14 loose cards each with a 2 word poem on them.
JOINT WORDS loose cards each with a word poem on them

  • Title: JOINT WORDS
  • Author: John M. Bennett Bruce Andrews
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: cards in envelope
  • 1 thought on “JOINT WORDS”

    1. Fourteen poems, each two words in length. Can these two-word poems be called "poems"? Why not?SLOW FLOORWORD KAKYET HANDSAME RATIONKAAK STUNTWHITE PULPLOCK QUARTTHAT UNITBOOM BOOMSEND LINKSSTIFF EACHACTUALLY CLEAVESSHEET NESSMETER AXESSource: eclipsearchive

    2. Hhmm As is perhaps too often the case (?), I like this more for its formal properties than for any other reason. Word combinations like: "SAME RATION", "STIFF EACH", "ACTUALLY CLEAVES", etc, 2 words per small card - perhaps each writer contributed one word per card, perhaps knowing what the other had written, perhaps independently. Perhaps these are poetry Rorschach blots, little catalysts to 'make-yr-own-poem'. Whatever the case, this is unique.

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