Dark City

Unleashed Magic Secret Pasts Hidden Worlds Welcome to the Dark City.My name s Morgan Rook, Supernatural Detective, Undercover Agent, odd jobs man Call it whatever you like I take out the nightmares, demons and werewolves The things that lurk in the shadows around you Guys like us, we call them Nightkind And here I was, set to quit this dark life and retire to sunniUnleashed Magic Secret Pasts Hidden Worlds Welcome to the Dark City.My name s Morgan Rook, Supernatural Detective, Undercover Agent, odd jobs man Call it whatever you like I take out the nightmares, demons and werewolves The things that lurk in the shadows around you Guys like us, we call them Nightkind And here I was, set to quit this dark life and retire to sunnier climes, except for one final job There s always one This time a call to eliminate a cruel, rogue vampire, named Mr Tudor Simple right Sure Until the bodies started piling up in a new wave of vicious occult killings leading scarily close to my own front door Sparking a series of deadly events that would make my years of fighting the NightKind look like a cakewalk.Add high octane chases across the city, a game of shadows and undead assassins all topped off by a trip into the terrifying world between worlds the last place you d ever want to find yourself.And the clues they re all adding up to something something big and they re right in the palm of my hand The missing piece of the puzzle How in the hell I fit into all of this
Dark City Unleashed Magic Secret Pasts Hidden Worlds Welcome to the Dark City My name s Morgan Rook Supernatural Detective Undercover Agent odd jobs man Call it whatever you like I take out the nightmares d

  • Title: Dark City
  • Author: Kit Hallows
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Dark City”

    1. Poor story telling, unevenly paced, and info dumps about world building, instead of building the world around the character organically.

    2. Unlimited GenIn a sea of mediocrity, Dark City stands out as a gen reflecting its' dark light over the sea that is Kindle Unlimited. If you like Dark Urban Fiction where the author really allows you to get a feel for who the characters are then this book is for you. Minor critique: the author does repeat salient plot points a bit too much as though afraid we will forget what we have read. Trust in the impact of your writing, we will remember what you wrote.

    3. Well thought outHonestly? Morgan Rook made me angry. Not in I hate the character sort of way but in the stubborn guy I want to smack upside the head way. What I most enjoyed was the character was believable. I get that parts of the character aren't (as in some of the magic). But the personality is completely believable.

    4. Great readThis urban fantasy was packed with creativity. The main character comes to understand that he is not human after all. Lots of action and some unfinished business that will need to be dealt with in the sequel. Looking forward to the next book.Kit is a talented author.

    5. Interesting and Action-filledA well-done new entry in the genre, and well worth reading. Good characters with depth and stories of their own, with room for the stories to grow everywhere. The action is very good, although it muddies the plot occasionally. Overall though it's a very nice opening book, well-written and delightfully well-edited. Try it out.

    6. Dark, gritty and with plenty of mystique, Kit Hallows weaves a wonderful tale for his protagonist Rook.Only gripe I have with the book was that I felt it was a bit short; it seemed to get over a little too quick.

    7. Great start to the seasonI was thinking that this was going to be a formula style fantasy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was mistaken. Great characters and decent plot lines make this a new series potential.

    8. Nice StartKit my be an old hand, but this is the first time I have read any of it, and it was a great story. Gritty, bruised,duty, and drive are the adjectives that jump to my mind. Can't wait for the next installment.Shannon

    9. This is great dark urban fantasy with plenty of magick, mayhem, and magickal mayhem! Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    10. CaptivatingIt's a great book filled with action, good character development and an enticing world and lore, and I highly recommend it.

    11. 3.5 stars.This was an enjoyable read filled with descriptive narrative and wonderfully-written imagery. Other people have commented on the pacing, and I agree that the first ~1/3 of the book is a bit slow. There's a lot of matter-of-fact world-building that is interesting but sometimes too dense. The action does pick up halfway through, and the different facets of this world keeps the reader drawn in. It also feels like the reader has jumped into the second book of a series. You find out the pro [...]

    12. Morgan Rook is a keeper.I like the mystery shrouded past of Took. Dark City sets the stage for many great directions and a super rich mythology. What hopeless romantic can resist the tale of struggling hero, with seemingly no friend's and no where to turn? Very good book and stage setter. Looking forward to more Morgan Took.

    13. Good series startA good start to a series. The book was a little slow on the beginning but really picked up by the middle. The last half was excellent with a very good ending. Looking forward to reading the next book.

    14. Good. I would read more. Not bad really. A bit more gory than your typical read in the genre. Although short, the characters come through in a short amount of time.

    15. Flashes of originality, but ends too abruptlyI read a lot of urban fantasy - this caught my eye, and while I enjoyed it, there were some problems. The story starts in the middle. Morgan Took works for a shadowy group in a more shadowy world, taking out bad supernaturals. Honestly, I almost didn't get past the first chapter. It's an info-dump. The reader gets dropped into the world, introduced to the character, introduced to the internal mythology (vampires look like X, magic works like Y), there [...]

    16. GoosI chose they rating because this book keep me wanting more. The twist the turns the who why how. Now I have questions of my own

    17. Good storyIt was really fun to read. There should a bit more on the background story. As much as I really liked it, I felt like I was reading the second book in a series not the first on.It is fast packed, lots of action! But end left me with a huh? As much as I enjoyed the story itself, I felt like the end was to rush together. Like the author was trying to tie up loose ends but it didnt work.

    18. Liked itWell written and interesting story. Some boringish bits but overall it had great characters and the world building is very good too. I think I might continue with the series.

    19. An average bookFeels similar to Simon R Green's night side books. An ok first book will probably read the next one. Didn't do a good job of world building.

    20. Well doneEnough foreshadowing to make one know it will be a series. Enough mystery about the protagonist to be interesting. Enough action to keep one reading.

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