The Selfish Gene

The million copy international bestseller, critically acclaimed and translated into over 25 languages As influential today as when it was first published, The Selfish Gene has become a classic exposition of evolutionary thought Professor Dawkins articulates a gene s eye view of evolution a view giving centre stage to these persistent units of information, and in whichThe million copy international bestseller, critically acclaimed and translated into over 25 languages As influential today as when it was first published, The Selfish Gene has become a classic exposition of evolutionary thought Professor Dawkins articulates a gene s eye view of evolution a view giving centre stage to these persistent units of information, and in which organisms can be seen as vehicles for their replication This imaginative, powerful, and stylistically brilliant work not only brought the insights of Neo Darwinism to a wide audience, but galvanized the biology community, generating much debate and stimulating whole new areas of research Forty years later, its insights remain as relevant today as on the day it was published This 40th anniversary edition includes a new epilogue from the author discussing the continuing relevance of these ideas in evolutionary biology today, as well as the original prefaces and foreword, and extracts from early reviews Oxford Landmark Science books are must read classics of modern science writing which have crystallized big ideas, and shaped the way we think.
The Selfish Gene The million copy international bestseller critically acclaimed and translated into over languages As influential today as when it was first published The Selfish Gene has become a classic exposit

  • Title: The Selfish Gene
  • Author: Richard Dawkins
  • ISBN: 9780198788607
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. - What some people seem to find hard to understand is that there's a part of you, in fact the most important part, that's immaterial and immortal. Your body is really no more than a temporary shell for the immortal part, and houses it for a little while until it dies. The rest of this review is available elsewhere (the location cannot be given for policy reasons)

    2. Didactic, patronizing, condescending and arguably neo-intellectual twaddle. I do not believe in a God, certainly not any God that's been conceived by man, but I also believe Richard Dawkins is a self-satisfied thought-Nazi who is as fundamental in his view of religion as any right-wing minister. Fundamentalists of all faiths scare me, and atheism is just as much a faith as any religion. The existence or non-existence of a God cannot be proven, nor can the existence or non-existence of a soul, an [...]

    3. Although I consider myself a Jesus-loving, god-fearing, creationist, I simply LOVE reading about evolution. I'm not sure what it is, but I find the whole concept, when explained by a lucid and accessible author, fascinating. And Dawkins is nothing if not lucid and accessible. He presents the topic and various questions and scientific controversies in a way that anybody with a willingness to pay attention can follow it. Some of the chapters were a bit more of a slog as Dawkins has to resort to sc [...]

    4. دوستانِ گرانقدر این کتاب از 500 صفحه و 13 فصل تشکیل شده استعزیزانم، به ژنی در انتخابِ طبیعی برتری داده میشود که تجمعِ همتاهایِ آن در خزانۀ ژنی رو به افزایش باشد.توجهِ ما به ژن هایی است که به نظر میرسد رویِ رفتارِ اجتماعیِ دارندگانش اثر میگذارد، پس بیایید برایِ ژن ها تا حدی هوش و آ [...]

    5. I read the 30th anniversary edition of this book--it is a true "classic". I note that there are over 48,000 ratings and 1,400 reviews of this book on ! Richard Dawkins put an entirely original slant on Darwin's theory of natural selection. The book has turned people around, to the understanding that the gene plays the single most central role in natural selection, rather than the individual organism. Over the course of generations, evolution plays a role to ensure the survival of the genes, not [...]

    6. Color me very impressed. I can now see why this is considered to be one of those hugely popular science books I keep hearing about and the reason why Dawkins has become so widely known and/or respected with or without his notoriety.Indeed, the pure science bits were pretty much awesome. We, or at least I, have heard of this theory in other contexts before and none of it really comes as much surprise to see that genes, themselves, have evolved strategies that are exactly the same as Game Theory i [...]

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    8. One of the most important things I took fromThe Selfish Gene is an idea that I find a bit difficult to put into words.Richard Dawkins is really good at crafting metaphors to describe scientific principles that on their own may be not be so interesting, or may be stubbornly inaccessible. While his rhetoric may make concepts more accessible and convenient to discuss, he openly warns that no metaphor is completely accurate. Understanding that the metaphors must be viewed skeptically, he offers this [...]

    9. If you are bored look up the Community Reviews, sort by 1-star. They are very entertaining. One of them as a uni professor advising a student to burn down the book store where they bought this book. Then we have the creationists, then the person who thinks it is all a capitalist manifesto. There are those who think he is arrogant, depraved, uses philistine language (!) How can anyone be a creationist and not believe in dinosaurs and such? Do they believe that the earth is flat? Are they the sor [...]

