My Father's Best Friend

When Ethan Parker s investigation leads him to Delilah Brooks, he hopes he s finally found his best friend s long lost daughter What he wasn t expecting was to want her for himself with an intensity that drives him to get her pregnant before her father finds out about the two of them Delilah falls hard and fast for Ethan But she isn t sure what to think when he confesseWhen Ethan Parker s investigation leads him to Delilah Brooks, he hopes he s finally found his best friend s long lost daughter What he wasn t expecting was to want her for himself with an intensity that drives him to get her pregnant before her father finds out about the two of them Delilah falls hard and fast for Ethan But she isn t sure what to think when he confesses his connection to the father she s never met Or how her father is going to react when he learns she s having his best friend s baby Bonus Content My Father s Best Friend includes an extra Fiona Davenport book, Fraternization Rule, which starts at about the 53% mark For a limited time only
My Father s Best Friend When Ethan Parker s investigation leads him to Delilah Brooks he hopes he s finally found his best friend s long lost daughter What he wasn t expecting was to want her for himself with an intensity t

  • Title: My Father's Best Friend
  • Author: Fiona Davenport Elle Christensen Rochelle Paige
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. RATING 4.5 STARSMy Father’s Best Friend by Fiona Davenport is exactly what the title states. A taboo love between a man and woman who is seventeen years younger than he is, the long lost daughter of his best friend. It is short, oh so sexy, and oh so sweet. There is lots of growling and possessiveness and calling out, “Mine!” And I loved it! Eighteen years ago Samuel Wentworth was in love. And the woman he loved more than anything was also pregnant. But then she just disappeared. He spent [...]

    2. “You are mine, baby girl. I’m keeping you.”This is not your standard “best dad’s friend – little best’s friend’s daughter” story. The girl, for starters, does not know who her real father is and consequently she does not know that the guy she starts a relationship with is her dad’s best friend. The reason I love so much Daveport’s books is that most of them have this “soap-opera drama feeling” impeded. Let’s see the elements of this particular story:-Unmarried, young, [...]

    3. 5 ALL ALPHA STARSI REALLY ENJOYED THIS BOOK! I don't think there is anything about this book that I didn't like. Honesty, since I am not bothered by the young woman older man storyline, there was nothing else to dislike. Also, the fact that the hero only knew the heroine as an adult and NEVER saw her as a child helped increase my enjoyment of the book. For me it's always a little iffy when the hero helps his friend raise his daughter and then they have a physical relationship. HOWEVER, I WAS SO [...]

    4. 4.25 Smutty Taboo StarsI love a good taboo smutty read, and that’s exactly what Fiona Davenport gave me with My Father’s Best Friend.Super sexy, sweet, smutty and quick insta-love read! Perfect as nighttime treat after a stressful day – or even you had a fantastic day. It really was a feel-good, fast paced and full of sexy times that will leave you tingly, and in a need of a refreshment. LOL Ethan and Delilah were fantastic, they were instantly drawn to each other and gave in to their inst [...]

    5. It was ok.(view spoiler)[ is it bad that I'm more bothered by her father who got engaged to another woman even after saying that her mother was the love of his life and waited for 18 years for her? I feel like he wasn't actually in love because if he was he wouldn't have put a big rock on the OW's finger. Yes I know the mother is dead but I feel like if he was in love he could've waited until he knew that she was dead and I didn't even get a reaction from him when he found out she was dead. Sure [...]

    6. Not a bad book but to be honest, the story of the h's parents kind of turned me off from rating this higher, I don't know if anyone else will be affected by it or not but for me, I just couldn't get so into it because of it.

    7. It was ok overall. Hero def an alpha and I adored him. Heroine was a little to much go with the flow for me. Any conflict that came up was almost immediately resolved. It wasn't very exciting.

    8. IT'S LIVE: a/bTKxZE5I’m not always up to read books when the age gap difference is that big but well… Fiona Davenport wrote the book so of course I have to read it. Why? Simply. They always manage to leave me breathless and with a smile on my face and this time was no different. As a private investigator, Ethan Parker has as one of his missions in life to find the lost daughter of his best friend. What he wasn't expecting was to fall in lust-love with her the moment he lay eyes on her. A fee [...]

    9. I didn't really care about the actual focal romance, I was more involved in the story between the heroine's mum and dad. Bonnie disappeared 18 years ago, pregnant from Samuel's life after she was threatened by his lawyer who said Samuel would divorce her once he got custody. The prenuptial states: "In the case of divorce, I had to prove my ability to provide for my child, in equal measure, what could be provided from her father." In the present day she is dead. I felt for one woman here and it w [...]

    10. May-December romance between Lilah and Ethan.Ethan is sent to search for his friend Samuel's long lost lover. When he finds that she's passed away and has a daughter, he goes to meet her instead. After an insta-love/insta-lust scene at the funeral, they fall in bed together and thenwellding.FD are one of my favorite author duos, and this tiny one kept me hooked too.Once she returns back to her dad, they hide their relationship which leads to loads of sneaking around and dialogues like"I’ve fil [...]

    11. 5 Stars!Fiona Davenport quickly became a favorite of mine with their sexy words and fast stories. Their books always promise quick, dirty, and the perfect happy ending.My Father's Best Friend is the latest standalone novella that Fiona D. has released. In this book, we get one man and one girl who are going to forever change each other's world. And what started out with a purpose, quickly became so much more.This book pulled me in from the very first page and before I knew it, I had devoured thi [...]

