Productivity for Creative People: How to Get Creative Work Done in an "Always on" World

Of all the writers I know, I have learned the most about how to be a productive creative person from Mark His tips are always realistic, accessible, and sticky It s not just talk, this is productivity advice that will change your life Jocelyn K Glei, author and Founding Editor, 99UWe are living in an age of unprecedented creative stimulation via the internet, social Of all the writers I know, I have learned the most about how to be a productive creative person from Mark His tips are always realistic, accessible, and sticky It s not just talk, this is productivity advice that will change your life Jocelyn K Glei, author and Founding Editor, 99UWe are living in an age of unprecedented creative stimulation via the internet, social media, all pervasive technology, and an always on working culture.Which means we are living in an age of unprecedented distraction from focused creative work from all the same sources.First, computers and the internet transformed the work we did at our desks Then along came smartphones to transform our social lives and make our work mobile.Now we have our work, our network, our media, and our social media with us wherever we go Augmented Reality AR is layering and virtual elements over the physical world we inhabit, and Virtual Reality VR promises us escape to unlimited virtual worlds.The pace of change is exciting, overwhelming, and unstoppable.And creators are increasingly discovering a downside to the brave new world countless distractions and interruptions endless email pressure to keep up anxiety about falling behind difficulty concentrating aches and pains from too much time at the keyboard Dig a little deeper, and the biggest concern for many creatives is a nagging sense that their most important work is being left undone.If you re excited by the opportunities of the creative age, but worried about the effect of all those interruptions and digital distractions on your creative work, Productivity for Creative People has been written for you.For the past twenty years creative coach Mark McGuinness has helped hundreds of creatives like you to overcome these challenges.A poet and creative entrepreneur, he is the author of Motivation for Creative People and Resilience Facing Down Rejection and Criticism on the Road to Success He is also a co author of the bestselling books from 99U, Manage Your Day to Day and Maximize Your Potential.Mark s latest book, Productivity for Creative People, is a collection of insights, tips, and techniques to help you carve out time for your most important work while managing your other commitments All the solutions he shares have been tested with real people in real situations.You will learn How getting organized can make you creative Why multitasking doesn t work How to tell if you re really overloaded and what to do about it The importance of panicking early How doing nothing can make you productive The crucial difference between incubation and procrastination How to carve out time for your most important creative work Why boredom is necessary for creativity What to do about all that email How to nap like a NASA pilot A simple technique to reduce smartphone addiction Productivity for Creative People is the perfect guide to creating extraordinary work without necessarily disappearing to a cabin in the woods,
Productivity for Creative People How to Get Creative Work Done in an Always on World Of all the writers I know I have learned the most about how to be a productive creative person from Mark His tips are always realistic accessible and sticky It s not just talk this is productivity

  • Title: Productivity for Creative People: How to Get Creative Work Done in an "Always on" World
  • Author: Mark McGuinness
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Un libro muy accionable para mejorar la productividad de personas creativas y de trabajadores del conocimiento.El objetivo del autor es el de ayudarte a encontrar el método en tus hábitos de trabajo y a desarrollar una rutina creativa y un ritmo de trabajo en tu día a día.Es un libro que contiene veinte capítulos y puedes accionar progresivamente lo que te convenga. Así como GTD es un monstruo que si no lo aplicas de golpe, no da buenos resultados, aquí puedes ir probando y valorando el r [...]

    2. I want to say this book is just common sense, but it can't be that common if I got so much out of it.The most useful tips for me:* the breakdown of work tasks (ongoing, events, backlog, and asset building), along with the "permission" to drop everything now and again to focus on getting stuff done.* acknowledging different types of day, and the benefit of developing different kinds of template for those kind of days.* after lunch naps are better than being tired and losing focus on your work.Som [...]

    3. Very practical, with tips and attitudes I'm usefully trying out. This book was free, but I'm spending money on the next.

    4. I’ve been a fan of Mark’s work since discovering his fantastic blog Lateral Action. His application of productivity techniques in the creative space were mind-blowing and made me rethink how I approached my work. Mark’s 3rd book, Productivity for Creative People, is a continuation of the stellar advice he’s been sharing for years and an invaluable handbook on how to increase one’s creative output without stymieing the muse.You can read it all the way through, but I would recommend anal [...]

    5. Great overview for beginners in the creative practice. Love Mark's clear writing and obvious love for his work and clients

    6. A brief, yet still detailed, book, packed with strategies and actionable advice that creative professionals can use to organize their work, maximize creation time, and reduce distractions. While some of it I had heard before, it was repacked in a fresh and concise manner.This is definitely a book for creatives who are professionals or desire to be so. Due to the author's own career, I felt like it was slightly skewed toward writers and full-time entrepreneurs, but other creatives will still bene [...]

