So great is the worth of Dostoevsky that to have produced him is by itself sufficient justification for the existence of the Russian people in the world This is Nikolai Berdyaev s assessment of Fyodor Dostoevsky 1821 1881 , the great Russian novelist, religious thinker, and prophet Berdyaev s aim in this book is to examine Dostoevsky s spiritual side, to explore in al So great is the worth of Dostoevsky that to have produced him is by itself sufficient justification for the existence of the Russian people in the world This is Nikolai Berdyaev s assessment of Fyodor Dostoevsky 1821 1881 , the great Russian novelist, religious thinker, and prophet Berdyaev s aim in this book is to examine Dostoevsky s spiritual side, to explore in all its depth the way in which Dostoevsky perceived the universe and to reconstruct out of these elements his entire world view Dostoevsky shows us new worlds, worlds in motion, by which alone human destinies can be made intelligible and these worlds and these destinies can only be grasped by a spiritual analysis Berdyaev provides such an analysis.
Dostoevsky So great is the worth of Dostoevsky that to have produced him is by itself sufficient justification for the existence of the Russian people in the world This is Nikolai Berdyaev s assessment of Fyodor

  • Title: Dostoevsky
  • Author: Nikolai A. Berdyaev
  • ISBN: 9780452004153
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoevsky headquarters all about the great Russian author of Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov The site contains forums, books, essays, a biography, a bibliography, quotes and pictures dedicated to Dostoevsky. Fyodor Dostoevsky On September Dostoevsky s mother died of tuberculosis.The previous May, his parents had sent Dostoevsky and his brother Mikhail to St Petersburg to attend the free Nikolayev Military Engineering Institute, forcing the brothers to abandon their academic studies for military careers.Dostoevsky entered the academy in January , but only with the help of family members. The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dostoevsky, Richard Pevear The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dostoevsky, Richard Pevear, Larissa Volokhonsky on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Winner of the Pen Book of the Month Club Translation Prize The Brothers Karamasov is a murder mystery The Double Dostoevsky novel The Double Russian , Dvoynik is a novella written by Fyodor Dostoevsky.It was first published on January , in the Fatherland Notes It was subsequently revised and republished by Dostoevsky in . International Dostoevsky Society A network of scholars Enjoy our annual journal subscribe today The annual journal published by the Society, Dostoevsky Studies, is a leading publication in its field A subscription is included as part of the cost of membership. Fyodor Dostoyevsky Biography, Books, Philosophy, Facts Mar , Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in full Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky, Dostoyevsky also spelled Dostoevsky, born November October , Old Style , , Moscow, Russia died February January , Old Style , , St Petersburg , Russian novelist and short story writer whose psychological penetration into the darkest recesses of the human heart, together with his unsurpassed The Mock Execution of Fyodor Dostoyevsky Today I Found Out News about a new genius, Mr Dostoyevsky, is circulating across St Petersburg We do not know whether it is his real name or a pen name The reading audience is praising his new novel, Poor People Even the great Russian critic Vissarion Belinsky praised Dostoevsky The Jewish Bankers Real Jew News Comments tergiam hulotov August , am Thank you for comprehensive information I can share to alert people as the time is getting very late, if not too late. Walking tour of Dostoevsky s St Petersburg Dostoevsky s Petersburg In the Footsteps of Raskolnikov Time approximately . hours Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of Russia s most important writers and Crime and Punishment, in which a tormented young intellectual murders an elderly, loathesome pawnbroker, is one of his most riveting works.This book captures a distinctly Petersburgian atmosphere, but not one that features imperial Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky Search eText Crime and Punishment is by truth the best book ever written It talks about Raskolnikov, a foreign student troubled by money woes who commits a heinous crime Then he gets sick of himself and has all of that guilt in his heart and can t let go of it Submitted by Laura

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    1. دستويفسكي أعظم ميتافيزيقي أنجبته روسيا على لسان نيقولا، و أعظم مفكر روسي بالتأكيد. واضح جدًا تأثر نيقولا و إعجابه الشديد فيه بحيث أفرد كتاب كامل يتناول دستويفسكي، كان معني و منغمس في الإله الحرية والشر ومصير الانسان، تطرق الكتاب لكل ما تطرقت له أعماله و أشار بيد خفية إلى مقا [...]

    2. Ha i suoi difetti, eh. Si ripete, qualche argomentazione fila così e così, il simbolismo è citato un po' a sproposito. Però sulle cose importanti centra il punto: sul ruolo della libertà, del male, di Dio si esprime in questo saggio più che una semplice opinione convincente. Si sente tutta la necessità di affrontare i temi ultimi, quelli decisivi:Le idee di Dostoevskij sono un vero pane quotidiano dello spirito. Non si potrebbe vivere senza di loro. Non si può vivere senza aver risolto i [...]

