A House Without Mirrors

A moving ghost story that explores the overcoming of loss, and how to move on Thomasine has spent months living in her great great aunt s dusty, dark house with her father, and her aunt, uncle and cousins While her father s siblings bicker about how much the house must be worth, her distant, elderly aunt is upstairs, dying, and her father has disappeared inside himself, sA moving ghost story that explores the overcoming of loss, and how to move on Thomasine has spent months living in her great great aunt s dusty, dark house with her father, and her aunt, uncle and cousins While her father s siblings bicker about how much the house must be worth, her distant, elderly aunt is upstairs, dying, and her father has disappeared inside himself, still mourning the death of Thomasine s little brother But one day, her youngest cousin makes a discovery a wardrobe, filled with all the mirrors missing from the big house And through the mirrors, a different world one in which you can find not what you most wish for, but perhaps what you most need A beautiful tale of love, grief and growing up, A House Without Mirrors is an unforgettable adventure into families and the power of love.
A House Without Mirrors A moving ghost story that explores the overcoming of loss and how to move on Thomasine has spent months living in her great great aunt s dusty dark house with her father and her aunt uncle and cou

  • Title: A House Without Mirrors
  • Author: Mårten Sandén Moa Schulman Karin Altenberg Mårten Sandén
  • ISBN: 9781782691211
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Read this in the space of a TAFE lunch time - absolutely fantastic. Short, sweet and unsettling.It never ceases to amaze me how someone can write a 170-page novel which tells a deeper and more intriguing and emotional story than a book which is 500+ pages. Them Swedes.10/10, very recommended.

    2. Образът на времето(Цялото ревю е тук: knijenpetar.wordpress/201)За Мортен Санден бях чувал все хубави неща и реших да прочета негова книга. Отначало си представях забавна детска книжка за тайнствена къща, в която се случват мистериозни неща, а няколко хлапета изживяват първите си страх [...]

    3. OK. Why did I even read this? Two equally good reasons.1. It was cheap on BookDepository.2. It was written by a Swedish author I've never heard before.I bought this one on a whim. Despite my love for all things Swedish I've never heard of Mårten Sandén before reading this book. And it was a pleasant surprise. The book is a tale of healing. How a dysfunctional family (by family I mean cousins and aunts and uncles together) lives in a big house in Sweden waiting for the death of Henrietta, the g [...]

    4. Totally loved this book. Despite the fact that it is a children's book and is a rather short read, it spoke to me on a more deeper level. I don't actually know how it would go with children these days, everything they get is sickening sweet or boring, not even remotely creepy like when I was young (which wasnt even that long ago, im 21), and this book was creepy. But I liked it for its creepiness, you may want to read it yourself before you actually go reading it to a kid. For my full and honest [...]

    5. I don't think I ever used the word "poignant" to describe a book before, but it fits this book perfectly. The smart Thomasine finds herself stuck in the house of her dying aunt, with her family as disconnected from each other as strangers. Her youngest cousin finds then a wardrobe full of mirrors, and once you step out of it after being inside for a while, you're in an alternate version of the house, with a sweet host, many mirrors, and the chance to heal.The style reminds me a little of Neil Ga [...]

    6. Amazing book. Short story, but so cute and creepy and the same time. Good characters, events and a great conclusion. A fantastic book and recommended for all ages.

    7. Fabulous. A gentle not quite a ghost story. A story of personal awakenings within an extended family told calmly Swedish style!

    8. I wasn't really sure where to place this but think KS3 and very smart, reflective, deep-thinking readers in Year 6. I would have loved to have explored this with some children in Year 6 for its themes and writing style (translated from Swedish so well by Karin Altenberg). Told in first person, we follow 11 year old Tomasine as she accompanies her father to a grand house belonging to an aging great-great aunt who nears death. With her come an aunt and uncle and their children. It is whilst playin [...]

    9. Sanden has crafted herein a tale of grief and growth centered around a family full of complication. The characters are wonderfully crafted, and the writing is adult and thoughtful in a way that few middle grade books are. The house itself seems to envelope the story in a manner reminiscent of The Secret Garden or Jane Eyre. In every life there is a bit of magic, and Sanden captures in A House Without Mirrors the magic of believing.

