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  1. I saw the movie The Guardian a long time ago and had always been curious about the book it was based on which brings me to my review. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in this book. The characters are unlikable, the nanny is stupid and annoying as a matter of fact I found most of the characters annoying. I thought the storytelling was immature and that the story as a whole was poorly executed. Basically I hated it except for a few glimmers of interest I had to force myself through which I only did be [...]

  2. Phil e Julie Pressman sono due giovani sposi che da Chicago si trasferiscono a New York per motivi di lavoro. In breve tempo la loro vita cambia drasticamente con la nascita di Harry, il loro primo figlio. L'arrivo del bambino causa non pochi problemi alla coppia tanto da costringerli ad assumere una tata in grado di prendersi cura sia della casa che del piccolo. Dopo una serie di disastrosi colloqui i due decidono di assumere Luci Redman, un'affascinante infermiera inglese dalle ottime referenz [...]

  3. Silly but readable. Not the best supernatural villain ever and a lot of "dead air" chapters but you could do worse in the summertime.

  4. I enjoyed this book. There was a movie made based on this called The Guardian. If you ever saw the movie and liked it track down this book and give it a read.

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