    7. Great actionable stuff. I don't consider myself particularly creative but this is brilliant. Much less intimidating than the David Allen books. Brilliant actionable tips on using a calendar and to do lists. I will be rereading this book often. Thank you Mark

    8. This is one of those titles that I keep forgetting isn’t in my phone kindle app because I downloaded it direct from the author. [one day I will work out how to transfer files, but not today]I was supposed to sleep in today but my brain can’t tell the difference between Sunday and any other day because I work from home and it all blurs together. Mark has a solution for that.Another chapter heading is ‘Panic Early’.Lmao***So there’s no such thing as multitasking— just task switching, o [...]

    9. I am an independent author of fiction and non-fiction, and I found this book extremely helpful in learning how to find balance. Chapter 3 ("Reduce Overload") was the most practical and actionable section for me. In this chapter, Mark encourages you to organize all your various tasks into four types: 1: ongoing work (repeating stuff and stuff you do every day. Admin-type stuff usually ends up in this category), 2: special events (one-time things that need a lot of preparation ahead of time), 3: b [...]

    10. I can't dislike a book that I agree with. In fact, it would seem that I am already a very productive person and my concerns about taking in a little downtime while working on a project were nicely retitled in the book as "incubating". If you are a creative-type who already knows the basics, you may be looking for something to take you to the next level in your productivity, but if you are looking for some tools to help you get out of a chaotic, disorganized, and seemingly overwhelming current st [...]

    11. La mejor forma de describir este libro es como una pequeña joya para gente creativa. Todos los que creamos sabemos lo complicado y difícil que es dedicarnos a nuestra pasión en el ajetreo de nuestra vida diaria y Mark McGuinness nos cuenta en este libro, corto y al grano, varios trucos y consejos para organizarnos mejor y ser más productivos. Todo lo que hay aquí es puro sentido común y un poco de experiencia, pero es que no necesitas más que eso para poder mejorar. Este libro puede ser e [...]

    12. If you have a productivity book addiction, as I do, this book won’t really add much to your stockpile of ways to stop procrastinating. If your are a creative, and haven’t read a lot of these books it may be just the book you need to start your addiction.

    13. A quick nice read for the people who are seeking for valuable tips in freelancing and artistic work.

    14. An easy to read and understand book with loads of helpful tips and ideas. A good book for anyone needing help with productivity.

    15. A great short book on how to harness your creative mind and become more productive and happier by being creative in a controlled way.

    16. People who do creative work for a living are often faced with a dilemma: how to carve out time for their most important work while dealing with all of the necessary but distracting activities that come with modern business. Mark's book is a short, practical guide to reclaiming control over our minds and our days so we can do more in the creative realm while tending to things like email, social media and other common distractions. He also covers the perennial issues of resistance and procrastinat [...]

    17. This is my first Mark McGuinness book, and I presume his earlier works in the series are equally value-added. I've spent a good amount of effort reading productivity works over the years, so there were few things in his book that were earth-shattering and new, but it was an excellent look at 1) how one person puts it all together, and 2) a good chance to review my own systems through the framework he presents. I've recommended this to several friends who want to establish themselves as authors, [...]

    18. As a writer, I'm always looking for ways to fine tune my process. This book is a worthy addition to my arsenal!McGuinness offers practical strategies for protecting creative time, such as putting "hard edges" in your schedules, and being smarter about picking up the smart phone. I particularly loved his differentiation between incubation and procrastination - procrastination happens before the hard work, and incubation after.I've come away with new strategies to apply to my life: managing to-do [...]

    19. I suspect Mark McGuinness and Steven Pressfield are good friends. I discovered this free ebook from a link on Steven's site, and Mark frequently references Steven's acclaimed The War of Art in this book. Still, since you're judged by your associates, this doesn't harm either of them - both are talented and knowledgeable in the field of creativity.This book is a quick read, a taster for Mark's other publications and websites, but crammed with useful suggestions on managing your time to focus on t [...]

    20. Easy-to-read book with practical ideas on productivity for creatives. I'm a writer, and struggle daily with distractions. I like Mark's idea to only work on one day's worth of email at a time. I've also set a schedule for writing part of the day, and answering emails and other work at another point in the day. I'm also writing first, to make sure I make the best use of my creative energy.It's a work in progress, but things have already gotten a bit better since using some of the ideas in this bo [...]

    21. Actionable advice I'm a part-time creative, but even my day job has creative aspects. Mark provides actionable advice for staying on track with your projects and activities, as well as the bases behind those recommendations. Even the points I'd heard before were explained in a different way or from a different perspective that I found valuable. Well worth the read!

    22. Some really great ways to get productive in this book. The tips in this book were precise and to the point. This is a book that those having trouble with productivity should read over and over again. Peace and Love,Rob @ authorstalkaboutit

    23. Another book I was able to devour in one sitting. Some great practical tips and tricks offered by the author that anyone can start using today. Well worth the read.

    24. I don't do creative work, but this has good advice for anyone who works, especially those who are any kind of freelancer. Even those who aren't, but who want to write more in their spare time (me).

    25. Some interesting ideas, but nothing new. Reading this has helped me to realize that I have to wake up earlier to get more done though.

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