Sell More Books With Less Social Media: Spend less time marketing and more time writing (SMART Marketing For Authors Book 2)

I LOVE this book I ve recommended it to my entire team and fellow authors Honoree Corder, author of Prosperity for Writers and You Must Write a Book Are you struggling trying to be all things to all people on every social media channel to market your books Learn how using less social media can actually help you engage readers and sell books This book incl I LOVE this book I ve recommended it to my entire team and fellow authors Honoree Corder, author of Prosperity for Writers and You Must Write a BookAre you struggling trying to be all things to all people on every social media channel to market your books Learn how using less social media can actually help you engage readers and sell books This book includes a free online companion course with many bonus tools and videos Does social media marketing wear you out Do you wish there was an easier way to reach your target audience in fewer places Award winning marketer Chris Syme has worked with hundreds of self published authors to help them streamline and turbo boost their book marketing process Let Chris show you how to demystify the process of selling books with social media so you can have time to write.This book is not for hobby writers it s for serious authors who want to make a living selling books and are looking to make smart business decisions about marketing their books In her practical teaching style, Syme imparts all the necessary strategies you ll ever need to market with social media backed up with marketing best practices and research In this book you ll discover The missing chapter The secrets to selling with social media that nobody else is telling you.How less is actually You will learn to designate one primary social media channel for engagement and leave the rest on auto pilot as outposts.The Big Three How to sell books with just a website, an email marketing system, and a Facebook business page.Content is the kingdom How to craft the right content and opens the doors to engagement.Email social media winner How to turbo boost your email marketing with social media campaigns This book includes a free online course to help you make the most of what you learn In addition to chapter by chapter Action Points to get you moving in the right direction, the book includes a free online course loaded with tools and videos to help you dig deeper into the most important concepts in the book Scroll up and grab a copy today.
Sell More Books With Less Social Media Spend less time marketing and more time writing SMART Marketing For Authors Book I LOVE this book I ve recommended it to my entire team and fellow authors Honoree Corder author of Prosperity for Writers and You Must Write a Book Are you struggling trying to be all things to all p

  • Title: Sell More Books With Less Social Media: Spend less time marketing and more time writing (SMART Marketing For Authors Book 2)
  • Author: Chris Syme
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This Book Is Full of Important InsightsWhenever I read a how-to book, I want to get the insights from an expert—someone who has a track record of success in that particular area. Chris Syme is a specialist in the social media area of selling books. She understands there is mass confusion about what is effective and also the reluctance of writers to even engage in social media because it can be a massive waste of time. Writers can be effective with their social media and sell books in the proce [...]

    2. Far more business minded than most guides for writers, but that made it different and helpful. It may be a bit too much for new authors but is fantastic for authors who have been at it for a while. I enjoyed it!

    3. A social media "how-to" book packed with examples and stats to back them upHere's what I gleaned from Chris Syme's statistic packed book Sell More Books with Less Social Media.The only really effective social media for book sales is a website, an email list and Facebook. Pretty much everything else is a waste of time.There's lots of advice on how to use these three vehicles backed up with stats and endorsements from "experts", many of whom seem to have formed an marketing cabal if the solicitati [...]

    4. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love how it connects people and allows me to reach readers, but I never feel like I'm any good at it. I don't know what to do with all the social media channels out there, so I stick with my comfort zone, Facebook. But even then, I struggle to find things to talk about. I love interacting with readers, but I feel so boring sometimes. I'm a slow writer, so I don't have new books to release every other month or new covers to show off or new revi [...]

    5. I'm a new fiction author trying to break into the industry, and my marketing efforts were due for a real shake-up, so this book came along at the right time. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review, and I'm really glad I did. I post regularly on social media, but (given flagging sales numbers) I'm obviously doing something wrong.I think Chris Syme tells me exactly how I can improve my social media marketing. Her "less is more" system is intuitive, and she gives some pre [...]

    6. This is one of those books where they give you a vague idea of what you should be doing and then have you sign up for some online course for the specifics. I wasn't even about to go download some videos to figure out how to promote my shit on Facebook, but I did like some of the suggestions, specifically the idea that you shouldn't sweat being on every social media site and you should focus most of your effort on the ones that are more commerce oriented.

    7. Sell More Books with Less Social Media. The name caught my attention. As an author, I want to spend less time marketing and more time writing. Frustrated by hearing other authors say, “Do this.” Or “This worked wonders for me,” I welcomed hearing from a marketing expert, who documented her marketing experience and gave me confidence that her methods were what I needed to target and reach the right audience to sell my books. She included the five steps a person goes through before buying, [...]

    8. Has a few good ideas but believes too much in Facebook. Got a small amount of actionable ideas from it that I hadn't tried yet.

    9. I am an author who has written two novels over the last few years, and while I love to write, I know very little about how to advertise and promote my books. I’ve read countless books, visited numerous websites, and signed up for every e-mail I thought might help me learn the secret formula to sell my books. I learned very quickly that I could spend a great deal of money for no or minimal results. Soon I became jaded and confused because the advice from one “expert” contradicted the advice [...]

    10. Chris Syme brings years of practical marketing experience that translates into practical strategies for authors, no matter what stage of their career they are at. I am a huge fan of Syme's marketing tips and strategies because of their simplicity and effectiveness. Rather than talking down to authors, Syme provides information backed by data, research and firsthand experience. Syme also provides additional support to readers via the online class that accompanies this book, podcasts and a Faceboo [...]

