Tannie Marias recept på kärlek och mord

M t Tannie Maria, en medel lders sydafrikansk nka bosatt i Klein Karoo i det inre av Kapprovinsen N r centralredaktionen l gger ner Tannie Marias matspalt f r att blidka tidningens finansi rer f r hon fr gan om hon i st llet kan t nka sig att bli the Gazettes samlevnadsexpert Tannie Maria tackar ja till uppdraget under stor tvekan men uppt cker snart att hon har en vissM t Tannie Maria, en medel lders sydafrikansk nka bosatt i Klein Karoo i det inre av Kapprovinsen N r centralredaktionen l gger ner Tannie Marias matspalt f r att blidka tidningens finansi rer f r hon fr gan om hon i st llet kan t nka sig att bli the Gazettes samlevnadsexpert Tannie Maria tackar ja till uppdraget under stor tvekan men uppt cker snart att hon har en viss fallenhet f r att lyssna till m nniskors problem och att hon kan komma med goda r d, som hon kryddar med l mpliga matf rslag.Snart str mmar l sarbreven in fr n hela Sydafrika, men det r s rskilt en brevskriverska som upptar hennes tankar, en kvinna som misshandlas av sin man men som inte f rm r bryta upp fr n sitt ktenskap Kvinnans situation v cker minnen ur Tannie Marias eget v ldsamma f rflutna och n r kvinnan m rdas f rm r Maria inte f rh lla sig passiv l ngre utan beslutar sig f r att sj lv sp ra upp m rdaren med sin matlagninskonst som vapen.Sally Andrew beg r h rmed sin debut med f rsta delen i en v lsmakande deckarserie som utspelar i de inre bergstrakterna av Sydafrika En blandning av Damernas detektivbyr och ispettore Montalbano, med lika delar humor, k rlek, matrecept och en mordg ta.
Tannie Marias recept p k rlek och mord M t Tannie Maria en medel lders sydafrikansk nka bosatt i Klein Karoo i det inre av Kapprovinsen N r centralredaktionen l gger ner Tannie Marias matspalt f r att blidka tidningens finansi rer f r hon

  • Title: Tannie Marias recept på kärlek och mord
  • Author: Sally Andrew
  • ISBN: 9789113068114
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I smiled when I saw that the comment on the front cover was from Alexander McCall Smith. If he approved it I knew I would like it!!Recipes for Love and Murder grabbed me from the first page with the mention of appelkooskonfyt and the local Spar. It has been years now since I lived in South Africa but I still have very happy memories of that time and a lingering knowledge of Afrikaans. Enough that I did not have to refer to the glossary every time Tannie Maria spoke.I am not the biggest fan of Co [...]

    2. “Recipe for Murder1 stocky man who abuses his wife1 small tender wife1 medium-sized tough woman in love with the wife1 double-barrelled shotgun1 small Karoo town marinated in secrets3 bottles of Klipdrift brandy3 little ducks1 bottle of pomegranate juice1 handful of chilli peppers1 mild gardener1 fire poker1 red-hot New Yorker7 Seventh-day Adventists (prepared for The End of the World)1 hard-boiled investigative journalist1 soft amateur detective2 cool policemen1 lamb1 handful of red herrings [...]

    3. 4.5★sTannie Maria wrote columns for the Klein Karoo Gazette alongside investigative reporter Jessie and editor Hattie. But when the paper’s bosses decided Maria’s recipe columns needed to be replaced with love advice instead, it was decided to combine the two. Creating beautiful food from fresh ingredients was Tannie Maria’s love – the peace and tranquility she derived from cooking then feeding others was her forte. Tannie Maria found it easy to add a perfectly matched recipe to the an [...]

    4. Sally Andrew's Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery is an really good murder mystery with a dash of romance, sadness, love, food, beautiful nature and friendship. Tannie Maria is like mix of Miss Marple, Nero Wolfe and Nigella Lawson - she does not look for trouble, the trouble finds her, she likes solving problems and she likes food and the food she likes is nourishing, full of flavors and chocolaty. The story is about a Tannie Maria who works as food writer in local Klein Karoo [...]

