This is an alternate cover edition for B01HKEDAUA A Zodiac Dragon Series so hot it will scorch the pages.Victor Kane followed his brother into battle against the Echo pack, but it wasn t his brother who brought him back It was the one they called the lone wolf, the seer, the strange one Odessa.Victor s the second of twelve Guardians Dragon born in the sign of Aquarius,This is an alternate cover edition for B01HKEDAUA A Zodiac Dragon Series so hot it will scorch the pages.Victor Kane followed his brother into battle against the Echo pack, but it wasn t his brother who brought him back It was the one they called the lone wolf, the seer, the strange one Odessa.Victor s the second of twelve Guardians Dragon born in the sign of Aquarius, he carries all the traits of his sign the good and the bad He s the guarded one, the one with a cool head, the one his family turns to when all hell breaks loose and his family needs him than ever His brother is missing His family is torn But his world is consumed by the wolf, Odessa Why would she risk her life to save him Why would she care Odessa is damaged from a demon s blade meant for Victor Although he s safe, her demons still consume her The evil she s done has come back to haunt her, and Odessa will not only have to fight to survive, she must also protect the one she loves Her dragon Victor.Family Honor Love.What happens when those three collide Who will be left standing Who will be left heartbroken
Aquarius This is an alternate cover edition for B HKEDAUA A Zodiac Dragon Series so hot it will scorch the pages Victor Kane followed his brother into battle against the Echo pack but it wasn t his brother w

  • Title: Aquarius
  • Author: Kim Faulks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. I failed her. 5 BLUE ZODIACSThis wolf saved me and I’d failed her. I was supposed to be the Guardian. I was supposed to be the protector. We once had purpose; we once had a reason to live. HOLY ZODIAC DRAGONS! WHAT AN ABSO-AQUARIUS-LUTELY PHENOMENAL BOOK!! Right from the start I was completely immersed in the story, enthralled, held tightly, but carefully, in its claws straight through to The End! I was so excited when I found out this book was going to focus on Odessa because for whatever rea [...]

    2. Wow this is a very powerful story of love. I really enjoyed reading this one. Victor a dragon shifter falls for Odessa the wolf who saved his life. Odessa has gone through hell in more ways than one so much pain in her life The Tormentor, Victor's dragon sees her as she is, accepts her and loves herThe ongoing war from Taurus book one continues and brother Zaduk gets stolen. Do they find him and is Odessa the key? So much going on in this story it keeps you rapidly reading and scrolling through [...]

    3. Aquarius: Guardians of the Stars II by Kim Faulks 5 StarsThis is book 2 of the Guardians of the Stars and I enjoyed this so much. I even liked it better than the first one Taurus. Odessa and Victor's story is very unique and heartwarming. I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't want it to end, sigh. Good thing there is 10 other signs to be read.Victor's brother is missing. Odessa is the only one who can find him in the demon world. But at what cost? Both Odessa and Victor will embark on th [...]

    4. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.I loved this book, I was anxiously waiting for it after the way book one ended the books have a very new look at Dragon shifters, wolves, demons and witches and I love the twist to the normal shifter genre.Victor is so hot he was one of my favorites from the beginning and I love Odessa, she is amazing strong and protective of those she loves.Zodac has been taken but Victor is torn between his family his honor and his love. This is a great book [...]

    5. AquariusI'm addicted to this series.Dragons, wolves, witches, vampires and demons.It tells the story of each the Zodiac Dragons.As they search for their purpose and their hope for love.Now I must have book 3 . Well done Kim Faulks.

    6. 4 StarsAquarius was better than Taurus. Victor and Odessa's story pulled me in. I hope they get Zadoc out and soon.

    7. AquariusI knew that Rowen was up to no good, I wish they had let her die. I loved everything about this book but I can't wait for them to find Zadoc.

