Mother's Boys

Following his divorce, Robert gets custody of his four children While the younger children appear happy, the two older boys refuse to accept it Their father s new love finds herself alone with the children, and happily joins in their fun but the hatred felt by Kester and Michael is not far below the surface, and an innocent game becomes a living nightmare.
Mother s Boys Following his divorce Robert gets custody of his four children While the younger children appear happy the two older boys refuse to accept it Their father s new love finds herself alone with the chi

  • Title: Mother's Boys
  • Author: Bernard Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780312014766
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. DNF. Unable to finish; mainly due to my current reading slump, and because the book was loaned to me. I did manage to read fifty per cent of the book, though. As I can't rate this book, all I can say is that I enjoyed reading it up to the point I reached, before it disappeared from my library.Many thanks to the lady who loaned me (half) the book. Much appreciated!! :)And thanks to for repeatedly reminding me that the loan period had expired - and allowing me to keep the book in my Kindle librar [...]

    2. This book beat me up and I loved every second of it! A group of us readers have been reading a lot of books from Valancourt Books lately. (If you're interested, feel free to join us in the Horror Aficionados Group.) Sweetheart, Sweetheart by Bernard Taylor having been the most recent. After thatKILLERnovel, and having read The Godsend a short while before, we decided we needed even MORE Bernard Taylor and we decided to read this one, even though it wasn't from Valancourt. (Forgive us, VB!) Th [...]

    3. After abandoning her husband and four children two years earlier, this mother has changed her mind. She wants her family back, especially her boys. Her ex-husband has finally managed to move on from the mess she left behind. He has full custody of the kids, although some weekend visits with their mother are permitted. Her preference for the two older sons, Kester and Michael, is marked. Mother's expectations of a happy family together again are completely unrealistic, but she intends to make it [...]

    4. Holy crap! That's all I can say right now. Whew!!!A day later I've gotten over the funky mood that this book left me with. I gave it five stars because it was disturbing and well-written. It's a story about youth gone wrong, with the encouragement of a crazy mother. Just when you think the worst has happened, there's more to come. Recommended to those who are prepared.

    5. This book was insane. It was very dark and disturbing and I was not able to put it down. If horrible, disgusting events bother you, this is NOT the book for you. It was a good thing I was in a buddy read because I had to ask WTF throughout the whole thing. The premise of the book was good. I thought it was going to focus on an ex wife trying to get rid of the gf to get her family back. It was so much more than that. The ending was surprising to me and created a whole new level of the meaning of [...]

    6. This author has the ability to shock! There is an eerie detachment in reading this book that makes it all the more horrific in both its story and its content. Bernard Taylor has the ability to lull the reader into a false sense of security and in Mother’s Boys we are supposedly examining the consequences of family breakdown. For those however versed in the author’s style events are never that simple and the shock content when it arrives is totally unexpected and brilliant in its execution.  [...]

    7. Another good horror story from Taylor! I've read three of his books now, and like them all. This one definitely crosses a few lines you normally wouldn't see crossed, but it doesn't detract from the story in my opinion. A tale of tragedy for sure, it certainly shows the lengths that some boys may go to for the love of their mother!

    8. What the hell Wow this book was just so damn evil. For some sick reason I wanted to read a horror novel about a mother and her children on Mother's Day. This was one sick book, and of course I loved it. Well written, fascinating characters that you just want to smack upside the head with a baseball bat, great psychological horror story. So many times while reading this I just had to stop and just say WHAT THE HELL, there were a few truly shocking moments in this one, and I loved the ending. For [...]

    9. Found this book from The Traveler Restaurant of Union, CT on October 4, 2014. Published in 1988, Mother's Boys is an sick-twisting suspense and bone-chilling horror novel but this is like an weird and terrible thing.Read this in 6 days and Hard to put down novel. Good book. Gripping tale of family love gone horribly wrong---with terrifying results. Robert and Judith both love their children, but their differences are too serve to allow for reconciliation. Judith determines to turn the boys again [...]

    10. I will say this book was suspenseful. I will say this book was shocking. I will say this book had some scenes that made my skin crawl. Those things being said, I thought the dialogue was terrible, fake, forced, and not at all how people actually talk. Dialogue is a tricky thing to write in a book and Bernard Taylor didn't do a very good job. The plot was solid, and like I said, the ending was abrupt, horrifying, and honestly not what I was expecting.

    11. Bernard Taylor has done it again, shocked me with another cold tale of horror. Things get as bad as they can . . . but no--much worse. All the books I read by him amazed me. Don't miss this author!

    12. When his wife returns after three years of deserting her family deciding to renew a relationship with their sons, her husband and his new love must deal with conflicting feelings trying to raise his sons as good persons. The games, tricks and devious things his x wife does to get rid of his new girlfriend and how she basically destroys the children is horrific and terrifying!

    13. I don't knowI'm thoroughly icked out at the moment. I finished this book but it took some effort. Besides being molesty and the scene about torturing a frog.It was just a waste of time and very predictable. I have read this author before and loved his work but not this one.

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