Two Bosses

Best friends, business partners, billionaires Two men used to getting what they want until they want the same woman Rob Avondale and Liam Bradley are on top of the world a billion dollar company, a lifelong friendship, chiseled good looks, and a reputation as some of the city s most eligible bachelors They have it all and they certainly don t intend to give it uBest friends, business partners, billionaires Two men used to getting what they want until they want the same woman Rob Avondale and Liam Bradley are on top of the world a billion dollar company, a lifelong friendship, chiseled good looks, and a reputation as some of the city s most eligible bachelors They have it all and they certainly don t intend to give it up by falling in love Especially not with the same woman Curvy twenty something Adelaide Williams is the reigning queen of bad decisions Fired from her last job and dumped by her fianc , she s now determined to make the best of her new temp job as a secretary at Avondale Bradley No screw ups, no mouthing off and no falling in love with the boss And definitely not with two bosses Despite their best intentions, Liam and Rob find their feelings for Adelaide deepening, and in a moment of passion, a thrilling new possibility presents itself one that just might offer up than any of them have ever dreamed of But can they convince Addie that being with them is than just another bad decision Two Bosses is a super steamy standalone MMF bisexual menage romance with explicit scenes of MF, MM and MMF HEA Guaranteed.
Two Bosses Best friends business partners billionaires Two men used to getting what they want until they want the same woman Rob Avondale and Liam Bradley are on top of the world a billion dollar company a li

  • Title: Two Bosses
  • Author: Elle Everton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Why settle for one when two is even better!!!I really liked the author's writing style in this story. It's a while since I've read anything menage related and especially about wealthy businessmen so this was a refreshing change. There was lots of drama, possibly unnecessary but hey, that's par for the course with novels. I thought the characters were special individually but together they became something even better, on the whole. I thought the sexual connection between Rob and Liam came about [...]

    2. I absolutely, 100% underestimated this story. I went into this thinking it was going to be a quick and dirty book. Her two bosses are probably going to be players who like to share women and it was going to be one sex scene after the other. Instead this story was so much more. In fact, the sex came a distant second to the development of the characters and their relationships with each other.Adelaide/Addie is a bit down on her luck and completely self-aware. She’s the type of friend you want to [...]

    3. I loved this book. Strong characters with real issues. Still not a fan of Claudia though. Would love to know how she reacts when she finds out. I highly recommend this author's work.

    4. Three and three quarter stars. Neither the word "billionaire" nor the word "boss" is of any interest to me, and I generally pass on any stories that use those terms as selling points. But since this book had such great reviews and was available in the Prime lending library, I decided to give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised by this self-published novel, especially considering I've come across very few polished MMF books. The humorous first person voice of Adelaide, who narrates the bulk [...]

    5. Adelaide has bad luck when it comes to men and now her job, she bases it on lots of bad choices she has made. One night out with her best friend and she runs into this man who is pissed as between the both of them spilled all his drink over the both of them, and they go into the bathroom together and yet she makes another bad decision but lives it up to one more mistake wont hurt her also thinking she will never see this mystery man ever again. She gets a call for a temp job and runs into the la [...]

    6. Title: Two Bosses: MMF Bisexual RomanceSeries: Stand aloneGenre: Romance, Erotic Ménage. Author: Elle EvertonFormat: E-BookPublished: Sep 18, 2016 Rating: 4.5 ✩'s➵aaaaaaaaa➵Main Character’s Descriptions:Rob Avondale & Liam Bradley own a billion-dollar company are lifelong friends and have a reputation of being the city’s most eligible bachelors.Adelaide Williams is not having a good life she was fired from her last job and dumped by her fiancé ➵ [...]

    7. Adelaide Williams is at a low point in her life. She’s recently lost her job and her fiancé. After a night out with her best friend and a surprise encounter she gets a break with a temp job; only to discover that not only does she have not one but two gorgeous new bosses and that one of them she met the previous night. They say 3 times the charm right?! If you love reading taboo stories, or just stories about ménages in general, than you will love Two Bosses. This story is full of passion, l [...]