    10. I'm agnostic myself, so I'm impartial, but Dawkins is so cynical, so against the idea that there is more to us as individual human beings than just "intelligent apes meant to give birth, grow old and die", that he seems almost, for lack of a better phrase, sociopathic or antisocial. He leaves very little room for the profound depths of emotion, companionship, imagination, nostalgia or anything that goes against his view that we are just materialistic monkeys who won't matter to anyone a hundred [...]

    11. یکی از کتاب های پرفروش استاد داوکینز که همونطور که از عنوان پیداست راجع به ژن خودخواه هستش. بعد از خوندن این اثر و دیدن پشتوانه های علمیش، اینکه چقدر برده ژن هستیم برام بیشتر آشکار شد. کتابی که نشون میده، ژن، کاملا یا ناقص، چقدر تاثیر میتونه داشته باشه روی تمام جنبه های زندگی ی [...]

    12. Richard Dawkin's 1976 classic game changer The Selfish Gene contains information I still didn't know, almost 40 years later. His basic idea is that the essential unit of life is the gene; our bodies are just big fleshy protection robots for the gene. Dawkins says I'm a tool. Right? High five!And you might be like "Okay, so who cares?" What difference does that make, right? Well, first of all I'm gonna go have some pie because fuck you, genes, you're not the boss of me. Woohoo! Other than that, n [...]

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    14. On 27 December 1831, a young naturalist by the name of Charles Robert Darwin set upon a voyage of discovery on the HMS Beagle which was to last five years and take him all over the globe. He came back with a lot of specimens, copious scientific notes and an explosive theory which was to rock the world of ideas: the theory of evolution by natural selection. Suddenly, God became an unnecessary and unlikely hypothesis: man was pulled down from his high throne as the master of creation: and existenc [...]

    15. Finally, and after an excessive period of time, the main cause of which was college overwhelming demands, I managed to read and finish, from cover to cover, the book that launched the fame of the most distinguished evolutionary biologist in the world (Richard Dawkins): The Selfish Gene.Dawkins is often characterized as the World's Most Outspoken Atheist. This may be true, but it's concerned with a relatively recent development in his character. I think such reduction is misleading and unfair, qu [...]

    16. “ There are more possible games of chess than there are atoms in the galaxy.”Sometimes science books can become unintentionally funny: “What is the good of sex? This is an extremely difficult question for the evolutionist to answer. Most serious attempts to answer it involve sophisticated mathematical reasoning.”Okay!One of stupidest criticism here on of Adam Smith’s Theory of Wealth of Nations’ was that he made the human selfishness as basis of his theory. It was stupid as Smith di [...]

    17. Writing lucidly about science for a lay audience while remaining scientifically rigorous is not easy, and Dawkins does a tremendous job as he examines evolution from the point of view of the gene rather than the organism. I found this book to contain a number of "aha" moments -- for example, that rather than pose the question "Why is DNA an efficient mechanism for an individual organism to reproduce itself?", we should ask instead "How did a giant, complicated lumbering robot such as myself beco [...]

    18. I asked Twitter for reading recommendations just before Christmas and one of them was this book. It's so outside my comfort zone (a book about genetics? Are you MAD?), I just went for it. And I am very glad I did.That's the great thing about Kindles. You can do mad stuff in seconds flat.Skip the forewords and introductions, they're sententious verbiage. Just start reading the book - by the time you've done, you'll actually WANT to go back to the forewords and revision notes. Because this book is [...]

    19. I read this book when I was a student and studying genetics at the time. This helped a lot, it made an awful lot more sense than what I was learning and I have Professor Dawkins to thank for making me look like a genius in a lecture and completely getting my head round an essay.I am a big fan of Richard Dawkins, and this is his genius. I admire his ability to argue something so comprehensively and convincingly. I first discovered him in a book of essays where he wrote a letter to his daughter Ju [...]

    20. Darwin had postulated the revolutionary hypothesis in scarceness of empirical data and with shortcoming knowledge in biology. A century passed, improving the biological science we possess, alongside with absorption of natural selection among elite society, which eventually lead to emergence of sophisticated advocates of the theory (and yes, that 100 years were enough to call natural selection a theory). We knew more than necessary to revolutionize it. "The Selfish Gene" and "The Extended Phenoty [...]

