The Lady of the Vineyard

Since her divorce, Adele Collier has pursued her own pleasure at the expense of her daughter When her ex husband suddenly reappears in their lives, Adele allows him to take Judy to France with him for the summer The time apart leads her to realize her daughter is the light of her world, yet she s still not sure she s ready to give up her lifestyle.Six year old Judy is moSince her divorce, Adele Collier has pursued her own pleasure at the expense of her daughter When her ex husband suddenly reappears in their lives, Adele allows him to take Judy to France with him for the summer The time apart leads her to realize her daughter is the light of her world, yet she s still not sure she s ready to give up her lifestyle.Six year old Judy is than happy to trade her mother s neglect for her father s adoring care She loves his vineyard and wishes she could stay there forever but someday she must return to England and her mother However, Judy isn t sure she can ever trust her mother again.A novella set in pre WW2 Europe, this sweet story is sure to delight lovers of light hearted historical fiction.
The Lady of the Vineyard Since her divorce Adele Collier has pursued her own pleasure at the expense of her daughter When her ex husband suddenly reappears in their lives Adele allows him to take Judy to France with him for

  • Title: The Lady of the Vineyard
  • Author: Kellyn Roth
  • ISBN: 9781534685512
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Allow me to introduce you to my second release, The Lady of the Vineyard, a historical novella set in 1938, London and the French Riviera. This book is aimed at upper middle grade through young adult audiences, although it is suitable for all ages.I started writing TLOTV in summer 2016 on a whim, and when I finished it at approximately 15,000 words, I decided to publish it. It is now available on Kindle and Paperback. You can read more about it on my website.~Kellyn Rothkellynrothauthor

    2. Oh my goodness I loved this book! The characters were amazingly done!Judy is basically the most endearing, realistically painted 6 yr. old I’ve read about. I was enchanted ever since the bunny slippers.Adele takes some getting used to but I ended up loving her too. You can sympathize with her immaturity while still disliking her.Troy was basically the sweetest husband.The true meaning of love, though not exactly a theme, was a very clear message.The ending was a little sudden maybe a bit rough [...]

    3. :DThis was a sweet story. It was very fast paced and I think I had a hard time figuring what exactly was happening so suddenly, but I enjoyed it. Oh, and I still don't know what era it's from. Thank you Kellyn.

    4. I'm very late to review this, but here it isIs this cover not beautiful?!?! Seriously, it's just precious! Judy looks like Shirley Temple, and that alone will make me love a book :)This book was so sweet! I enjoyed the love Judy's daddy showed for her. Judy was a sweet little girl who I wanted to hug. Adele made me mad at times. The ending was sweet. This quick little read will leave you with all the feels!

    5. I had the privilege of beta-reading this book and I really enjoyed it!! Judy was a very lovable child, Troy was someone you could really understand, and. . . I just have to say that her grandma is awesome! ;) The Vineyard in France was delightful to read about, and all the scenes were described so, so well! Literally, Kellyn knows how to write descriptions that make you feel as if you're standing there with the characters. Which makes the book all the more enjoyable!There was one thing that bugg [...]

    6. This is a sweet, lovely tale of a young girl called Judy who isn't loved by her divorced mother and has never met her father. Then one day her father re-enters her life and realises how foolish he has been to stay away. This is a heart-warming novella about reconnecting broken family ties and leaves you feeling happy. There is some telling not showing here but overall I enjoyed reading this. I received a copy of this book in exchanged for my honest review.

    7. 4.5 stars. Such a whimsically beautiful and heartwarming story! If you're a lover of historical novellas or 1930s European settings, this is one you won't want to miss. :D I read this book in an afternoon and I really enjoyed reading Judy and her parents' story. :) The characters were so great! Judy was a sweet, precious child. I adored her and Troy's relationship (and their first meeting!). Troy was a nice guy, probably my favorite character, and I loved the way he stood up to Adele. Adele was [...]

    8. My rating: 3.5 stars.WARNING: May contain minor spoilers.Story-wise, this book was pretty good. It seemed to go kinda quickly, but hey, it's a novella, you can only have so many words. ;) Judy was sweet, and very accurately portrayed. The way she acted and spoke was very characteristic of a 6 year old. Adele was a good character, in terms of depth. And Troy was sweet as well, and I liked his and Judy's relationship. The main issue I found, was legally. If Adele and Troy are legally divorced (whi [...]

    9. This book was cute, adorable and a sweet story. I would have enjoyed it more if I had been a lot younger, but I gave it 4 stars because I think girls from that age range would enjoy it. The characters were sweet and I loved Judy. Aside from the fact that the story seemed to come to a close quickly, I think it was an enjoyable little volume. I would highly recommend it for 8-13 year olds. The one thing that really bothered me was the formatting. It was really hard to read because the paragraphs w [...]

    10. Previously published on Purely by Faith Reviews.My Review::I was really excited to read this book, and I'm sorry it took me a while to start it Kell :). Even if you've seen my status updates or not, it would be obvious that I devoured this book in one sitting. I finished it in an hour and that was because I was easily drawn into this book. I came out with wanting to read more of the author's books. This is a book I'd want on my bookshelf: *adds to my buy-books-online-2018 shelf* Onto the charac [...]

