Lady Undaunted

This is a clean read rewrite of Misbegotten HarperCollins USA Today Bestselling author Tamara Leigh returns with a tale of betrayal, vengeance, and forbidden longing in Lady Undaunted, her latest historical romance set in medieval England BETRAYED Declared illegitimate and denied his inheritance, Sir Liam Fawke has given six years of his life in service to his youngerThis is a clean read rewrite of Misbegotten HarperCollins USA Today Bestselling author Tamara Leigh returns with a tale of betrayal, vengeance, and forbidden longing in Lady Undaunted, her latest historical romance set in medieval England BETRAYED Declared illegitimate and denied his inheritance, Sir Liam Fawke has given six years of his life in service to his younger brother for the promise of being named heir to the Barony of Ashlingford But when he is summoned to his brother s deathbed, he learns his treacherous kin has secretly wed and fathered a son Vowing to claim what is rightfully his, Liam contests his nephew s succession And not only finds himself at dangerous odds with the boy s lovely, spirited mother, but attracted to one who is forbidden him one whose son is the means by which he could twice lose all FORBIDDEN Three years ago, Lady Joslyn struck a desperate bargain to wed a nobleman and provide him with an heir Now widowed, she must protect her young son from her husband s vengeful brother who will stop at nothing including murder to take what does not belong to him But when she seeks an audience with the king to secure her son s inheritance, she discovers Sir Liam may have the stronger claim and that the truth of him could make lies of all she was led to believe More unsettling, she is drawn to the man beneath the anger who can never forgive her for the part she played in his brother s deception nor forget to whom she first belonged.
Lady Undaunted This is a clean read rewrite of Misbegotten HarperCollins USA Today Bestselling author Tamara Leigh returns with a tale of betrayal vengeance and forbidden longing in Lady Undaunted her latest hist

  • Title: Lady Undaunted
  • Author: Tamara Leigh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. JusticeAgain, I feel like a bad person because the hero forgives and I want justice. The romance starts off with lies and distrust but eventually becomes mutual frustration as they battle rules and danger together. I'm glad they have a happy ending but I just wanted things set right.

    2. I love all of Tamara Leigh's historical romance books!!! Unfortunately she only writes Christian contemporary romance books now :(

    3. This was a solid book and I appreciate the clean re-write as it's often hard to find clean Medieval fiction. I liked both of the main characters and their struggles with their relationship. I also liked Oliver because he seemed to cute. However, I felt the conflicts were always changing and too easily overcome (e.g initial mistrust then the evil uncle then the obstacle to marriage). I think I would have liked one consistent source of conflict that grew over time and which drew the couple natural [...]

    4. Wonderful story! Love all her books! She writes the most interesting and enjoyable books. This one is no exception either loved every bit of it with full of twist and turns of events with kisses here and there but no more than that either. Can’t wait to read the next book of hers.

    5. I enjoyed this book. As with all of Leigh's medievals, it is well written and draws the reader in to the story and the time period. I find that I am having to distinguish her books between four and five stars so that the truly exceptional ones stand out. They are all fabulous.

    6. Ms. Leigh has become my go-to when I need a little medieval fix and this was another fun addition to her medieval collection. Joclyn and Liam seem to have everything stacked against them, while they should be enemies there is an attraction between them that can’t be denied. Joclyn was a likable heroine, she is fiercely loyal to her young son and her love for him really jumps from the pages. Maybe since I have a son the same age I felt a connection to her and what she must have been going throu [...]

    7. Finally, authenticity to a Medieval romance. This is the best Medieval experience I have had so far. There seems to be quite a trend of authors choosing the medieval as a setting for their books, insomuch that I have read a few this year that I remotely enjoyed. Tamara Leigh schools those stories. Infact, she clearly demonstrates that throwing in a few dukes and marketing it as “Medieval” does not make it so. The language in the novel is appropriate, as well as the locations described throug [...]

