Omega Heart

Throughout certain magical circles, a male omega wolf s heart is considered a valuable commodity Used for all manner of spells and potions, the heart of an omega is renowned for its fertility properties.When Benjamin Noble woke up in an operating room, his wolf howled with despair Lone survivor of an attack on his pack, Benjamin was taken alive for his omega heart WithThroughout certain magical circles, a male omega wolf s heart is considered a valuable commodity Used for all manner of spells and potions, the heart of an omega is renowned for its fertility properties.When Benjamin Noble woke up in an operating room, his wolf howled with despair Lone survivor of an attack on his pack, Benjamin was taken alive for his omega heart With one look to his right, that heart identified its true mate Holden McKenna had been held captive for three days His alpha grizzly blood is considered priceless, after all Recognizing its mate, Holden s bear breaks loose Saving Benjamin is only the start, though Around them, a mystery unfolds Between them, intimacy blooms As the threat of recapture looms, Holden s worldview collides with Benjamin s leanings toward the mystical Can a wolf and a bear who come from similar but disparate worlds ever transcend their differences to become one
Omega Heart Throughout certain magical circles a male omega wolf s heart is considered a valuable commodity Used for all manner of spells and potions the heart of an omega is renowned for its fertility properti

  • Title: Omega Heart
  • Author: G.G. Géricault
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I absolutely loved it!!! I read it in parts, and even though the total length is quite long, i felt i could read it more for the same length!! I loved Benjamin and Holden absolutely! Such endearing characters. A great plot, and amazing secondary characters. Everything was well-developed, well-explained. The romance was there in heaps and I can definitely reread it multiple times!But it was a bit short for my liking! The story did not lack anything! It's just me being greedy!! (Sighs) Wanna read [...]

    2. Oh, I loved this! So witty! So smart! So utterly charming!Where has this author been? How come I've never heard of her? This was great!

    3. 4.5 Fab StarsWell tickle me pink, for I readily admit I wasn't expecting much more than your standard shifter love story.Did this add anything new to the overall grand scheme of things about what we know and come to expect from a paranormal romance? No. It reassuringly still has the whole "destined mates" spiel down pat. It's got uncontrollable urges, strong bonds being formed, and the irresistible drive to claim, protect and possess. However this veered off just enough to make it unexpectedly r [...]

    4. BR with Meags and RAn mpreg story with an actual plot! The mpreg was actually not a very big part of the story. This was a story about shifters, mates and witches.I thought I would enjoy this more. I did like Holden and how protective he was of Benjamin. I loved their nicknames for each other, Bennie and Clyde. But I have to admit, this book had a little too much plot for me. I felt the romance took a back seat.There was too much relationship angst going on for me to feel the love between Holden [...]

    5. 4 StarsThat was one of the best written shifter stories I’ve read in a long while. Plot driven and dialogue heavy, this story contained many of the usual tropes we love and desire in these types of books (shifters, mates, magic, a/b/o dynamics, mpreg, etc), but there was a major focus on character development and the creation of interesting and comprehensible shifter mythologies that kept the story engaging. All the mate stuff and the subsequent Mine!Mine!Mine! feels that I usually eat up like [...]

    6. Wait a minuteI got through the whole story, which was enjoyable by the way, only to be denied the (view spoiler)[birth (hide spoiler)] at the end?Rude.Anyway. Like I said before, it's enjoyable. I can totally recommend, but be aware the romance is a major backseat to the mystery and the pregnancy is sort of backseat story plot too.Me sad.

    7. I regret dragging this book's rating down, but unfortunately, I just can't bring myself to give it four stars. Yes, it's well-written, yes, it's enjoyable, yes, it's one of the better shifter stories I've read. However, it was lacking a certain something. That zing that compels me to read again and again, to never be without the book because I know, in a few months or a year, I'll want to revisit it. This book was fun to read at the time, but I can say in all honesty that I'll be able to remove [...]

    8. 3.5 StarsBut I decided to give this book 4 stars for the ability to create an alternative world quite logical, well thought and with some importance to the story of the two protagonists (all too often taken for granted in books with shapeshifters, thus relegating them in categories of lower quality).I greatly enjoyed the numerous scenes of transformation and also the union/differentiation that is so easy to understand between human character and animal instinct.I really liked the explanation tha [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. We have the story of Holden and Benjamin - otherwise known as Bennie and Clyde. Holden is an alpha bear shifter. He has been captured by hunters and held captive for three days. His blood is considered priceless. He meets his true mate when Benjamin is also captured after the slaughter of his pack. Benjamin is a wolf shifter. They want to take his omega heart which is considered a valuable commodity. When Holden recognizes his true mate, it gives him the strength (and [...]

    10. I will only say this. I will be devastated if there isn't another set of stories including (view spoiler)[the birth of the baby AND the mating of Seth and Rafe (hide spoiler)]!

    11. I am a sucker for a good ABO story, and this one was goooooooood!! It contained a decent plot, proper villian, a strong protective alpha, and a very likeable omega who can stand up for himself. Recommended!

