Cast of Shadows

This icily innovative thriller begins with every parent s worst nightmare, when Davis Moore s teenage daughter is brutally raped and murdered by an unknown assailant It gets worse For Davis Moore is a fertility doctor, dealing with cutting edge genetic reproductive techniques It s a controversial and dangerous occupation Moore has already been the object of a fanatic sThis icily innovative thriller begins with every parent s worst nightmare, when Davis Moore s teenage daughter is brutally raped and murdered by an unknown assailant It gets worse For Davis Moore is a fertility doctor, dealing with cutting edge genetic reproductive techniques It s a controversial and dangerous occupation Moore has already been the object of a fanatic s assassination attempt But for a father driven half mad by grief, his work presents one startling and dangerous opportunity the chance to look into the face of his daughter s killer.
Cast of Shadows This icily innovative thriller begins with every parent s worst nightmare when Davis Moore s teenage daughter is brutally raped and murdered by an unknown assailant It gets worse For Davis Moore is a

  • Title: Cast of Shadows
  • Author: Kevin Guilfoile
  • ISBN: 9781400078264
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I have mixed feelings about this book. I don't know if I hate it or like it. I felt that the story was very long and heavy, in parts it was boring and overburdened, and I hated the sex scenes because they were too repetitive. However, the story had a good suspense.

    2. Officially one of my favourite books of all time. A real psychological thriller. And I can't believe I did not preempt the ending. Real time video games, cloning, deceit, a large variety of character, self-fulfilling prophecy and heart break that all ends in a suddenly silent revelation. What more could you possibly want? I have want to own a copy of this book for a long while but can’t seem to get my hands on a copy.

    3. The setting is a Chicago very much like the current city but in a universe where human cloning is as common as in vitro is in our world. Cloning, however, is highly controversial and regulated. Dr. Davis Moore, the happily married father of a teenage daughter, is a fertility specialist expert in cloning who becomes the target of a religious fanatic. Although he survives the attack, his happy life is destroyed when his beloved daughter is killed at her after-school job. It seems as if Anna Kat wa [...]

    4. Kitabın konusu süper, olay akışı süper, karakterler orijinal. Böyle olunca haliyle bir solukta bitirdim. Gel gör ki kitaba beş vermeyi düşünürken sırf kitabın sonu beni sinir ettiği için değerlendirmemi üç yaptım. O nasıl bir sondur! Kitapla yazarın suratını tokatlama isteği oluşturdu bende resmen! Beni zirveye çıkarıp oradan aşağı attı. Duygularımla oynadı. Tamam ilginç. Tamam, tahmin edilmedik. Tamam, ters köşe yaptın da böyle b*ktan bir ters köşede o [...]

    5. In the near future, cloning is legal. Dr. Davis Moore is a fertility doctor specialzing in reproductive cloning.His daughter, AK is raped and murdered. The killer escapes. Later, when Moore picks up AK's belongings from the police there is a sample of the killer's DNA. With no other way to catch the killer, Moore uses that DNA to cone a child that will grow up to be the exact replica of the killer.In a parallel story, Mickey the Gerund is a religious fanatic and considers himself a member of God [...]

    6. This book was surprizingly good. I read it after seeing the author talk at one of the Humanities Council seminars on Ethics and Genetics. I would definately not have picked this up on my own. It is a murder mistery that touches on philosophy and psychology all hidden in a futuristic setting. I'm not a sci-fi reader, but this was done tastefully enough that it was quite enjoyable and educational. It definately made me wonder about culture in general and how it will continue to be affected by tech [...]

    7. Full disclosure. I worked on this book. When I read the first 50 pages in manuscript form, I told my boss to reject it. (The opening has since changed) He told me I was nuts, to keep pressing on. So I did -- on Yom Kippur night, too, and the next day I was just too tired to be hungry. From page 51 to the end I read without moving! It's the definition of unputdownable. One of the best and most brilliantly original thrillers I've ever read.

    8. This book was amazing! There was so much going on that the book was by no means predictable. Guilfoile has the reader guessing until the last minute. So many controversial issues. Con? SO many chars, it really needs to be read in a few sittings. Due to other things, I took awhile to read it, which made it difficult to keep all the characters straight. I highly suggest it!

    9. This book has crime, science fiction (that really isn't science fiction since human cloning is right around the corner), love, betrayal and mystery. Its one of those books that you want to see the movie, just as long as its exactly like the book.

    10. I absolutely loved this book. It seemed to combine things that I find very compelling, but are hard to find: a touch of sci-fi with mystery and contemporary technology. I would love to know about other books that are in this same vein. Recommendations anyone?

    11. One of the better thrillers I've read with loads of surprises sprinkled all through the book. Plus the author tosses in some good issues to make you think.

    12. I love this book; it has EVERYTHING in it. I can't believe the many levels that this first time author used in this book. Every person I have recommended to read this book has loved it as well.

    13. So many twists and turns that you're left dizzy. It was a very good read that both disturbed and surprised with layer after layer.

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    16. Wicker is the story of a closely connected group of people all impacted by the rape and murder of seventeen-year-old Anna Kat Moore. It’s set in a not-too-distant future where the possibilities of DNA seem limitless. The cloning of dead people is considered just another fertility treatment, usually for couples unable to conceive at all or with hereditary diseases they don’t want to pass on to natural children.A couple of years after Anna Kat’s murder, it still remains unsolved and Dr Davis [...]

