It's a Money Thing!: A Girl's Guide to Managing Money

One important thing a teenage girl can do for herself is learn about moneyhow to make it, save it, invest it, and spend it wisely Through engaging and practical exercises, this guide teaches young girls valuable lessons to help themlead financially secure and independent lives.
It s a Money Thing A Girl s Guide to Managing Money One important thing a teenage girl can do for herself is learn about moneyhow to make it save it invest it and spend it wisely Through engaging and practical exercises this guide teaches young gir

  • Title: It's a Money Thing!: A Girl's Guide to Managing Money
  • Author: Women's Foundation of California Susan Estelle Kwas Kathleen Brown Foundation Of California Women's
  • ISBN: 9780811844277
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Diary
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    1 thought on “It's a Money Thing!: A Girl's Guide to Managing Money”

    1. Reviewed by Me for TeensReadTooIn this highly interactive book, pre-teens and teens get a chance to learn all about money. Not just the dollars and cents of it, but things school doesn't teach you, like facts about state and local income tax, how credit cards really work, what the stock market is and how you can take advantage of it, how to save for your retirement, and even how to go about starting your own business. Although aimed towards girls, I found IT'S A MONEY THING! a great beginner's g [...]

    2. Picked up a new copy on the $1 clearance shelf at Half Price Books thought of a teen relative that might make use of it. I could've used this when I was at that age; it seems I've been 'meaning to' learn about investing for the past 25 years. The picture she paints of veterinarians and their supposedly high relative income would have made me even more delusional than I was, but then the book is from California where people are probably willing to spend more on their pets than here in the south. [...]

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