    8. I received an exclusive ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Adelaide has problems. She's lost her fiance to another woman and her job to her big mouth. She goes out drinking with her best friend and hooks up with a hot guy in the restroom. Although she feels a connection, he is insulting to her afterward to the point she doesn't tell her friend about it. The next day she gets a temp office job and it happens to be in the office of the guy from the bathroom, Rob. He and his best fri [...]

    9. Really enjoyed this one, surprisingly so. I started with this series just looking for some fun sex scenes (which, oh yes, this delivers. Super hot MMF, MM, MF, all the Ms sex), but was surprised by the emotional depth and individuality of the characters, as well as realistic portrayals of people who have jobs and lives which are impacted by their romantic decisions. The two bosses in the title are best friends who are as close as brothers, except for if brothers wanted to bang each other. It tak [...]

    10. I received this book free as an ARC for my honest review.Adelaide Williams’s life is in chaos. Her sister has it all together, married and with a child on the way. Adelaide has just been sacked from her job, recently dumped by her fiancée, and is the queen of bad decisions. Rob Avondale and Liam Bradley are childhood friends, billionaires who are co-owners in a finance business. Adelaide has a one night stand with Rob, and the next das gets a temp job as an administrative assistant. She rocks [...]

    11. 3.25-3.5 stars. This was a pretty good book. It's been so long since I read this that I don't remember a lot of details. So I only have just a few comments. This was another MMF menage book that I enjoyed but didn't totally love because of the fact that the two men were in a relationship before they added in Adelaide. Rob and Liam are BFFs since childhood/ business partners that are pretty much in love with each other, but never acted on their feelings until Adelaide comes into play. They all fi [...]

    12. I received this ARC for an honest review.I must admit I didn't think I would like this book since in the beginning Addie meets a guy in a bar after colliding and spilling a drink and they end up having a quickie in the restroom. When Addie discovers that the man she had the quickie with is her new boss Rob things get interesting. I was happy that after discovering they work with each other they didn't just pick up where it left off and bring in Liam as an afterthought. Liam and Rob have a great [...]

    13. Hot And Sexy!!!If you want something sexy, exciting, and taboo then this is the book for you. It has humour, fun, a tad sadness and extremely hot menage scenes. The two bosses Rob and Liam are best friends and business partners who both fall for their PA temp Addie, when asked to choose which of them she wants she can't as she's fallen for both of them, then Rob comes up with a solution that will change all of their lives. This is a hell of a sexy book, Rob, Liam and Addie are great characters a [...]

    14. Two Bosses is MAGNIFICENT!!! It sucked me in from the very beginning!!! I could NOT put it down!!! Rob and Liam have been best friends for years and own a company together. Adelaide is their temporary secretary at their company. She is attracted to both Rob and Liam and cannot decide which one she likes more. So when they ask her if she wants to be with both of them, she accepts. The sex is HOT! HOT!! HOT!!! I thought my kindle was going to burst into flames!!! I will be reading this book over a [...]

    15. Wow!! Talk about a book that will melt you e-reader, this one will!! Extremely hot, sexually erotic ménage that will leave your panties wet. Two best friends who run a very successful business are in desperate need of a secretary. What they didn't expect when they hired Addie was all the sass that came with her. Addie is just trying to get her life straight and stop screwing everything up. Rob and Liam have other plans for her. This book is a little treasure waiting to be opened. It will not on [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this addictive page-turner. I am a junkie book-whore and this fed all of my desires. The powerful alpha friendship is touching. Liam & Rob, opposites drawn together, brought up as brothers, but maybe their brotherly love needed stirring into something hotter. Adding Addie to the mix made the passion burn like a furnace until someone doused the growing heat. Quick to react, this story has many facets to it you won't have time to get bored. It's fast paced, which I love, E [...]

