The Perfect Fiancé

The Perfect Fianc is a short prequel novella to Bianca Blythe s Matchmaking for Wallflowers series Rosamund Amberly is overjoyed.And soon, she s certain, she ll start feeling the emotion.Rosamund prides herself on her matchmaking skills After meeting Marcus Worthing, Earl of Somerville and her older sister s childhood best friend, she knows she s found the perfect fian The Perfect Fianc is a short prequel novella to Bianca Blythe s Matchmaking for Wallflowers series Rosamund Amberly is overjoyed.And soon, she s certain, she ll start feeling the emotion.Rosamund prides herself on her matchmaking skills After meeting Marcus Worthing, Earl of Somerville and her older sister s childhood best friend, she knows she s found the perfect fianc for her reclusive sister.Unfortunately, she s spending far too much time thinking about the man.Bonus Includes the first chapter of How to Capture a Duke which starts at the 80% point.
The Perfect Fianc The Perfect Fianc is a short prequel novella to Bianca Blythe s Matchmaking for Wallflowers series Rosamund Amberly is overjoyed And soon she s certain she ll start feeling the emotion Rosamund prid

  • Title: The Perfect Fiancé
  • Author: Bianca Blythe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. ***3 "sweet" stars from me***This was a really sweet and lovely story, but damn, it was too small!!!I think i needed a little bit more but it was a pleasant company to my evening!!!A man that wanted to be for a while outside the ton and to made some scientistic workA woman used to live in countryside and who loves to play the matchmaker, especially for her suitorsA day in the forestAn unneeding rescuingTwo hearts that beating very fast in the presence of the otherA stubborn girl that is trying t [...]

    2. 2.5Cute little regency story. The story is quirky and fun but the characters lack actual development. I've read many short stories which felt like actual novels so I can say from experience that this one lacked character development. It was cute though. Those last scenes were really adorable.Before reading:What a gorgeous cover! *E-copy provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.*

    3. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.This is book three in the "Matchmaking for Wallflowers' series by Bianca Blythe. This is a Novella book that is about 75 pages. I found that it was a easy read and that this book can be a standalone book. Rosamund thinks herself a matchmaker and when she meets Marcus Worthing, Earl of Somerville again (they played some together when they were younger) after he tries to 'save' her from some shooting that was go [...]

    4. After seeing several Bianca Blythe books appearing on my newsfeed and thinking the covers were absolutely stunning, I decided to check out the novella to determine if the author's writing style was as delicious as the cover art.This was my first sample of Bianca Blythe's work, and unless I can access another book for free, I won't be purchasing more by this author. The storyline is an oft-used childhood friends to lovers theme, which was fine by me. I love sweet, simple storylines if the charact [...]

    5. For such a wordy story (really too wordy in my opinion), it lacked depth. The cover is gorgeous though.2 stars

    6. I have to say that I read book one first. This was like an after thought. Rosamund was a matchmaker. She felt she had the perfect person for everyone. After meeting Marcus Worthing, Earl of Somerville again she believes that he will make a perfect match for her sister. What she didn't expect happened and this turned in to more than a match for her sister.A nice quickie to see some of the character from the series. Knowing the outcome from book one, getting a quick recap was nice.

    7. This was just a beautiful story that will warm your heart while it's breaking at the same time. Marcus is that typical scientific nerd that only sees black and white, but has the purest heart. Rosamond is a matchmaker who adores her sister and only wants for her happiness. Sometimes heroes come when you don't need them at all, but sometimes they arrive at the perfect time.This is the first of Bianca's stories I have read and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although the ending came fast and was not as I e [...]

    8. Yorkshire - 1814Marcus Worthing, the sixth Earl of Somerville, is staying at the home of Sir Seymour, Baron of Elm Hall, and heir to Cloudbridge Castle. Marcus is out looking for a quiet spot to sit and simply enjoy nature and do some bird watching. The man is a scientist and has written a book on zoology. But, his respite is disturbed not only by Sir Seymour who is out shooting, but he also spies a young lady running through the forest. Fearing she could get accidentally shot, Marcus chases and [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars - A really quick read just 60 pages. If you are the mood for a sweet short story this was cute. Too short but held my interest.Content: CleanSource: Netgalley

    10. Every now and then I forget why I hate novellas, and then I’ll pick up one that sounds intriguing, only to be brutally reminded yet again why I hate them. Literally, if you read the blurb for this book, you get the same info as if you spent time reading he novella itself. There’s no actual character, plot or romance development. It’s apparently a love at first sight novel. Then she worries about how to hook the earl up with her sister why fighting her own attraction to him. Then he propose [...]