    10. Recensione completa su Café LittéraireUna casa enorme, infinitamente grande per le poche persone che vivono al suo interno, è il teatro in cui si muovono Thomasine e i componenti della sua sgangherata famiglia. Una famiglia un tempo unita, allegra e felice che, con lo scorrere del tempo, si è allontanata.I legami, quei fili invisibili e apparentemente invincibili che uniscono le persone, si sono, come capita in numerose storie di altrettante famiglie, logorati e spezzati. I rapporti si sono [...]

    11. Mi capita poche volte di leggere un libro e trovare tutto descritto così perfettamente da desiderare fortemente di esserne l'autrice. Questo è uno di quei casi.Sin dalle prime pagine si è pervasi da un'atmosfera magica e misteriosa ed allo stesso tempo triste e nostalgica.In realtà non so neanche dire il perché, ma ho subito iniziato ad amare ciò che veniva raccontato. Sarà stata l'ambientazione (un'antica dimora) i personaggi (uno stuolo di bambini ed i loro affaccendati genitori) o la s [...]

    12. After the death of her baby brother, Thomasine is staying with her cousins at her great aunt Henrietta’s house. The curious thing is that there are no mirrors hanging anywhere in this sprawling old manor. Then Thomasine’s five-year-old cousin Signe, who hardly ever speaks, comes out from the wardrobe where the mirrors are all hidden away suddenly spouting complete sentences and Thomasine begins to wonder what is going on. Using the wardrobe as a transporter, Signe leads her to an alternate w [...]

    13. Mårten Sandén costruisce una storia che urla dolore da ogni pagina e ciò nonostante dimostra anche che dalle ceneri di ciò che è stato si può ancora costruire qualcosa, basta volerlo e seguire il cuore senza avere mai paura di piangere, di urlare o di parlare apertamente, l’importante è non permettere alle nostre paure e alla sofferenza di prendere il controllo. C’è una seconda possibilità per tutti noi e anche se significa mettersi il mondo contro bisogna coglierla perché solo cos [...]

    14. Another book labeled as a children's book that wasn't written for children. The story and the message of letting go of the things of the past was a good one. What wasn't good was the 2-3 instances of the s-word in a book on the children's bookshelf. I'm glad i read this before handing it my kidsi don't need them calling people "little s@$!s" after reading this book. Would I recommend this book? Yes, but not for kids.

    15. This was mildly gothic in feel. It was not bright and happy. It makes me want to read more Swedish juvenile literature to see if there is a cultural component to this or if just this particular novel was more bitter than sweet. I didn't dislike it, but I can't say that I did like it either.

    16. It’s an excellent book with an interesting premise. I like that it has a happy ending. I realize that it has a bigger message, but I can’t tell you what it is.

    17. Fantasy: Takes place in a large old house with no mirrors except in the wardrobe where all the mirrors have been placed. By going into the wardrobe with mirrors, it takes the characters to a world where they find what they most need. Throughout the book you feel like all the characters are in a daze which I found annoying, but the ending is sweet.

    18. It was great! It's about a girl called Thomasina. Very interesting book. She finds a room that takes her through time but she doesn't know it yet.👩🏼

    19. У свої 10-14 років я б уподобала цю книжку. Я і зараз її полюбила, але тоді - вона була б мені дивом, і може, я б навіть не здогадалася, хто така Гетті до кінця.Текст (ну, ок, переклад) дуже комфортний, нехитрий, але водночас рукотворний, гаптований деталями, образами, емоціями. Таєм [...]

    20. ~ Life is always there around us. So many human lives that they are impossible to count, and yet we can always perceive the unfathomable space in each of them. “I know,” Hetty whispered, although I hadn’t said anything. “I know, Thomasine” ~This is the second time I’ve read this book; the first time being around two years ago. This time around I felt as if I got way more out of it. I think this is because I’m older now and my English has progressed a lot. This time I was completely [...]

    21. 3.5 stars. I bought this book in a whim, and I liked it. It was a very easy book to read and very fun as well. For me it feels like one of those books you finish and forget about, but after years suddenly comes back into your life. even though i liked the story, I kind of missed the whole importance of the mirrors. I don't really know why they were never in the house, why they were taken away in the first place. Is it because they are scared of what is looking back at them? What is Henrietta's b [...]

    22. A gloomy YA book that my daughter recommended to me. I found it quite slow and depressing, but she really enjoyed it.

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