    17. Who doesn't love a great MMF romance, right? Adelaide has had a lot happen in one day lost her job lost her fiance to another woman, so she's out with her BFF when she ends up have sex, with a stranger, in a bathroom. while trying to figure out her life she takes a temp office job where the stranger from the bathroom, Rob who happens to work along with his friend Liam, both men find themselves attracted to Adlaide but they both fight it for different reasons but decide to make her choose and tha [...]

    18. Wow this book is not one that I would typically read however I had the opportunity to read and give an honest review. Wow just wow with this book. Let's start by saying I did not expect it to end like that but I'm happy it did. There are a lot of questionable topics or choices in this book however for a fantasy and great read it makes a complete 5 star must read if you are open minded . If not this book is probably not for you.

    19. Unconventional LoveWho decides what is conventional or unconventional? That's the underlying question in Elle Everton's story, Two Bosses. "Love has its own sense. It doesn’t follow rules. If your heart’s in it — and so is his, or hers, or theirs — you can make anything work.” The electricity is there. The players just need to figure out if they are going to follow their hearts or allow society to decide for them. Great story!

    20. Beginning of a menage relationshipThis story started off pretty smutty and Rob was a real a$$hole. When they met again it was slightly better. When they got together he got better but Liam was a big teddy bear and clearly a good guy. I'm not sure you were rooting for them at the end but you did want a happy ending. Still well worth reading.

    21. I love the story, Rob and Liam thought they had it all but they were wrong. Adelaide was the missing piece of their lives to make everything right. It is a great story. A story that was more then sexual encounters but the healing and merging of three hearts. Not your typical love story, but HEA that everyone deserves. I great book steamy read I would recommend to anyone.

    22. Vulnerable Best Friends Find Their Glue Rob, Addie, and Liam are dealing with a lot, separately and together, but what was nice, was that they really needed each other to thrive. Without superheroes or supervillians, the story is a rather intimate portrait of an unconventional relationship, including the discovery that your boundaries are wider than you might think.

    23. Man I love me a good MMF book. I also LOVE a good friends to lovers, and a gfy situation. This book has all 3! The stuff they are going through with Liam’s mom breaks my heart. I personally know what that is like. There was a good balance of real story and connection and heat in this book.I received an exclusive arc for an honest review.

    24. Wow! I really have not read too many multiple partner books like this before, but I was intrigued and thought why not. I did enjoy the story and could see how this could be appealing to someone, but I think I will stay with more of the normal sports romance stories, for the most part. This doesn't mean I won't read one of these again in the future. It was hotorching hot.

    25. This was the first book that I have read of this author's and it was one hot read!. The was told from all three characters; Liam Rob and Addie's POV and the plot moved along quickly I enjoyed the story from start to finish except that I felt the ending was rushed with its resolution. I would recommend this story to others.I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

    26. This is the first book I have read by the author. I would classify it as Erotic Romantic Suspense with a menage theme. While it was ok, the story needed to be tighten with a bit more character development of the principals as well as more depth regarding the relationship between the three principals. For that reason I rated the book over all at 3.5 and assigned it a sexy rating of 4.35.

    27. I can dreamI was reading this book and imaging that I was Addi and Rob and Liam was all mine. Lol one can wish. Love this book I think this is one of the first book I've read from this author and it won't be my last love the story line and the characters and the passionate sex. The beginning of the book trap you in and throughout the book your stuck to each page. Love it

    28. I really loved this book. I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't put it down. Rob and Liam and Addie are such great characters. So beautifully flawed and human, they were all lacking the thing that would make them feel whole and complete and found it in each other. I would highly recommend it. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    29. I enjoyed this book. I felt the sexy scenes were at times rushed--I figured for a threesome there would be more worshiping of each other but it was normally raw and intense rather than emotional Overall good read

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