    21. ** Bilime yabancı olan okuyucunun bu konulara özel ilgisinin ve bilgisinin olmadığı göz önüne alınarak konuyla ilgili teknik terim kullanılmamış; ancak bu konularda uzmanlaşmış kimseler de unutulmamış ve basit, yalın sayılabilecek bu anlatım tarzının, uzmanlaşmış kimseler için eğlendirici olması temenni edilmiş. Genetik bilimi mezunu olarak, Dawkins'in ikinci hedef okur grubu içindeyim; lakin bana çok eğlendirici gelmedi.** Kitap eğlendirici olmaktan daha ziyade, [...]

    22. Although a lot has changed in social biology and ethology since this book was originally published in 1976, “The Selfish Gene” brought me numerous insights which made my respect for Dawkins grow immensely. I’ll explain why.The book can be considered today almost out of date, I think, and there’s much in it to be criticized. Dawkins language is particularly reductionist as he explains various types of animal behaviors mathematically while attributing them solely to genetic factors. He say [...]

    23. I bought this book because I'm fascinated by the idea of evolution - I mean, at first glance it appears utterly preposterous, right? So I wanted to take a closer look. I started by reading The Origin of Species (Darwin, of course). That was well worth-while but clearly his theory was wrong, for many reasons, most of which are given in the book, by Darwin himself. The key problem for Darwin was that whilst he knew there had to be some kind of inheritance of characteristics, he had no idea what th [...]

    24. I love reading books that challenge my worldview and compel me to change it. This book is an excellent work on Evolutionary biology, Genes, Behavioral biology and Natural selection, among many other fascinating topics. Dawkins is succinct, eloquent and a very intelligent tutor. He uses examples and metaphors to illustrate his point and to coalesce them all to form one unifying picture, of a universe, not in perfect harmony, but in tumult and constant change. The chapter on “Memes” blew me of [...]

    25. "يتشارك قرد الشامبانزي والإنسان بقرابة 99.5% من تاريخهما الجيني، ومع ذلك يعتبر معظم المفكرين من البشر أن الشامبانزي ما هو إلا مسخ غريب بينما يعتبرون أنفسهم صورة الإله".هذه كانت كلمات دوكينز الأولى في مقدمته للإصدار الأول من كتابه "الجين الأناني"، وبهذه الكلمات يأخذنا الكاتب عب [...]

    26. When I read this a couple of years ago, I loved it. I've also been at a loss to see why people had troubles liking Richard Dawkins, sure he was harsh sometimes in debates, but mostly I found him intellectually honest.It's higly ironic that not even a week after I was defending my idol Dawkins against accusations of his research being biased, I find myself in some serious doubts regarding my previous respect for him.This is to the best of my memory what happened last week: My fellow beer drinker: [...]

    27. I didn't find this one nearly as interesting or as fun as The God Delusion. At times, reading it felt like a homework assignment, but for that I will have to fault my own intellectual shortcomings, and NOT Dawkins' logic or writing ability. After all, I'm not about to criticize a man who manages to mention lawyers AND vampire bats in the same sentence

    28. listen to this story.10 people in a private room with a big deal/money insurance company eating expensive steaks and drinking expensive wine. one guy says to the effect: "simple starches convert almost instantly to sugar, sugar actually makes you more hungry."so i say to the guy "so, evolutionarily we have develop to take advantage when we find food with alot of sugar. like hoarding."to which the gentleman, well dressed, presumably well paid, replies: "i don't believe in evolution."holy fuck. i [...]

    29. The Science and Inquiry Book Club selection for August. Also the inaugural selection - yippie!-- -- -- Key concepts for me:+The universe is populated by stable things+"In sexually reproducing species, the individual is too large and too temporary a genetic unit to qualify as a significant unit of natural selection."+"The individual is a survival machine built by a short-lived confederation of long-lived genes."+Evolutionarily stable strategies (ESS), instead of group selection+Stable polymorphis [...]

    30. Knjiga je odlično napisana. Dawkins lijepo piše, jasno i nastoji izbjegavati stručne termine, ako je to moguće i objasniti riječima koje mogu razumjeti i oni koji nisu genetičari, odnosno laici poput mene. Mislim da uopće nema niti jedne riječi latinskog - što je pravo čudo za jednog biologa!No, istovremeno ovo je i knjiga koja je namjenjena i znanstvenicima. Danas je njegova teza gotovo potpuno prihvaćena, ali kada je knjiga izašla 1976 teza da su geni odgovorni i za ponašanje bila [...]

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