    12. Ethan Parker has been hired by his best friend to investigate the disappearance of his daughter after years of getting nowhere. Ethan thinks he finally has a lead that will pay off and then he sees Delilah Brooks, his instincts tell him she is the girl he is looking for but what he sees is all woman. Ethan knows that he has to reveal why he is there, but his heart is another matter and he is certain that Delilah is the woman for him. It is a complicated pursuit of the woman he loves while worryi [...]

    13. Let me be frank. For 30% of the story I was less than pleased with the ages of the two characters. Not necessarily the age difference but their ages. Well Lilah's age to be more specific. However, the story is so expertly written and delivered that by 60%, her age didn't mean a hill of beans! Now that's a sign of a real author with real talent! Kudos to Davenport for weaving her magic again!This is an instalove story and as I said the delivery is wonderful and realistic! The story is not rushed [...]

    14. I really liked this one! Ethan is a private investigator. He's working on a case for his best friend, to find his friend's daughter. Except for one little problem. When he sees Lilah, he wants to keep her for himself!Ethan is 17 years older than Lilah, but he can't help how he feels about her at first site. He needs to make her his, and hopefully put a baby in her, before he admits that he knows her dad. He tries to fight his feelings, but it's no use. Lilah is freshly 18, and just lost her moth [...]

    15. 4.5 starsFiona Davenport is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Short, sweet stories with an alpha male that loves his woman beyond question. Sometimes I want to read a book that won't take me forever to get through and will make me smile. Fiona Davenport does that.This was really good. Totally taboo subjectEthan is hired by his best friend to locate the woman he loved and lost and their daughter that he never met. When Ethan finds Delilah, he falls in love with her and she falls for hi [...]

    16. I kind of wish it would have explained why the lawyer did what he did. I mean what did he get out of it? Wish the dad showed more emotion on losing his "soul mate" and I kind of wished the mom wasn't dead but got her HEA with the dad.

    17. Really liked this book. The first chapter broke my heart a bit, when Delilah's mom believed incorrect information about Delilah's dad and left while pregnant, not even talking to him first. Broke my heart for her mom and dad, because true love is hard to come by.Delilah is a sweet 18 yr old that has just lost her mom, when Ethan "the bossy" finds her (for her dad) and decides he wants her permanently. Ethan is definitely very bossy, he lacks the charm of some of my favorite alphas then he came o [...]

    18. Great, quick easy read! I absolutely loved Ethan! He was such an alpha! My heart broke for Delilah, she had just lost her mother and now had her long-lost father searching for her. Ethan was her calm in the storm, but he also wasn't upfront with her! If you love a hot steamy alpha and a virgin heroine who is more than just a pretty face, this book is for you!

    19. Swoon-worthy! Ethan is a PI who was supposed to be looking for his best friends daughter. He wanted her at first sight. Another fantastic Fiona Davenport!

    20. Once again the two brilliant authors who make up Fiona Davenport have added another hit to their writing repertoire. These two have been on a roll and I for one am definitely hoping they continue that way. This book contained one of my favorite sub genre which is older man/younger woman and I especially love that he was friends with her Daddy. Ethan Parker is a trust fund baby, he attended Harvard University. His parents died his freshman year and he went a little wild drinking and partying. He [...]

    21. 4.5* / 5* stars I haven't read Fiona's books before but I am so glad I did it and with this one was PERFECT!!From the beginning I was caught in the story and needed more, it is PERFECT for us to understand why Lilah didn't meet her father, (Ohhh my heart broke a little).I really loved Ethan and Lilah wasn't that bad (as sometimes I thought she would be)Liliah was one of those women that know what they want, she wasn't annoying or "silly" for her age. She have just lost her mom when Ethan appears [...]

    22. :/ , huh?wow, I know I should write a review about why I only gave 2 stars but as I sit here thinking if I am reading the same book that everyone else has with more stars to themIm confusedI was excited to get this book not only because I have read all of Ms. Davenports books but because I love alpha insta-love smutty yumminessjust reading the Prologue had my attentionI was like yaaaas INTENSE but then it died there, I could not revive it everI skipped and skipped so many pages I thought it has [...]

    23. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewEthan Parker is looking for his best friends long-lost daughter Delilah Brooks. Ethan has been searching for Delilah for a long time and now finally he has a lead and thinks that this might finally be the one. He can finally give his friend some peace"I’d been waitingr the moment when the name Bonnie Hart was flagged on my system." Delilah just lost her mother and is feeling alone and sad. So when she meets Ethan at the funeral she is immediately at [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book! I was entertained from start to end and I didn’t want it to end! I liked that at the beginning of the book we got the insight into Bonnie’s dilemma. I have to admit that I would have loved to know the reason why Sam’s family lawyer did what he did? He didn’t have an excuse? I loved Ethan and Delilah together; they are super sweet and perfectly matched despite the age gap. I found no faults with this book and storyline; there wasn’t one thing about this story [...]

    25. Ethan has spent the past 10 years looking for the long lost daughter of his best friend. Ethan has finally found Delilah, at the first sight of her at her mother’s graveside, he knows he’s in trouble. He hadn’t planned on was his own desires for this long lost beauty to overtake his common sense. His possessiveness, desire to make her his, the need to have her carry his child.Lilah is just as taken with this stranger that has shown up at her mother’s funeral and then again at her apartme [...]

    26. This book was like an early Thanksgiving treat for me. This was one such book that I gobbled up and wanted more of. Yummm!My Father’s Best Friend will keep you riveted from page 1 until the very end . You have a very overprotective alpha that he is , Ethan Parker, the super sexy looking and very innocent Delilah Brooks , the insta-love feelings between them , the OMG hot sex scenes that demand multiple fans and an ice bath after reading, and the novella read that is this book. Everything this [...]

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