    8. Ok Kim you did it again!! Another great book yep i read it in one setting again! I could not put this down! Powerful, tense even thought i was right in the story! why does this have to end lol

    9. Great read I enjoy this series so much. The different issues and the multiple characters give depth to the plot line.

    10. Dragons and demonsGood read lots of action and romance this family of dragons divided by anger, love and defeat and the strong women must be their saviors

    11. *I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review*AQUARIUS(Guardians of the Stars II) by Kim FaulksVictor Kane followed his brother into battle against the Echo pack, but it was the lone wolf, Odessa that brought him back not his brother. Victor was born a dragon in the sign of Aquarius, his the second of twelve guardians. He carries all the traits of his sign, the good as the bad. His guarded, level headed, and the one everyone turns to when chaos erupts. His family now needs [...]

    12. Victor's the second of twelve Guardians. Dragon-born in the sign of Aquarius, he carries all the traits of his sign--the good and the bad. He's the guarded one, the one with a cool head, the one his family turns to when all hell breaks loose--and his family needs him more than ever. Victor Kane followed his brother into battle against the Echo pack, but it wasn't his brother who brought him back. It was the one they called the lone wolf, the seer, the strange one--Odessa. His brother is missing. [...]

    13. They were dark times for shifters, especially the young, even humans had to beware. Packs have to hide, run and go hungry. Humans for the vampires, children for the demons and young shifter girls for the sadistic Alpha who makes it possible. Now after thousands of years The Guardians are awakening after discovering this horrific reality, but will they be able to correct this wrong done after thousands of years?Victor Cane born under the sign of Aquarius (The Tormentor) weeps rain, thunders when [...]

    14. The second book in the series really hits on many emotions. Victor and Odessa find themselves connected deeply and Victor is very protective of her. His brother is missing and many believe Odessa is the key to his rescue from the demons. She is willing to risk a great deal for Victor but this may be a risk she shouldn't take.I respected Victor for taking a stand and protecting her from those who don't value her as they should. He really is dedicated to her after she saved his life. He really cha [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book in the series, and was just as interesting as the first. I really like the Kane brothers, and am enjoying seeing them each get their own stories. Victor is a really great character, and I love how he is with Odessa. I also really like Odessa. Yes, she's damaged, but she's still a really good character, and I liked how she had saved Victor at the end of the last book. I was really happy to see that their stor [...]

    16. The first book left off with the huge battle Echo Pack vs. the small pack shifters and the zodiac dragons. Victor is the second born dragon shifter under the Aquarius sign. In an effort to save his brother Zadoc he faced down a demon in battle almost losing his life.Odessa is a lone wolf and a seer; she could not let the demon kill Victor. In an effort to save Victor, she takes the damage from a demons blade.Victor has two missions save his brother Zadoc and protect Odessa. This is the second bo [...]

    17. This is the second story of the Dragon Guardians of the Stars, they are named after their birth signs and Victor takes after his Aquarius, level headed, methodical to a fault. Odessa is the werewolf seer who saves his life, but he can't figure out why and while he should be figuring out how to find his missing brother from book one, he is instead wrapped up in thoughts of Odessa and helping her fight her demons that have come to the forefront, since she took the stabbing from the blade meant for [...]

    18. This is the second book in the series and I can tell you, as I read the first as well, that this book is even better. It can be read alone but I recommend you read the first book as well. This is not for the faint of heart as this is a darker world and unique take on the shifter world and mate bonds, not all love and roses. The characters have strong emotions, good and bad which makes this read really hard to put down. I really wanted to find out what happens next from page to page as well as to [...]

    19. This is the second book in the series and I really enjoyed it. There is suspense, adventure and romance through out the book.Victor is a dragon and Odessa is a wolf that has a dark side, but they love each other. Victors family need Odessa to rescue their brother that was taken hostage by a demon, The demon wants to exchange the brother for Odessa. The biggest issue is that Odessa would have to die to cross over into the demon world. Victor wants to protect her so they run to get away knowing hi [...]

