Kill it with Magic

This is an alternate cover edition for B00NLZMRO8 Sixteen year old Lillim Callina is good at two things running away and magic Now, Lillim s half demon ex boyfriend is contacting her for help, she has somehow gotten herself mixed up in a kidnapping, and her long dead rival has risen from the grave So when a dragon plotting to take over the world offers her a choice WorThis is an alternate cover edition for B00NLZMRO8 Sixteen year old Lillim Callina is good at two things running away and magic Now, Lillim s half demon ex boyfriend is contacting her for help, she has somehow gotten herself mixed up in a kidnapping, and her long dead rival has risen from the grave So when a dragon plotting to take over the world offers her a choice Work for him or else Lillim Callina is going to choose else.
Kill it with Magic This is an alternate cover edition for B NLZMRO Sixteen year old Lillim Callina is good at two things running away and magic Now Lillim s half demon ex boyfriend is contacting her for help she has

  • Title: Kill it with Magic
  • Author: J.A. Cipriano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Kill It With Magic is book one in the Lillim Callina Chronicles by J.A. Cipriano. I read this book as part of the Powers, Spice, and Not So Nice anthology.Lillim Callina uses magic to fight demons, vampires and all other such creatures that threaten the world. When Lillim receives a message that her ex-boyfriend, Joshua, needs her help, it sets her off on a crazy sequence of adventures where everything that could go wrong, goes wrong.In searching for Joshua, she is sent to retrieve a jeweled box [...]

    2. Here’s the thing. I don’t normally like “YA” books. Hey, been there, done that, didn’t even want the flipping “I lived through being a teenager” T-shirt. But I was looking for a Whispersync book, I had downloaded this book from a “freebie” email, and though there was no description on the “About this book” on my Kindle, the first couple of paragraphs grabbed my attention and made me laugh.“What kind of a tip do you give someone you’ve just blown up? That’s the thought [...]

    3. My actual rating is 3.5 but we don't have half stars here so I'll round it up to 4.This was a good read though at times a little confusing. I'm going to list my likes and dislikes for this review so let's do the negative first.What I Disliked:There are many many characters and some that I still have no idea why they were part of the story, though maybe it will be revealed in future books. The world building was lacking a little aswell. It had the potential to be explosive but it fell flat.There [...]

    4. I received this audiobook free from Audiobook Blast! in exchange for an honest review; thanks. I just wish that I could honestly give it a more positive review, especially since it’s my first book through the program. However. It’s a sort of odd young adult-flavored cross between Gardens of the Moon and the Dresden Files. This is not meant as a compliment. It attempts the cocky quippy fast-paced style of Dresden, and also boasts many similar features: it’s in the first person; there are va [...]

    5. Kill it with Magic (The Lillim Callina Chronicles #1) by J.A. Cipriano continues the story of Lillim, the kick ass monster killer. Now she has her hands full! Her crazy ex wants her help, she accidentally kidnaps a baby prince of the weres, and she has to ask her psycho mentor for help to try to stay alive against a dragon. There are all kinds of creatures in this book and poor Lillim is bruised and battered but keeps on going. Loved this book but the girl needs a vacation!

    6. Attempted to listen to this twice on audible it was too boring to hold my attention Embarrassingly I kept falling asleep. DNF

    7. From jbgarner58.wordpress:I know I start many of my thoughts on literary consumptions with a question, so bear with me as I do it again.Have you ever sat down to a grand literary banquet ready to really stuff your face only to have every course crammed at you before you’ve even had a bite of the last one? New flavors, new foods, soups, salads, puddings, meats, cheeses, each one is thrown down in front of your, begging you to consume. Try as you might to enjoy the whole thing, to savor each tem [...]

    8. Kill It With Magic is a paranormal urban fantasy story and book 1 in the Lillim Callina Chronicles written by J.A. Cipriano. I listened to the audio version of this book.Lillim is a 16-year-old reincarnated girl who draws on magic to fight demons, vampires, werewolves, dragons etc etc.First person narration coupled with Lillim's sarcasm and sense of humor made it quite easy to like her and root for her.It became tricky for me with the huge number of characters the author was introducing. While I [...]

    9. I loved this book It was fast pace, action packed, and fun; but there was just enough moments, to get the girl feels going. Lillian is quite the character. She's head strong, and that annoyed me at times, but she is by far one of my favourite female leads of the year. She's strong, determined, and she was not the damsel. There was love interests, but at the same time, they were more deeper then the normal boy meets girl, and falls head over heals. There was preexisting history, and that made the [...]

    10. Dragons, vampires and magicLillium seems to attract trouble, regardless of what, how, when and who.This storytelling is magical. It will keep you glued to this action packed adventure.Well done.

    11. The author offered this book for free a while back and i finally decided to read it. This book isn't bad but could have been better. there are some funny moments, the main character Lillim is one we want to follow, the plot is well thought to keep us out of balance until the endBUT it's a tad too confusing to be enjoyed fully.For example suddenly we learn that in that world people can get reincarnated who, why, under what condition, by who answer. Around the end of the book we discover a little [...]

