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  1. This isn’t so much a comic story as it is a counseling session for Iron Man, Thor and Steve Rogers (Who usually goes by Captain America but is still operating under his own name after coming back from the dead.) These three were once the core of the Avengers and key players among the superheroes in the Marvel universe, but they’ve had some issues. Steve and Tony Stark had a political disagreement about oversight of super powered types that turned into a full blown civil war so things are a b [...]

  2. 3.5 starsI'm pretty sure you're not going to gain a deeper understanding of the Marvel universe by reading this, but it has some fun stuff in it, so I guess that makes it ok. I think this is more of a good side story than anything else.After the events of Siege, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man get swept away to another world. Each of them kind of go on a journey of 'discovery', and then meet up to fight off the bad guy, girl who put them there to start with.It's nothing earth-shattering, but [...]

  3. I adore this book! Honestly, it's one of the best if you love the relationship between Steve and Tony.This is post Civil War, so Steve, Tony and Thor are still on shaky ground with each other.Still, it's post Siege as well so they're recovering.This book has an adorable Tony Stark flirting outrageously with Steve Rogers. It has Tony Stark being damsel-ed and Steve coming to his rescue as a knight in shining armor. It has trolls, fight scenes, I think there was even a dragon. I adore this book an [...]

  4. Cuando vi en la tapa que lo escribía Bendis me dispuse a ver todo lo malo que podía tener esta historia, y si bien es un historia simple y directa, la dinámica entre los personajes es muy buena. Después de tantas sagas oscuras y conflictivas fue muy bienvenido el tono más distendido y de reconciliación.El arte de Alan Davis, aunque se nota su experiencia y madurez, sigue siendo prácticamente el mismo que en los 90s, con lineas simples y composiciones muy dinámicas, con viñetas muy fuera [...]

  5. Okay, superhero time continues….This is something in the neighborhood of the 12th graphic novel or superhero novel I’ve read in the past couple of months. I’ve also got a few more in a stack of them to get through soon. I’m just about heroed out. I was thinking just before I started writing this, that in some ways, I think I enjoy book reviews more than I do writing blog posts. I used to just blog all my reviews, but then I slowly realized that I like reading my reviews more than anyone [...]

  6. Good writing from Bendis - which is saying something, because when Bendis is at his best, his writing rocks the house. I'm not convinced this is his best work - it doesn't feel like the epic, world shattering stuff of some previous Events, but as far as putting three characters into conflict and really examining how they'd react and interact, we have a winner.The conflict - the bizarre situation in which they find themselves after Siege - is pretty interesting and unusual, and the suspense of fi [...]

  7. This may not be a 5-Star book in all senses, but my enjoyment of it made it so for me. The trifecta of Thor/Tony/Steve ends up transported to a twisted version of Asgard's 9 Realms just following the victory over Norman Osborn and co in the Siege storyline. It is a great book for realizing that the Avengers really comes down to these 3. The things that have happened to them in the last while have torn them apart but maybe something may change for them. I enjoyed this tremendously, and would love [...]

  8. As someone who isn't entirely up to speed with things, reading this as a standalone works nicely. What I got from it? Steve and Tony broke up for a while, said some nasty things, and Thor left them to it while he went to sort out his own things, and by the end of this the humans are back together and their best bro is right there with them. Tony naked on a horse? Hilarious. As far as the bigger picture goes, I can't really comment on how well this fits in, but as a one-off it was light-hearted a [...]

  9. osrascunhos/2017/10/20/viAsgard foi transportada para a Terra no seguimento de uma catástrofe. Simultaneamente, Capitão América, Homem de Ferro e Thor são dispersos pelos nove reinos – nove reinos conturbados e carregados de inimigos de Thor que ao soar do seu nome não hesitam em atacar.Tratando-se dos novo reinos o tipo de criaturas que encontram é diverso – desde dragões que aguardam uma vingança contra Thor, a elfos divididos, e a ogres furiosos ou rainhas demoníacas.Cada um dos [...]

  10. Collects Avengers Prime issues #1-5This comic book takes place immediately following "Siege," and tells a story that has the intent of mending the bridges between Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Thor, so that these three can work together on the Avengers unhindered by the events of the recent past. SPOILERS:Unfortunately, although this book ends with Tony and Steve having a nice moment in which they bond and put "Civil War" behind them, the concurrent title, "Avengers," (also written by Bendis) do [...]

  11. A light comic with good humor and a short romance.When have we not seen Cap and Stark disagree on things? In this story, Cap, Iron Man, and Thor find themselves in a world not know to Thor himself. It isn't any of the nine realms. Where are they? This is the only question the reader and the trio have on their minds.

  12. Me ha encantado un montón. Una historia corta y sencilla pero que te recuerda la esencia de los Vengadores. Es tan bello ver a Tony y Steve, otra vez, como los grandes amigos que son.

  13. Can't go wrong with Alan DavisLove the Avengers done by AD. Solid storyline. High drama as well as humor. Well worth the time ans money.

  14. Avengers Prime is essentially the gravity of the Marvel world reasserting it before your very eyes. You can do pretty much anything in comics, distort the characters into almost any shape you want, but their familiar archetypes will reassert themselves before too long.Here Bendis is tidying up the fallout of the Civil War and Siege storylines. The former in particular depended on placing Captain America and Iron Man on different sides of an argument and using them to play the debate out. But it [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this book. The story started off with the avengers overlooking the fallen city of Asgard and things were tense between Iron Man, Thor and Steve Rodgers. Suddenly these three find themselves on an unexpected journey through the 9 realms. I enjoyed the continuation of a great story arc goon through Marvel during this time but it was the light hearted dialog which sold me. Sometimes superheroes fall somewhere between the ridiculousness of super serious and very cheesy. This seemed [...]

