have guessed). I prefer this style over a long epilogue, especially in a cozy mystery. I thought the pace of this book was breezy and it made a good summer read.

    30. I'm not usually a fan of this type of mystery but since I love to crochet I thought I would give it a try. It was an easy read, nice for a summer afternoon, will continue with the series to see what happens to the characters.

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