    3. A really insightful book on Dostoevsky's philosophy, this book was a good reminder to me of just how great and emotionally and psychologically laden Dostoevsky's works were.Dostoevsky's novels are easily among my very favorites, though it has by now been a decade or more since I read them.Author Nicholas Berdyaev helped me gain better understanding of one seeming part of Dostoevsky's worldview that over the years I've had trouble accepting: the redemptive value of suffering. As a journalist who [...]

    4. "Dostoyevsky takes us into very dark places but he does not let darkness have the last word; his books do not leave us with an impression of sombre and despairing pessimism, because with darkness there goes a great light."These words perhaps summarize why I have always resonated deeply with the works of Dostoyevsky. I read this book very slowly as I am no Dostoyevsky scholar (nor philosopher), rather I read this book as one partakes in a multi-course meal rather than eating "on the run"; it took [...]

    5. Whatever interest some of Berdyaev's ideas may have, such as his perspectives on creativity, this book is largely intolerable.He is appallingly aristocratic, disavowing in Nietzsche (loudly, repeatedly) what he tacitly accepts; he plays fast and loose with the term "culture" in a way that I normally expect from right-wing American radio; he hates in Dostoevsky, not his nationalism, not his imperialism, not his will-to-dominance over the East, but his "populism" (!); other than pointing out, righ [...]

    6. This is Berdyaev's personal interpretation of the spiritual and philosophical thought of Dostoevsky. He pursues what he considers the "enigma" of Dostoevsky's thought. It is in his "pathos"--an "unprecedented regard for man and his destiny" that Berdyaev places the focus of the work. By considering this aspect as central to Dostoevsky's creativity he provides a rich and thoughtful account of Dostoevsky's literary corpus. Seeing the central relationships of his characters in this light Berdyaev a [...]

    7. (Şiir gibi bir inceleme)Başlıklar:Ruh,İnsan,Özgürlük,Kötülük,Aşk,Sosyalizm,Rusya,İsaYöntem:''Amacım yazın tarihine geçecek bir deneme yazmak değil,Dostoyevski'nin yaşam öyküsünü kaleme almak da değil.Amacım ne onu betimlemek,ne de yazınsal bir eleştiri konusu yapmaktır.Konuyu psikolojik açıdan ele alacak,ya da psikolojik düzeyde sonuçlara varacak da değilim.Hayır,üstlendiğim görev bambaşka.Dostoyevski'nin ruhsal yapısını açmak;evreni nasıl algılıyordu [...]

    8. نيقولا بيرديائيف فيلسوف ديني وسياسي روسي، يعتبر أحد أهم رواد الفلسفة الوجودية المسيحية. شارك في حركة التجديد الروسي وهى حركة دينية النزعة، أسهم في حركة إصلاح وتجديد الكنيسة الروسية. يعد كتابه "رؤية دوستويفسكي للعالم" واحداً من أهم المراجع وأبرزها في دراسة أعمال دوستويفسكي [...]

    9. This is an interesting little summation of the key themes in Dostoevsky's thought and works. And while Berdyaev digs into the heart of Dostoevsky's faith, he comes to taint it through his own christian beliefs. For Dostoevsky's faith is one tempered by much doubt and suffering - it is never a certainty. Its lightness or levity is of the greatest weight, tainted by an all pervading darkness. None of this is to speak ill of Dostoevsky - for his faith was one that was in touch with the darkness of [...]

    10. لم أكمله، إلا أنه بعيد عن المتعة وعن ما يتصوره القارئ قبل أن يبدأ

    11. I bought this book nearly 50 years ago, and started reading it several times, but never got further than the first couple of chapters, perhaps because I thought I should be more familiar with Dostoevsky's own works before reading this one, but perhaps it should be read concurrently. I've made a few other attempts since then, but not until now have I managed to read it all the way through. It's a mixture of literary criticism, theology and philosophy, and Berdyaev makes a point of comparing Dosto [...]

    12. It would probably serve as a nice introduction to Dostoevsky, but serves best when one is familiar with his works. Berdyaev is definitely biased in support of Dostoevsky (and antagonistic against Tolstoy), but he critiques as well as praises where these are due in Dostoevsky' s thinking and writing. Berdyaev speaks truly of the Russian divide though, those with the Christian-Russian spirit within them are either drawn towards Tolstoy or Dostoevsky and neither can understand the other. I've alway [...]

    13. All of my discontents and disagreements were turned into sheer anger when I saw Berdyaev claiming the crime of Raskolnikov was a "pure experiment". IT'S NOT. THIS IS FALSIFYING DOSTOYEVSKY AND THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.Will elaborate more on this later this month.

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