    20. Odessa saves Victor from the demon, but is just the beginning of their battle. In this second book of the battle of vampires and demons against the dragons and the wolves, things are not always what they seem. "Some of us are just born with tragedy in our blood." Victor has his own battles to fight and he was not prepared after all these years of denying himself and his dragon. Good thing his dragon has been getting ready without him. The Tormentor has been helping Odessa all along in the dark, [...]

    21. Dragon-born Victor Kane born in the sign of Aquarius, is a shell of his former glory. He wants more out of life. He lacks purpose. Is wolf shifter Odessa an unexpected surprise or complication to his sedate life. Wil Victor have her? Hmmm! Beware! Change is in the wind. Old enemies are still on a rampage. What will the outcome be? I plan to root for the dragon's side of course.Read the story and discover why Aquarius is not to be missed!The full review can be found on the below URL: nightowlrevi [...]

    22. Victor, the second of the Guardian Dragons was saved by Odessa the lone wolf and in doing that she revealed her dark side to everyone to see and fear. The forces of evil coveted her powers and would not stop until they own her. But Odessa had the clue to save the missing dragon brother. Victor knew she was his to love and protect even from his family. This story is full of intrigue, suspense, despair, betrayal, sacrifice and love. Suffered through some narrations and experimented joy with others [...]

    23. Second book in the Zodiac Dragon series. Victor Kane is dragon born under the sign of Aquarius ,he went into battle with is brother and was rescued by Odessa a wolf shifter they call her the strange one,she is a seer. Victor is the second born the one the others depend on , he must find a way to find his missing brother but all he can think of is Odessa why did she save him? When she was cut by the Demon’s sword her Dark side started taking over! Will they be able to save Victor’s brother? W [...]

    24. Brilliant I'm liking the Dragons :) The Kane Family - (12 Dragon shifters) have been pulled into the fight.Each book follows a different family member, book 2 is all about Victor Kane (Aquarius).A very busy book full of nail biting scenes as the battle between the shifters and paranormal worlds collide. In between the chaos Victor connects with, the lone wolf Odessa. Odessa put her life on the line as she tries to save Victor from a Demon's Blade.A deep emotional pull brings the Wolf & Drago [...]

    25. IntenseWow. This book has a very dark storyline. The overarching storyline is very good and crucial to the series. But at times the details were horrifying and I actually had to take small breaks from reading the book. It was intense, and I kept wanting to get to end end so the heroine could have her HEA. Will I continue reading the series? Absolutely. The dragons and their mates are awesome characters. The women incredibly strong willed. And I want to see the bad guys die a slow and painful dea [...]

    26. Victor Kane was fascinated with the little female who came to the house after being saved. There was just something about her that he wanted and that was nagging at his brain. Odessa has a black past filled with torture and she feels she is destined to be alone that is until she comes face to face with Victor. Problems arise and now Odessa and Victor are fighting for her life but can Victor save her even from herself.I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book.This is book 2 of the Gu [...]

    27. This was a thrilling action filled story but a little dark and a touch of romance.Victor is a Dragon but he and his dragon aren't in sync but it takes Odessa a wolf with issues of her own. Victor is very protective of Odessa and doesn't matter that she might have a little bit of demon in her.Odessa wants a family but with her history with the "new" alpha that might never happen :(When Victor's brother gets captured he will do everything to get him back except sacrifice Odessa.Odessa can't run fr [...]

    28. IMO this book is a huge improvement from Taurus. The author seems to have taken their time with character development and world building. Quietly though, the editing still needs a little work. So if you're a stickler for precision grammar, presently, this series may not be for you.

    29. This was a very powerful story. I loved the connection between Odessa and Victor. I was constantly on the edge of my seat during this story with all the obstacles that were thrown in the way of Odessa and Victor being together. This book just pulled me in and kept me reading right up to the very end. I can't wait for the next book in this series.

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