  16. After the drastic events of Civil War, The Dark Reign and Siege - could Captain America and Iron Man ever be team mates again? This very brief mini-series tries to give a short answer to that question so that the Avengers can move forward with less baggage. On that front, it probably doesn't succeed. However, Prime does give readers the apology we all need and a fun little side adventure for three of our heroes that actually makes sense in continuity.Prime takes place immediately following the c [...]

  17. A re-read, but one of the best re-reads. Bendis and Davis come together to give us, in a media frequently characterized by violent conflict, a re-uniting of the three core Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, the brains, heart, and soul of the Avengers. In the aftermath of the Siege storyline from years ago, which itself came after Civil War and the Dark Avengers period in the wake of Cap's apparent death, this is the reconciliation, the working together, the acknowledgement of higher [...]

  18. A far more enjoyable read than I was expecting! Sure, the classic stylings of Alan Davis are always in top form, but I'd been tired of the Bendis "voice" for years now, and (consequently) the Avengers. Having a Bendis tale centering on the Avengers' "Big Three", explicitly in the aftermath of a line-wide (if humdrum) "Marvel event", with the explicit editorial mandate of moving said characters from Point A to Point B? This did not sound like a recipe for good comics.And yet it works. A large par [...]

  19. This story immediately follows, and is a continuation, of the story of Siege. It is a much better story as it deals with the fall out of the splintered relationship between Captain America, Iron Man and Thor arising from the Civil War with the all out war without consequences that occurred in Siege (yes there was the death of at least one significant character in that story but this being what it is I'm sure that that character will resurface in the not to distant future - if they haven't alread [...]

  20. Fun little tale featuring three estranged Avengers learning to trust one another again, with excellent art by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.I've criticized Brian Michael Bendis in the past for his weak plotting skills, but when given a little five issue book like this, he turns out a tightly constructed, fun adventure story where plot turns share space equally with his usual character work. After a long period of war and distrust (which you don't really need to know the details of to follow this), [...]

  21. This story is where the main three members of the Avengers kiss and make up after the events of Marvel's civil war. The three Avengers in question are, of course, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, with the main storyline tied closely into the Thor storyline with Asgard being recreated on Earth. It's a good rollicking adventure through the nine Asgardian realms and it ends as expected with the three heroes being bosom buddies again. For that I would give it 3 stars. However, I've given it an ex [...]

  22. For maximum impact you will have to read all the events leading up to this, AKA Civil War and Siege. However if you know of the events and how Cap, Iron Man and Thor have become bitter and angry with each other, granted it's mostly Cap and Iron Man due to act that was passed invoking Civil War. This story brings the three former allies together once more, continuing straight from the fall of Asgard in the events of Siege, this has beautiful art work to bring the tale to life as the three Avenger [...]

  23. I like Brian Bendis as a writer, and Alan Davis is one of my favorite artists. So this combo should be pretty special stuff.And it is. Post-Dark Reign, Asgard is in ruins, and the Nine Worlds are reconfiguring to make up for it, with Hela out to take (what she sees as) needful dominion. Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man are swept up into the conflict, the latter two still estranged and now without their weaponry.Bendis' dialog is its usual snappy stuff, and rings true to the characters (except [...]

  24. In the aftermath of the Siege of Asgard and all the changes it brought to the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers try to put aside their differences to help Thor rebuild. Instead, all three of them are transported by a broken Bifrost to a broken Nine Realms, where they have to team up with elves, dwarves, giants, a sorceress and a dragon to free the realms from the Queen of Hel and get home.This was a very nice superhero story with lots of fun Tony and Steve and Thor doin' their Tony an [...]

  25. The way the panels are arranged in this book are kind of cool, it's not always a grid, sometimes you get triangular panels, & sometimes the scene actually extends beyond the lines of a panel.That's about my favorite thing here. Otherwise, it seems like kind of a boring story that hints at depths without actually plumbing any. It's full of grand scenes of war that don't live up to the billing.Captain America's character seemed really inauthentic to the cannon, and his new direction isn't sati [...]

  26. Bendis finally stops screwing around and remembers he's writing comic books. In the aftermath of the horrid Civil War event, Iron man, Captain America and Thor are having some issues, which is bad when the world needs the Avengers and the Avengers need their core guys working together.What could help resolve this situation? Thank god it's not Bendis usual ' the heroes standing around talking' for three issues, but instead a huge, cosmic kick ass adventure in a fantasy realm a dimension away. All [...]

  27. Avengers Prime isn't going to revolutionize how comics are told or what stories you'll find in them, but after a whole lot of drama in the 616 universe these last couple of years it's a fun read. After Siege, Civil War, and Captain America's death Thor, Cap, and Iron Man haven't really had the chance to be the friends/comrades that they used to be. Avengers Prime takes these three important characters in the Marvel verse and basically sends them on a super version of a camping trip. They have to [...]

  28. This volume is a good bookend to the Dark Reign and Siege story lines, but a casual reader could simply enjoy the story without needing to have read those stories necessarily. Bendis has a good handle on these characters and his dialogue is strong here. Thor's continuity seems problematic to me since Thor: Dissembled, but this story resolves some of these issues (or at least addresses them). The art by Alan Davis is really good and he remains one of my favorite artists. An enjoyable, if not monu [...]

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