    12. Today, I am reviewing the Paranormal/Urban Fantasy story Kill It With Magic by J.A. Cipriano. The first in the Lillim Callina Chronicles, we’re exposed to a world of magic, vampires, ghosts, and dragons all fighting for control of the world. Our protagonist, Lillim herself, is the reincarnation of a famous monster-hunter and is constantly being judged by her former life.I give this book a 3.5/5. Here is my breakdown.Characters: 4/5. Kill It With Magic introduces a rather large cast of characte [...]

    13. Vampires, Dragons, Werewolves, Human guards and more in this action packed adventure that pits the species and groups against each other in a new manner. There are different worlds, ways to travel, gross castles, babies to safe, magical abilities, previous lives to avoid and ex's to run from in Lilliam's world.JAC creates a world where action is the norm and remembering your previous lives is part of the everyday. The writing style is very vivid and well developed. There were quite a few charact [...]

    14. This book felt a lot like Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series. Our heroine is a scrappy ex-magical police officer that is swept into the darker paranormal world of politics and intimidation. She's half simple mercenary and half trying to do the right thing and eliminate the bad guys. Unfortunately, the writing is overwrought with similies and adjectives (a light didn't just flare, it shone like a miniature sun; the dripping ichor of a fire demon reminds the character in the middle of a battle for [...]

    15. WOW - what a fast paced all action Urban fantasy novel this is! Don’t you dare blink, you might miss out on some of the action! The story is told from the viewpoint of Lillim and she takes readers along on her dramatic magical journey full of twists, turns, weird and wonderful strange characters and unexpected happenings. If you like your reading slow, relaxed and comfortable, sorry but this isn’t for you. If you like it to grab you and drag you along a helter-skelter rollercoaster at a rip- [...]

    16. Overall 4 StarsPerformance 4 StarsStory 3 StarsThis book was okay, but it was not my favorite. I am not much for fantasies and that seems to be mostly what this book is.Lillim is a 16 year old girl who has run away from her abusive mother. She has magic powers that allow her to hunt down and kill just about any creature, be it a demon, a drake or a dragon.When she gets tricked into kidnapping the prince son of a powerful werewolf all heck breaks lose. Thus begins the adventures of Lillim Callina [...]

    17. This was my second free book, which I have only just realised seems to have been a YA book, who knew?It definitely didn't come across that way unless I was being particularly dense, this is where you say NO! that's not possible :) Anyway Lillim is a reincarnated run away Dioscuri, (no idea what they are except they fight monsters) with mommy issues.Its a fast paced book which, yes, as mentioned in other reviews, can get a bit confusing especially since with Lillim, where no good deed goes unpuni [...]

    18. Non Stop Action!Lillim is a Dioscuri that has left the Dioscuri to live among humans and try to live with her feelings of inadequacy. She gets sucked into one battle after another that begins when she receives a Twizzle candy requesting her aid from her former lover. Through bad vAmpires, werewolves, and dragons, the lavender hair warrior gets beaten up but never beaten down. My only negative comment is that she is always getting thrown into walls and at one point it was just a bit too much. I r [...]

    19. Excellent bookThere is so much magic used in this book, I'm surprised my tablet didn't melt. Loved the book. The characters were wonderful and the story was so good, I couldn't put it down until I was finished. I can't wait to read the second one.

    20. I got this as a free e-book from the author. I enjoyed reading it. It is my first book by this author. It had a good story to it. The author has a good imagination. I hope to read more books by this author.

    21. This book is so packed with action that it seems to go from one fight scene to the next with barely a pause in between. Just as well these people have supernatural healing, because they really needed it. The action is thrilling but for me there was too much of it. The action left little time to get to know the characters or the world where the story is based. When I reached the end I realized I didn't know why any of the story had happened, just that it did. It seemed purposeless and a bit disap [...]

    22. Solid, seems to be written in the vein of books like Ilona Andrews/Kate Daniels. The writing is clean, could use some more life breathed into it I feel. Not a regrettable purchase. I think it's worth sticking with to see if the author improves on the story. It did read in parts like it was hastily written. More execution on a rigid plot than letting the characters breathe. But, it wasn't bad again. Just stiff. I bought it based on the sample, and I think based on what I read throughout it, it he [...]

    23. The writing felt a bit rushed and spur of the moment, like the author just wrote whatever popped into their head and didn't bother slowing it down or cutting. It's not bad, it just runs away at times or trips over itself. Still a good read. For the price, you could really end up enjoying it.

    24. AwfulToo much going on and no set up to explain anything to the reader! This is just too many strands going in crazy directions. Japanese swords with Egyptian gods inside. Just done.

    25. Creative urban fantasyBut not worth your time. Aside from the fact that the story was so formulaic that you just expect every fight to start with the protagonist being grabbed by the hair and thrown the crux of the story turned out to be that the girl can't take care of herself so the people closest to her have to abuse her. Not a winning storyline.

    26. Lillim has some badass magic and magical weapons too.She gets the help of a ghost and of Caleb.When she confronts the villains in charge they almost react amicably towards each other.Not intense hatred but inevitability, things have to happen because they are part of a greater plan.

    27. Loved it!This book was easy to read, yet kept my interest from beginning to end! I can't wait to get the whole series!

    28. NiceAs usual this author did a good job and made this story interesting and fun. Lots of action and imagination to be had between the covers of this book

    29. More like 3.5. Better than I'd anticipated. Still, needed some editing, and why oh why do so many fantasy writers mix up "reigns" (rules over) and "reins" (that control a horse)?!!

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