    17. CAST OF SHADOWS is one of the best mysteries I've ever read.A scientist uses DNA from the scene of his daughter’s murder to clone her killer. His plan is to watch the little boy as he grows up, so that when Justin is old enough, Dr. Moore will be able to look in his face and see Anna Kat’s murderer.That is all I will say about the plot of CAST OF SHADOWS. I want you to be able to follow this extraordinarily challenging and satisfying story without any preparation. Instead, I will tell you a [...]

    18. I am lucky to have come across a book so soon after Hardcase by Dan Simmons which deserves my highest rating.I had just completed reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro which dealt with a bunch of clones being raised in a private British school so that their bodies could later be harvested for vital organs to be supplied to the people in need of them. With such a potentially controversial, highly-charged plot, I thought I was in for a gut-wrenching novel, what with all the rave reviews and Ne [...]

    19. Wicker is a book that by just reading the synopsis will have you both hooked by it's intriguing premise and raising one eye brow at it's absurd structure. What I love is how it is more and more relevant, what with the advances in science and DNA to stem cell and cloning etc etc. This fascinating story of how DR Moore a pioneering creator of cloned babies for couples, suddenly find his life is thrown into turmoil by the murder of his daughter. Left psychologically to deal with the death on his ow [...]

    20. Overall, I think I appreciate this book. I did not entirely enjoy reading it - I noticed that for the first third (almost half!) of the book I was constantly getting distracted by stuff around me. The book just wasn't grabbing me.The majority of the book was set in Chicago, which made me a bit homesick, but I wished for a bit more descriptive prose. The geographical narrative felt like a checklist of street names and a combination of real and fictitious companies/clubs/offices. I never got the r [...]

    21. Spoiler warning!This book should have started on the 200th page or so. My God, it was so slow in the beginning.All in all Cast of Shadows has an interesting theme. Secretly using the DNA of your daughter's murderer to clone him and watch him grow up into an adult whose face you might be able to recognise I don't think it's been done before. It's the main character I didn't like. Dr. Moore, a pretty stuck-up jerk, if you ask me. He risks his precious career to find out who killed his child, and a [...]

    22. this is a book that i never would have chosen for myself - i read it for work-related purposes - but i actually really enjoyed the change of pace. it reminded me that i can appreciate a thriller once in a while since i mostly only read memoir and/or pop-fiction. i thought this book was really smart and well-written, and there are about 25 different twists, some predictable but some not, that make it interesting. you can't help but picture it as a movie when you read it, which i enjoyed takes pla [...]

    23. De karaktersDe personages zijn goed uitgewerkt en komen zeer geloofwaardig over. Ze zijn ten opzichte van hun rol goed uitgewerkt en er is duidelijk een verschil tussen de hoofdpersonages en de bijrollen. De auteurNee, het was mee eerste van Kevin Guilfoile. Door de 5 sterren van crimezone verwachte ik een super spannend en goed geschreven verhaal. Dit is maar te dele uitgekomen. Het verhaal is goedgeschreven en makkelijk leesbaar, maar echte spanning en een 5 sterren thriller is het voor mij ni [...]

    24. Dr. Davis Moore is a prominent figure in a controversial field. He is a fertility doctor who uses cutting-edge genetic cloning to give children to those who cannot have their own. Despite what others may think and the threats levied against his life by anti-cloning activists, he knows in his heart of hearts that what he does is a good thing. However, his priorities change when his teenage daughter is raped and murdered. Now, instead of introducing new life to the world, he becomes fixated on the [...]

    25. Goede thriller die tot denken aanzet. Het boek is eigenlijk in twee delen opgebouwd. Het eerste deel gaat met name over het klonen van mensen. De dochter van dokter Moore is verkracht en vermoord. Als hij na een jaar bij de politie de spullen van zijn dochter ophaalt, vindt hij een buisje met DNA materiaal van de vermoedelijke dader. Hij gebruikt dit DNA om zo alsnog achter de identiteit van de dader te komen. Hoe ver zou je zelf gaan? Het tweede deel is een jaar of vijf later en gaat over minde [...]

    26. This book is centered around one of the strangest concepts I have ever encountered, which is saying something considering the number of Sci-fi books I have enjoyed recently. It's a suspense thriller with multiple expeditions into what could almost be called science fiction but isn't quite, considering the very likely possibility that the events posed as fiction by Guilfoile could be very real concerns in the not too distant future. Cloning is a fairly common occurrence in the story and one physi [...]

    27. Mit "Wicker" hat Kevin Guilfoile ein Erstlingswerk geschaffen, bei dem es keinesfalls übertrieben ist, ihn in einem Atemzug mit Schriftstellern wie Michael Crichton zu nennen.Der Roman ist spannend bis zur letzten Seite und sehr clever geschrieben. Viele Nebenhandlungen fügen sich zu einem intelligenten Gefüge zusammen, in dem jeder eine wichtige Rolle spielt für den Fortlauf und das überraschende Ende des Buches.Der Autor hat sich viel vorgenommen in diesem Debüt. Seine Figuren sind glaub [...]

    28. The story started out strong. A young woman is brutally raped and murdered, the police have no physical description of her assailant, and the DNA evidence offers no leads. Her father, as it happens, is a geneticist, specializing in human cloning as an infertility treatment (as commonplace in this world as in vitro is in ours, though much more controversial). He hatches a scheme to clone the killer from the DNA evidence, so he at least will be able to see what the killer looked like.So far, so go [...]

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