    8. 4.5I have been stuck in contemporary land for much too long, so when I saw that Ms. Leigh had a new medieval release, I started itd finished it in a little over 24 hours. :) I just LOVE her medieval romances. They are clean but never lacking on the passion side.Liam Fawke has struggled his whole life with belonging, it more so proving he belongs, because he has always been thought of as a misbegotten Irish son of a baron. His younger brother was awarded the barony after his father's death, even [...]

    9. There are some authors that you highly anticipate reading their books and will preorder them right away, Tamara Leigh is just such an author! I have truly enjoyed both her contemporary and historical Christian novels, as well as her clean read books/rewrites. And I can't wait for her next novel to be released!A Lady Undaunted, was a good read and very enjoyable. The story moved at a nice pace and was engaging. There were a few things I would mention I don't consider these spoilers, but if you wa [...]

    10. Tamara Leigh never disappoints Firstly you need to know that I'm an huge fan of Tamara Leigh's stories; historical, contemporary or both!I really liked the premise for Liam and Joslyn's story, although I can't say that I was surprised by any of the plot as it developed, I still found it difficult to put the story down. I found the ending to be honourable in line with the characters.Speaking of characters, Liam and Joslyn made a great pair. It was nice having a couple that actually wanted to beli [...]

    11. I was excited to read this book, since I've enjoyed so many others by this author. But the story fell flat for me. I noticed the writing was a little different. The author skipped around to multiple points of view within each chapter. That might of had an affect on how infested I was with the characters (surprisingly less). Also, I assumed the twist in the beginning and so I spent the rest of the book just waiting for it to come out in the open. I read it, but I wasn't on pins and needles over i [...]

    12. Tamara Leigh's medieval books are always enjoyable. This one has less action than most of the others, but we do get to travel to court and see a bit of intrigue there. The protagonists are very likable as well as some supporting players. Little Oliver is very cute with his Unca Liam. There is a quite wicked villain. There is another horrible character that rears his ugly head--the plague! So, there's plenty to engage the reader.

    13. Lady Undaunted by Tamara Leigh is a thrilling read. I was immediately pulled into the story and could not put the book down. I love reading books set in the medieval time period. Tamara Leigh does an amazing job bringing the setting to life. I was completely invested in the characters and couldn't stop reading until their story lines were resolved. I highly recommend this book if stories set against a backdrop of knights and chivalry feeds your imagination.

    14. As I read this book my emotions were all over the places. I went from concerned to sad to suspicious to happy to crying to happy at last!Tamara Leigh has a wonderful way of painting colorful medieval tales. Her characters are entertaining and engaging, so much so that you can just picture them talking and walking with you. You become connected with them and don't want the story to end.Many times I found myself staying up really late just to read more of the story.

    15. Clean Medieval RomanceI do love a good Tamara Leigh book, and this one was no exception. Call me a sucker for medieval romance (seriously, you can call me that). I fell in love with Joslyn and Liam's story. Intrigue, sword fights, the plague, and romance (i.e love conquers all) -- seriously, what's not to love?! The fact that it's a clean read just seals the deal for me!

    16. First read Misbegotten 8/22/13 - 2*2nd read: Lady Undaunted 5/10/16 - 3* I'm liking her re-writes better than the originals. The clean romance doesn't detract from the story - in fact, it's more romantic.

    17. Another great medieval romance/drama by Tamara Leigh. Love the great romance/tension without the explicit sexuality. Loved Liam who rose above the unfair twists and turns of his life and became a better man for it. A great HEA for all, including Jocelyn and Oliver.

    18. I loved this book so much!! Tamara is an excellent author and she can weave a great story. I like that she is a clean writer yet she is not a prude. She acknowledges the heat that love can bring but she keeps it in check.

    19. I have yet to be disappointed in ANY book written by this author!! An entertaining mix of mystery, action & clean romance.

    20. EeeekkAnother hard to put down story from Tamara Leigh I really enjoyed both Liam and Joslyn, and all the better together! Also, Oliver is adorable. Loved the twists.

    21. Tamara hasn't written a bad book. Loved Lady Undaunted and even after all her medieval books, Tamara still finds new things to this in.

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