    11. Enthralling, well designed, and elegantly presented, The Lady of the Vineyard was a short but sweet novella. It was an engaging yet fun read. The characters, from bitter and rebellious Adele to sweet and innocent Judy to mysterious Troy, were all uniquely patterned and cleverly developed. I really liked the twists and turns and thought they were well done. (view spoiler)[ I did find Adele’s turn back to Troy very predictable, but it was done nicely; it seemed practical and realistic.(hide spoi [...]

    12. I have to say you needn't be a history buff to fall in love with The Lady of the Vineyard by Kellyn Roth. The author sets the time period with just enough description to let the reader ease into the story of a six year girl whose life consists of taking care of a mother who really doesn't even care about her own daughter. Adele has made it perfectly clear that Judy is a regret and a bothersome child that was a mistake from her past.My heart broke for the emotionally drain child, missing her fath [...]

    13. What a delightful little story! It's nothing elaborate, short and very easy to read, but it's just a really sweet story. Little 6 year old Judy is so cute! And Troy is rather amusing. All in all I like this a lot, and am very glad that I read it.

    14. I had the wonderful opportunity to beta-read this for the author and let me tell you, I'm so glad I did! I'm not sure I would have been able to hold out until September 10th, when it officially comes out.I've now read both of her official books, this one and The Dressmaker's Secret, and although this is a novella and much shorter (which makes it much harder to develop the characters, make the plot not seem as rushed etc.) I have to say I think this is my new favorite of her books.The characters [...]

    15. Short-and-sweet story! As most novellas are wont to be, it felt a bit rushed toward the end, but I've kind of come to expect that. What actually knocked it down a star for me was the way that Troy talked about Adele in front of Judy. That made me a little uncomfortable. Other than that, I really enjoyed the story! Judy was such a little sweetheart, and so much like many of the children that I see today in the classroom. Many kids these days are basically raising, or at least half-way raising the [...]

    16. This book, by my NaNo friend Kell, is beautifully written. It is written in an elegant and flowing language, and her writing style is much the same as L.M. Montgomery- something I have tried long to achieve and have not.I was a beta-reader, and I found very few faults. I believe most of my comments were more 'wow' then 'what'. Her characters come to life in this far-too-short story. Kell, write more. Right now. I demand it.If you are considering reading this, then stop considering, because you j [...]

    17. Can a family come back together, or has too much time gone past?Wow. This novella is amazing! I loved Judy and her father. However I don’t think Adele (Judy’s mother) was really keeping Judy away from her father. The book did say that Adele invited him to come to see Judy, but he always refused… That part I didn’t understand. (Kell if you’re reading this, maybe you can give me an answer? XD 😉 ) I also thought Colette sounded too old for her age.My heart broke for Judy, having only t [...]

    18. 3.5 StarsThis was a sweet little story! Not my favorite in the world, but sweet.~wonderfuls~Jane of Lantern Hill feelNow, this sounds really weird to me, so I'm sure it sounds even weirder to you guys. But The Lady of the Vineyard reminded me a lot of L.M. Montgomery's Jane of Lantern Hill. The mother and father who wouldn't speak to each other, the odd, but lovable house, and the sunsets and the sea. The plot was similar too. And I really, really enjoyed Jane of Lantern Hill, so this made The L [...]

    19. Read this in a couple of hours on the day after Irma blew through.I enjoyed this! Judy is the sweetest child and I need to give her a hug please and thank you.

    20. ​Lady of the Vineyard — Kellyn Roth (12 chapters) Aug 31, 2017Note: This story takes place in the 1930's. This is a story (that I learned afterwards is aimed at middle to YA readers,) about a young girl, Judy, whose mother, Della, spends more time concerned about herself than her daughter. (Which doesn't mean she doesn't love her daughter.) Judy's father shows up, takes her back to live with him, causing Della to have a wake-up call.I really liked this story until the very end. The ending di [...]

    21. Dr.2: The patient is a darling little flower. If you like the cover, you'll like the story. I am less than an aficionado of love stories of handsome monsieurs from France, but this was a nice story about a handsome monsieur from France. I enjoyed the narrative even though it was outside of my typical genres. A great small story with a kiss of essence, all for Judy.

    22. The Lady of the Vineyard by Kellyn Roth is a wonderful book with deep meaning behind a flowery exterior. I loved it, cover to cover! It's a story about a six-year-old girl named Judy whose parents are divorced. She lives with her mom while her dad, who she has never met, lives in the French Riviera. Adele Collier, Judy's mom, is super mega self-centered, a flirt (which I feel puts it lightly), and wants nothing more than to move forward with her life, leaving all past relationships behind, espec [...]

    23. I enjoyed the read, I loved how much was fit into such a small book! I found it hard to start reading, but once I started I found it hard to stop!

    24. Started out great. Filled with a wonderful plot and storyline. Had me eager and leaning over in my chair with anticipation for the coming chapters. But then, the rug was pulled from under me. Suddenly, the book rushes to epilogue, leaving me, the reader wondering if I flipped Kindle pages to quickly and skipped chapters. Unfortunately, I did not. The author simply rushed the novel to its end. Oh where is thou substances? How did we get from Adela, “be my wife,” to Judy having a fiance and si [...]

    25. A short sweet story about a young girl, Judy, her divorced mother, Adele, and estranged father, Troy. Judy seems to be missing her childhood through the demands and expectations of her mother. On her sixth birthday her father suddenly appears and wants to be part of her life again and offers to take her back to France with him. Judy is very excited at the idea, and Adele goes along with it, but soon realises that she misses her more than she expected. The story is very well written and has some [...]

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