    11. The Perfect Fiance by Bianca Blythe is an entertaining quick read. This is a perfect choice for those with limited time for reading. Ms Blythe has given us a well-written book. The characters are lovable. Rosamund and Marcus' story is sprinkled with drama and humor. I enjoyed reading The Perfect Fiance and would happily read more from Bianca Blythe in the future. The Perfect Fiance is book 0.5 of the Matchmaking For Wallflowers Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not [...]

    12. Somehow I didn't realize the length, and so when the book ended I was caught off guard. As I unwittingly approached the end, I had been thinking that the hero and heroine came together quickly and had been wondering what impediments there would be to the relationship as the book continued. The characters were likable, and this was an enjoyable read. I wish it were longer, and I look forward to reading the full length books in the series. This was just way too short.

    13. I totally enjoyed reading this short and light-hearted story, in fact I read it twice within six months. Marcus is enjoying a visit to the Yorkshire countryside he'd known as a child. He gets roped into performing in an amateur play, a scheme to bring him and Fiona together. The evening of the performance is the funniest part.

    14. Well I am not really impressed. Guess it was okay. Everything is of course rushed and the characters aren't that well developed. I never felt the connection Plus the ending was not very satisfactory. You have no clue what will happen to them, how and where they will live, what will happen to the heroine leaving her sis etc

    15. I enjoyed this free ebook. I did feel the characters lacked a little development and it felt a little wordy but well written. It is extremely short which might contribute to the lack of character depth. The heroine in the story made me think of Jane Austen's Emma.

    16. Regency novels how can you not love them :)The storyline is a often used theme but the novel has still got some special to it.Fun, witty and you believe in the characters in the way they are described.Short but worth reading time.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. It is a sweet, quick read about Rosamund who is determine serve as a matchmaker for her sister, Fiona. But, things get complicated when Rosamund develops feelings for the man she thinks is perfect for her sister.

    18. DelightfulThis book was delightful and funny, charming and unexpected. It took a look at women out of what society said they should do and showed women who showed their own strengths.

    19. This is a great short story. I was able to read it in one seating. I enjoyed the characters and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. I was given this book for an honest review.

    20. Too short! Well written with engaging characters who'd be more fun & engaging with more story. The series seems promising, but I prefer more development & depth to my escapism.

    21. Young woman with a big heart has been successful in her matchmaking machinations. She's doing the perfect candidate to be groom. However, she miscalculates the bride.

    22. Engaging NovellaThere's just enough story that people will probably read another one in the series. Main characters good,glad Fiona story next.

    23. This is a clean romance set in the Regency Period.Rosamund meets the Earl of Somerville when he “saves” her, and thinks he would be the perfect fiancé for her older sister who’s a bit of a recluse. She gets them together in hopes of making a match by presenting the idea of putting on a play. Marcus, the Earl, is quite taken with Rosamund and starts to pursue her. There’s a lot of miscommunication that occurs between the two and makes for an enjoyable read. I really had fun with this qui [...]

    24. Publisher's Description:Rosamund Amberly is overjoyed.And soon, she's certain, she'll start feeling the emotion.Rosamund prides herself on her matchmaking skills. After meeting Marcus Worthing, Earl of Somerville and her older sister's childhood best friend, she knows she's found the perfect fiancé . . . for her reclusive sister.Unfortunately, she's spending far too much time thinking about the man.My Thoughts:My Thoughts:I both read the eBook and listened to the Audible edition together as wel [...]

    25. The Perfect Fiance by Bianca Blythe was 8 chapters, 60 pages and 15,000 words, basically a short novella. A prequel to the series, Matchmaking for Wallflowers.Marcus Harold Ignatius Lesley Worthing, the Earl of Somerville is visiting Yorkshire in 1814, to escape the hustle and bustle of London. After publishing his book on Zoology he only wants to visit with his childhood friend Sir Seymour, Baronet of Elm Hall and wife Lavinia. Elm Hall is next to Cloudbridge Castle, which Sir Seymour stands to [...]

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