    5. Sally Andrew's delicious new mystery set amidst the plains of South AfricaIs it a faux pas to skip straight to the end of a book? Perhaps.If there's the promise of recipes and it's lunchtime? No problem at all.We've done it, so it's alright.A murder mystery, which is also a romance, which is also hilarious, which is also a cookbook—look this way if you're looking for that book to settle into for the summer break.‘If you want a vivid, amusing and immensely enjoyable read about detection (and [...]

    6. Wasn't sure what to expect exactly, but my library had added this one to its downloadable audio holdings recently, so thought I'd check it out. Please bear in mind that I have never seen many of the Afrikaans names or terms in print, so will have to do the best I can phonetically - for one thing it took me quite a while to get that her vehicle was a bakkie (small truck) rather than a buggy. Without going into a plot description (my friends know how much I dislike rehashing those), Tannie M. (her [...]

    7. Charming and heart-warming, this is a lovely read about a lovely group of women who find themselves in the midst of a murder investigation without meaning to. The main character of Tannie Maria is simply wonderful - I fell completely in love with her. I am so glad to find such a female model in a book these days. She is clever, brave, independent and strong-minded. But at the same time she is very soft, motherly, with an endless ability to give and care for others. She does not care one bit abou [...]

    8. After reading this novel, I realized that I can't call myself "proudly South African" AT ALL. I love my country, but I am not always proud of my country. But I will never be a Peter and say "I do not know you". I would rather be like a real prim and proper Afrikaans "poppie" and just keep quite and sit in the corner. And then someone like Tannie Maria comes along and she reminds you of a couple of things: I love being AfrikaansI love the Klein KarooI love koeksisters, bobotie, melktert, vetkoek [...]

    9. הספר לא רע. הוא פשוט רחוק מאד מהסגנון שלי. גיבורת הסיפור, טאני מריה, היא אלמנה בת חמישים ומשהו, בשלנית כפייתית, אשר פוצחת בקריירה חדשה בה היא מעניקה מעצותיה לקוראים, בעיקר בתחומי הלב והבית, ומתבלת כל עצה במתכון "שווה". כשאחת הקוראות שמתייעצות עמה נרצחת, טאני מריה וחברותיה מחליטו [...]

    10. I've been approached to review this book a few months ago and decided to give it a chance. And I am so glad I did! Recipes For Love and Murder became one of my reading highlights of the year.First of all, it's in a small South African town, and apart from Taylor Stevens work I haven't read anything from this continent for quite a few years. Secondly, it's infused with absolutely delicious cooking, and I admit, the promise of those recipes made me race through the book even more.The atmosphere is [...]

    11. Gewoon BAM: 5*1. Vanwege de Zuid Afrikaanse humor, hiermee is het verhaal doorspekt werkelijk2. Vanwege de hoofdpersoon die blij is met lekker eten en tevreden is met haar lichaam3. Het is een écht mysterie4. Het is onwijs spannend5. Het is lief en romantisch6. Er zitten mooie uitspraken in AANRADER!!

    12. Un chouette cosy mysterie qui donne faim! L'intrigue se passe en Afrique du Sud, c'est dépaysant et pleins de mots incompréhensibles !!! J'ai beaucoup aimé et lirai le second tome avec plaisir !!

    13. I think I have a new favorite mystery heroine: Tannie Maria, from Recipes for Love and Murder. (“Tannie” is the polite way to address a woman older than you in South Africa, kind of like calling someone “auntie”). She is naïve but intelligent, vulnerable yet strong, and one of the best fictional cooks around! And she solves crimes. Who could ask for more?Tannie Maria is the advice columnist for her local newspaper, the Klein Karoo Gazette. Not only does she provide good advice, she incl [...]

    14. 1.5 stars - I didn't like it.I can completely appreciate how this one will be loved by many fans of cozy mysteries, but it was not my cup of tea. Like most cozies, it was too cute, too sweet, too neat, and had a vexatious protagonist that thought she was a mastermind sleuth. Cozy novices are always so incredibly clever that they are able to magically run circles around the professionals to crack the case, yet they are so stupid as to not recognize the most obvious of dangers. I also felt the foo [...]

