Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, Vol. 3

This third volume of Diana Prince s early 1970s adventures collects WONDER WOMAN 190 198 and WORLD S FINEST COMICS 204 In these tales, Diana gets lost in an alien dimension, stops a barbarian horde from invading Paradise Island, nearly becomes the bride of a tyrant and
Diana Prince Wonder Woman Vol This third volume of Diana Prince s early s adventures collects WONDER WOMAN and WORLD S FINEST COMICS In these tales Diana gets lost in an alien dimension stops a barbarian horde fr

  • Title: Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, Vol. 3
  • Author: Dennis O'Neil Mike Sekowsky Dick Giordano Dick Dillin
  • ISBN: 9781401219475
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, Vol. 3”

    1. I bought a cheap copy of this from FP as I enjoyed the 40s Wonder Woman so much I thought I'd try the 70s. Oh Dear! I don't think anyone should look at Wonder Woman and decide what would make the story really great is if she stopped being a superhero and instead was taught martial arts by a man. Cause you knew Wonder Woman from Paradise Island could really be improved was a male mentor! Not only that but he was the worst of Asian stereotypes. His name was I Ching FFS! Which you know would be jus [...]

    2. These collections keep getting better, I must say. Volume 3 of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman was the most entertaining volume so far, containing much less of the issues that plagued the previous two volumes (rampant sexism and racism) and a great deal more of pure, energetic action and adventure. Again and again, Diana Prince proves that even without the awesome powers of Wonder Woman, she can still hold her own in a fight, all the while wearing a groovy outfit and a kicky pair of shoes! (Seriously [...]

    3. So I definitely liked this one a little bit more than the first two volumes. I hated the first two volumes. I liked the different story lines a little bit more this time. The battle of Chalandor was pretty awesome. I did like the story about Angela and how Wonder Woman was able to keep Tony from murdering Eddie, but still was able to get some vengeance. I even liked the story with the Haunted Inn, it kind of had this Hitchcock/Time Zone aspect to it. Even the story about her looking like the pri [...]

    4. Well, there were two stories I did not read 45 years ago here, and one was inked by the great Wally Wood.Most of the rest of writer-artist Mike Sekowsky here is inked by the latte, great Dick Giordano, no slouch. His line makes Sekowsky's art more appealing.I always liked this revamping of Wonder Woman, but it was hasty and rushed, too, and these stories are that. It is nostalgic and fun to reread them, and reading those few for the first time, I don't miss the Sekowsky run. Volume 4 features th [...]

    5. 2.5 stars. I can see why some of my friends who read this back in the day complained about how Diana eventually started just stumbling into danger. We have one story tied to her new neighborhood in Boston, a multi-parter where she gets into danger popping in on the s (one wonders why they made such a big thing about the s leaving if it's that easy to visit), and then random stories including a Prisoner of Zenda knockoff, a haunted house, etc. Reasonably competent, but no more than that.

    6. This volume kicks off with a dumb multi-issue alt-universe storyline, but gets its groove back once Diana returns to her boutique in the hood. Highlights include an appearance by Richard Nixon, artwork by Wally Wood (!), and a peek at our heroine in her underwear. Diana even puts the moves on Superman. In a word: Groovy!

    7. This was probably the weakest volume so far. It felt like they were stretching the premise a little thin. Each issues had Diana in some new wacky scenario, not very cohesive. The best issue was the Superman team-up. Overall it was enjoyable, but nothing particularly noteworthy.

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