Three Girls And A Crime: The Beach House Affair

A Story of Friendship, Family, Compassion, Forbidden Love, and Death.
Three Girls And A Crime The Beach House Affair A Story of Friendship Family Compassion Forbidden Love and Death

  • Title: Three Girls And A Crime: The Beach House Affair
  • Author: Balakarthiga M.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 thought on “Three Girls And A Crime: The Beach House Affair”

    1. To begin with, Bala hasn’t written any mystery story previously. This is her first attempt at thriller and I must say, she has done a commendable job. More than being an out and out murder mystery, this story focuses on friendship, family, compassion and forbidden love. You get to read a deep character study of the murder victim Marilyn. I liked how Bala had portrayed her to be a strong woman, yet vulnerable. However, there is a breaking point in every human’s life. And it comes for Marilyn [...]

    2. Three Girls and a Crime: The Beach House Affair is Bala’s third e-published book, after Heartstrings and Broken Magic, that adds to the list of recommended books on Kindle for all of you who love to enjoy a well-written, fast-paced, personalised narrative.My first impression on reading the title and seeing the cover was of me shocked and wondering if three girls actually murder someone during their holidays at a beach house. But the plot is entirely different as it opens up to three college s [...]

    3. A great story line! And brilliant characters! Emotions were just right and the genre was very well expressed in this simple short story. Why only four stars? Yep, you heard me. I did not like the few technical errors in the book; maybe they're products of hurry or whatever, but I cannot fully enjoy books with typos.

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