The Usborne Big Book of Colors

A large, sturdy board book introducing all the colors of the rainbow and their many variations, with lots of color vocabulary such as turquoise, magenta and vermilion, and color descriptions such as navy, lime and rose The acetate page shows how colors mix and change when combined with others.
The Usborne Big Book of Colors A large sturdy board book introducing all the colors of the rainbow and their many variations with lots of color vocabulary such as turquoise magenta and vermilion and color descriptions such as n

  • Title: The Usborne Big Book of Colors
  • Author: Felicity Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780794528409
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “The Usborne Big Book of Colors”

    1. this is one of the book that I think could cover a pretty wide range of age. I love how it gather one color range along with its different tone and hue into one big page so it suits a toddler to recognize concept of color. But it also fits perfectly for bigger kids, since there are lots of different tone and hue for one color shown here. Even I unfamiliar with the color "chartreuse", or "aureolin". I also like their page which use a transparent sheet to explain the concept of combining color. I [...]

    2. This is the best book of colours for kids I've ever seen. It has fun drawings that introduce all the different shades of each of the well known colours, as well as some easy to understand information about colour wheels and how colours combine to change each other. I could have seen myself poring over this book over and over as a kid. I even learned a few more obscure colours from reading it. A great addition to a collection

    3. Just got this book for my niece this morning, she's almost 2 years old and she loves it. Nice presentation and lovely illustrations.

    4. When teaching color concepts this is my go to book. This cardboard paged, interactive book keeps the attention of many ages. The book first catches the attention of the reader, by having an interactive color wheel while explaining the different types of colors. The book continues to explain all the colors in depth, giving different shades and object that are the given color. The book also explains what mood and meanings are associated with each color. It was on the third page that I knew this wa [...]

    5. I purchased this book in one of those tupperware-like pop-ups, and used it to put my order over the free shipping threshold. Oh, how happy I am that I did! I don't think I've ever see a children's book on color so thoroughly and beautifully introduce color theory. From an interactive color wheel and color mixing charts, to an acetate overlay that shows how different colors mix on objects, this is one my daughter is obsessed with. The illustrations are beyond gorgeous, but are very educational. I [...]

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