    12. This is so not my kind of book but it was picked for me for a challenge so I finished it anyway. I felt the plot was predictable and has been done many times already. The characters were two dimensional and I didn't buy them together at all. (view spoiler)[Frankly, I almost threw up when the wolf shifter explained they didn't need lube because his ass excreted pre-come - eeewww, gross. Then the author went on to describe how it felt and tasted *shiver* (hide spoiler)].

    13. I really enjoyed this paranormal. I dislike serials so I was glad that the author offered the story as a complete book. There was plenty of action, the characters were nicely fleshed out. The bad guys were truly evil and the good guys were heroes. I'm looking forward to what else this author has for this series.Adult read

    14. Really enjoyed this. Yes it's shifters. Yes it's mpreg. Am I sorry? Nope.Well written. Low on sex. High on plot. (Not the best way of putting it but I know what I mean.)Would I read more by this author? Yes, I would.

    15. Super awesome!!I debated for awhile whether to read this book or not and I'm glad I took the plunge. It was super awesome!! The paranormal aspect of it - the origin stories - was really cool. What I love most was that even if there was a concept of true mate, it wasn't an insta-love thing. Sure, their wolf/bear had that insta-mate connection. But there was still free will in their human parts. That's what made this story so appealing to me. We watched them disagree, we watched them struggle to a [...]

    16. Very nicely done!I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, having never heard of this author before. It was well written, with no grammatical or syntax errors to detract from a beautifully graphic and exciting plot. The characters were well developed, even the secondary and minor ones. Benjamin and Holden are delightful together, and humor reaches out to grab on occasion through our main characters and Seth, Holden's younger brother. Great read that will hopefully be a series. [...]

    17. Wow I loved itThe writing was excellent, I found a few mistakes in grammar but I've seen worse.How the story was put together and the pacing was awesome. I loved the suspense and seeing the action from both points of view. I also like the set up for the next story, can't wait for it to be out.

    18. New favoriteI am absolutely in love. I want to read more about the McKenna family. The story had depth. It was funny and charming. I could not put it down. Must-read!! No complaints

    19. I liked this story very much but was EXTREMELY upset when I got to the end, found a cliff hanger and when I went to buy the next part, THERE IS NO NEXT PARTWTF.

    20. ExcitingGreat story line, lots of excitement. Looking forward to what comes next. Seth? Lance? Rebecca? Who?? My first story with this author. Thoroughly enjoyed this.!!

    21. This was pretty good for a free read. But it was just missing something for me. That bit of spark that made me love it.We start off with Benjamin and Holden being held captive. Ben knows as he is being sedated(over and over) what and why they want him. His heart. Because he is special. He's an Omega-- a male Omega. And a male Omega(werewolf) heart has been rumored to be needed for some rituals and such that witches use. Just like Alpha blood does. Which is why Holden is being held there, being b [...]

    22. And she writes m/m too!!!This was read as one book bundle of the trilogy serial ( thank you for making that available.rials *meh*!!!)This was just delicious and kept me thoroughly entertained whilst in my snot-fest sick bedTMI???This was a slow burn romance of fated mates - between a bear and a omega wolf shifterl the usual ingredients, but the added action and mystery of something sinister after the grizzly bear and his mate!! Throw in some humorous banter, an arse of a brother-bear, a few witc [...]

    23. Wow, just wow! This had it all:Humor: from the banter the guys exchange in lighthearted momentsAction/Suspense: these guys were up against formidable enemies on many frontsFamily: the pain of those lost, the comfort that family can give, and the sometimes difficulties they bringHeat: really slow build; the sex and claiming, when it comes, has grown out of a real connection and worth waiting forOne thing that was really perfect about this was the way that, while there was an immediate connection [...]

    24. Very similar to the shifter books I usually read but There was more plot and character building than the usual 20 pages of sex to one page of actual story. Very nice change. I loved the fact they learned a little about each other before they jumped into mattress pounding. It made the story feel more real. Not that I dont like the intimate scenes but sometimes I think authors go blank and they use a really loooong sex scene just to make up for word count. I find myself skipping page after page wh [...]

    25. I LIKED the the previous book by GG that I read. I LOVED this one! ! In the mist of finding mates, running for their lives, losing family. Meeting family.I wasn't expecting the witty banter and the magical way in which these characters connected! I'm so looking forward to whatever comes next from this author! This wasn't deep and total angst. .t earth shattering revelations, but. damn it was the perfect curl up in a blanket with a cup of your favorite beverage and chill with a book lil book kind [...]

    26. This was recommended to me and although it was 100% out of my comfort zone I took a chanced I'm so glad I did! The world building and characters drew me in right from the start. It's action packed but not in a way that you can get lost. The writing style is lovely and the story is well thought out. Definitely going to be re-reading it too.I'm really keeping everything crossed that there'll be a sequel as I'm so in love with these characters already, I really want to know what happens to them nex [...]

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