    11. Among the Best!I have read (and written) a lot of author marketing content. And this book ranks among the best. Chris' clear style of writing is well-organized and has material that meets authors where they are, regardless of their marketing experience. Her suggestions are supported with information that explains not just what to do, but how and why to do it. I did find that the repeated reminders to sign up for her free course got to be a bit much. The number of reminders could have been cut in [...]

    12. This is an interesting book for a writer. I plan on following the system/suggestions of posting 5 to 7 times a week on my Facebook writer site. I'm still actually rereading the book. There is a free on-line course that goes with it, but I haven't finished that yet. By signing up, you also get frequent blogs or updates. (Win-win, I'd say.)

    13. Savvy Marketing 101!Chris Syme has become my go-to social media expert. She'll show you how to create your social media strategy and give you awesome advice on tactics and campaigns. She cuts through all the noise with straight forward, no nonsense advice – it's marketing with a proven recipe and best practices!I've taken several of Chris Syme's online courses, and she's been pivotal in helping me devise a sound and simple marketing plan for my small writing business – and it's completely sc [...]

    14. Packed full of useful strategies and information. The accompanying online coursework is invaluable, too!

    15. I appreciated Chris Syme's candor when she reveals that social media is useful but not the only tool in an author's arsenal. Most marketers either say it's a complete waste of time or that it makes or breaks your career. Chris takes the middle road and let's you know not only which sites authors must be on but which ones to avoid.However, I disagree with her on the fact that there are really only two social media sites to care about. I think as time goes on and social media matures, there will b [...]

    16. While what being said in this book is something that I'm already aware of, I just never thought the main social media I should be focusing the most is Facebook. Maybe it's nothing surprising to some people, but I just never thought how powerful Facebook is even after tons of algorithm change. Other than that, I love the fact that the first few chapters are focusing on what is your current level. Doing so will allow you to find out what book marketing strategies will work best for your level.I do [...]

    17. “Sell More Books With Less Social Media: Spend less time marketing and more time writing” by Chris Syme is a wonderfully practical and pragmatic approach to the use of social media for the aforementioned purpose. I am very aware of the onus on authors to distinguish themselves in a morass of material that is getting more and more crowded every day, and this step-by-step approach is honest and straightforward about the effort that must be put forth but gives great advice about what is involve [...]

    18. This is a book jam-packed with solid information about using Social Media to promote your book. Chris is an expert who has many years experience in marketing and continually keeps abreast of what's changing in the industry. However, this book is not for the faint of heart! It is for those who see their writing as a business and understand how much work is necessary to be successful. I would say that it is probably most useful for indie authors, but as a traditionally published author I also foun [...]

    19. Clear and concise, this work takes an author through the basics of marketing on media most of us are probably already using. It also pinpoints the media most likely to get an author results. The free accompanying course is full of information and a great added value. The only reason this book doesn't get 5 stars is because's a course. To claim I enjoyed it would be like claiming to enjoy calculus. Yes, the book is interesting, and likely more useful than a discrete equation, but it's not like I [...]

    20. “When you use these SMART social media strategies, you will get more results in less time. You will have a plan that makes the best use of your time, resources, and skills to reach your goals proven by measures of success you have determined.” These are the bold promises author Chris Syme in her ‘Selling More Books with Less Social Media. ‘ Ms. Syme provides very specific information to help you develop a marketing plan and then implementing it. She doesn’t sugar coat it and tell you i [...]

    21. I loved Sell More Books With Less Social Media. I needed Chris Syme's advice, knowledge, encouragement, and challenge about three years ago —> I made many horrid mistakes. Her book is easy to read with stories to bridge the gap between what is said and examples of how social media works. Best of all, I felt Chris talked to me while I read. She told me to plan carefully, watch for changes, go slow this is organic growth, and do what I can manage on social media. These are great words from a [...]

    22. As an aspiring fiction author getting ready to pitch to agents within the next six months, this book provides a concise yet detailed outline of what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting your name out there and the work you need to do when it comes to self-promotion. It's not a quick read and shouldn't be. The steps are listed in a straightforward yet thoughtful way. I thought of it as a textbook for those who have no clue in navigating the author-self-promotion jungle. Which would be [...]

    23. Rather than spending days and days reading about book marketing online, read this one short book and get all your basic questions answered, as well as actionable tips, for how to 1) think about book marketing if you've never done it before, and 2) take your first steps. I liked the fact that Syme explains the reasoning behind her advice--the WHY as well as the HOW. She also offers an online course, but you don't have to take it to get a lot out of the book. (I printed out a bunch of pages for re [...]

    24. No usable action items - just pointers to online classIf you're looking for specific action items that you can actually follow through on, this is not the right book for you. Descriptions are vague and academic rather than specific and actionable. At various points the author makes it clear that writing books is really a mechanism for selling other products and other services and not a financial endpoint in itself . Not surprisingly the book contains many many links to the author's online course [...]

    25. What a relief to learn that I don’t have to be active on umpteen social media channels. Chris Syme offers manageable strategies for selling books. A times I felt that she overly repeated the book’s mission to sell more books with less social media.I received a free advance copy of this book from the author.

    26. A good book aimed specifically at marketing books using social media. It discusses, among other things, the relative effectiveness of the various social media platforms and how to use them effectively.There is a free companion video training series that can be accessed from the book. There are action steps at the end of each chapter. These are reinforced in the video course.

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