    15. Tannie Maria has been writing a cooking column for the local newspaper in rural South Africa when the owners announce that The Gazette needs an advice column, but the only way to fit that in to us for pages is to eliminate Tannie Maria's recipe column in Recipes for Love and Murder by Sally Andrew. Tannie  (a term of respect) Maria solves the problem by combining the advice with recipes that will help the reader deal with the problem. Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonder [...]

    16. Although described as a cozy murder, this story has more substance than most of the genre. There is no shortage murder suspects and a very interesting cast of sub characters. There is lots of humour and beautiful descriptions of the Klein Karoo natural environment. Unlike many cozy mysteries, the three reporters set out to solve the crime in a constructive and specific manner - the scene where Detective Inspector Henk Kannemeyer finds their notes clearly set out on the white board is a classic. [...]

    17. What an absolutely delightful book. I loved it. Could just imagine spending afternoons on Tanni Maria's stoep eating beskuit and drinking tea. She wrote so vividly and living on a farm I identified with so much of what she wrote about. Cannot wait to read the next one!

    18. I'm the type of person who really knows my own reading tastes. I have favorite genres and favorite authors, and I'm pretty good about keeping up with what's new and buzzing in the book world. I can usually read a review and feel confident about whether or not I'll like the book, but I also feel like I'm willing to take the occasional chance. However. I also sometimes pigeonhole myself. I'm a romance reader. I don't usually like books that are too seriously literary. I like characters I can conne [...]

    19. Now and again one reads a book that totally absorbs you into it. You can smell, see and even taste it while reading the book. You wish that you can step into the world of the book that is so well portrayed. You can even hear the characters and the tone of their voices.Recipes for Love and Murder is exactly this type of book. I fell in love with the story and characters right from the first page. Wonderful characters populate it each with their own motives and thinking. Typical small Karoo town i [...]

    20. Tannie Maria ama cucinare, lo fa con amore, gusto e curiosità. Una donna positiva nonostante un passato triste e doloroso, dal quale sta cercando di riscattarsi con la sua dolcezza e con la sua ironia. Firma la rubrica dei consigli sul The Karoo Gazette, il giornale locale ed insieme alle colleghe ed amiche Hattie e Jessie si ritrova coinvolta in un misterioso omicidio.Amori, crimini e una torta al cioccolato è un giallo leggero, semplice, a tratti divertente e gustoso come le svariate ricette [...]

    21. What a lovely debut! I loved the South African setting (audiobook narrator Sandra Prinsloo made it even better), the mature protagonist, and all the food. The romance was nicely done as well. I will definitely keep my eyes pealed for the follow up!

    22. I loved the this. Loved the characters especially the main one. Loved how she dealt with life through food and recipes. I want to be her friend so we can share recipes and wisdom.

    23. Recepten voor liefde en moord draait om Tannie Maria. Ze heeft een kookrubriek in een locale krant. Door bezuinigingen wordt dit een adviesrubriek, waarin zij nog steeds recepten geeft als advies. Het leven van Tannie Maria draait namelijk om eten en geeft haar houvast. Eten is het recept voor alle problemen. Het brengt rust, troos en liefde.Extra leuk is dat de besproken recepten ook achterin het boek zijn vermeld en je dus thuis aan de slag kunt. Dit is goed, want het is zo sterk geschreven da [...]

    24. I bought the book in the Capetown-airport, South Africa, wanted to get something authentic and positive, but with a 'crime' touch. I fell in love with a style, because it is so flowing and childishly-innocent for a book describing a real murder. The main hero, Tannie Maria, is 50+ curvy chick who is working for the local newspaper in the small south African town. She's actually writing a recipes help people who are struggling with a grief, would like to find happiness, or love.d step by step sh [...]

    25. This is a great "cozy" mystery for fans of the First Ladies Detective Agency who would like to read another series about Africa. This takes place in the Karoo, a rural part of South Africa, and has plenty of local color with phrases in Afrikaans, local recipes, and colorful characters. Highly recommended!

    26. Entertaining, well written novel. The language and characters took me right back to my childhood, a very happy journey. So much fun.

    27. Although similar to Alexander McCall Smith's series set in Botswana, this one has more meat. They're both charming. I'll definitely continue.

    28. Wonderful! I enjoyed every word.Tried to make it last longer but the best I could do was 3 days and that included rereading some of my favourite pages.

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