DC SuperHero Girls - Escola de Super-Heróis: Provas Finais

Na hist ria, as hero nas cursam a Escola de Super Her is, que conta com um curr culo superavan ado e conta com um treinamento de superpoderes, rigorosos programas acad micos e artes Assim, as hero nas precisam lidar com as estranhezas da vida adolescente, dividindo seu tempo entre escola, vil es e superpoderes A edi o especial Provas Finais no original, Final Crisis, uNa hist ria, as hero nas cursam a Escola de Super Her is, que conta com um curr culo superavan ado e conta com um treinamento de superpoderes, rigorosos programas acad micos e artes Assim, as hero nas precisam lidar com as estranhezas da vida adolescente, dividindo seu tempo entre escola, vil es e superpoderes A edi o especial Provas Finais no original, Final Crisis, um trocadilho com a saga da mesma editora traz uma hist ria in dita em que as hero nas est o em vias de realizar as temidas provas finais Para tal, Supergirl, Mulher Maravilha, Abelha, Batgirl, Arlequina, Katana e Hera Venenosa est o estudando duro, quando s o capturadas por um misterioso vil o Ser que as estudantes poder o se livrar de seu raptor, salvar Metr polis e ainda serem aprovadas
DC SuperHero Girls Escola de Super Her is Provas Finais Na hist ria as hero nas cursam a Escola de Super Her is que conta com um curr culo superavan ado e conta com um treinamento de superpoderes rigorosos programas acad micos e artes Assim as hero nas

  • Title: DC SuperHero Girls - Escola de Super-Heróis: Provas Finais
  • Author: Shea Fontana Yancey Labat
  • ISBN: 9788542605082
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Buddy read with my Supergirl!Sophie's review:It was very cool. It had a lot of superheros in it, and a little bit of villains. My favorite was Supergirl! Because she's cool and nice. My second favorite was Harley Quinn, because she found out where all of the superheros were, but she accidentally fell in to the cage, and then she helped them get out! *bounces on feet*And guess who was the person who was doing the bad stuff? The bad person in the suit?!It was (view spoiler)[Lex Luthor! (hide spoil [...]

    2. My niece will love this. The art is super cute, and the story is simple fun. The focus characters (not coincidentally, mainly characters included in the doll line) are given plenty of context for new readers unfamiliar with them, which will probably cover a lot of the target audience. There are tons of background characters from the DCU, making a kind of bonus for those who do know who these characters are. For an adult, it was a pretty enjoyable read, but I think the actual target audience will [...]

    3. I have been curious about the "DC Super Hero Girls" line for quite a bit, and finally I decided to read the first volume. While the artis greatand really fluid, and it is adorbs to see the more adult characters re-imagined as young ones on a sort of high school thingie, I have to be honest and say that the plot is really childish. Which considering it's a collection destinated to a younger audicence shouldn't be a shocker, but the thing is I didn't expect it to be so childish. I mean, directed t [...]

    4. I LOVE THIS!!!!For years, I've been longing for a book like this to give to my nieces, that celebrates my favorite female DC super heroes (and villains), AND in an age appropriate way (they're now 7 and 10, but I suspect they will still flip over this).The art is so deliciously cute!! I feel like a kid again --- I want all of these dolls. Seriously, young-me would've fallen in love with these characters and their world. Present-day late-30s-me certainly has.I love seeing who pops up in the story [...]

    5. I loved the first book of the DC Super Hero Girls written by Lisa Yee, and when I heard there would also be graphic novels about this series, I knew I had to get them, as I probably would love them.And did I love it? Yes, yes I did. Unlike the Lisa Yee book(s since she will be writing more) this one focuses on more than one MC. We got various ones actually (and their stories all connect in the end). Superheroines, but also supervillains. From Wonder Woman to Harley Quinn. I loved that we had so [...]

    6. So much fun! I genuinely enjoyed the take on the different heroes (and villains) and the fact the book illustrated how each hero operated individuallyisually and as a unit. I'm excited to share this with my niece and to follow as the gals continue on!---For a long time I've bemoaned the fact that while its cool and all for my niece to be into Batman and Superman, I wish there was something age-appropriate to give her that made the female heroes (and villains) just as much fun. We tore through Ti [...]

    7. I recently read this book with my youngest daughter and she loved it. And even with the inconsistencies it was a fun read. Super Hero High is preparing for final exams. And the night before the finals some strange start happening. In this volume you have a lot of super heroes and a few that that are questionable that are friends at school. Bat GirlSupergirlPoision IvyKatanaBumblebeeWonder GirlHarley QuinnAre our main characters. Even my daughter who is only 6 asked about Ivy and Harley, she want [...]

    8. A great tie-in to the recently launched cartoon series (and toy line) that teaches kids all the right lessons.Funny, achieving just the right tone for all age groups, without resorting to corny or condescending gags. Art work is solid, and appropriate for the market, with bright colouring and graphics.While primarily aimed at the 'girl' market in an attempt to even up the gender imbalance of the comics world (Marvelyou need to step up here) there's plenty here for everyone.The ultimate test was [...]

    9. This series is a mashup of multiple DC Superheroes from across the spectrum all attending high school at Super Hero High. With that many superheroes all in one place, things are bound to go wrong.DC has been doing a wonderful job of empowering young boys and girls with this series and showcases the powers of friendship and teamwork to defeat any foe; whether, that be a villain, or homework. All of these young superheroes work together to defeat any obstacle in their way.I am an adult.I swear I'm [...]

    10. Adorable all-age comic, love seeing super heroes intentionally meant for young girls. Cute story & great for kids!

    11. Supergirl gets test anxiety and Steve Trevor is a smoothie shop boy and teamwork is important!! (But, more seriously, I'm reading these for my little cousin who adores DCSHG and this was very cute and fun.)

    12. A quick easy read which though wasn't gripping was enjoyable all the same. my daughter loves DC SUPERHERO GIRLS so as it was world book day yesterday this is what we got. The art is fantastic the colours and images work together to really pop. I read it properly this morning took me about 15 mins. I'm going to give it to my 9 year old goddaughter to see what she thinks as it's more for her age group.

    13. I'm so, so glad they started this series. It just makes so much sense for girls to be written by women - and this is so much better than Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. These stories are written for a younger age group, but they work on multiple levels. They're not really geared toward adults, and that's ok. Ha! Batgirl has a poster of Captain Carrot in her bat cave. An enjoyable book - especially to introduce the younger crowd to DC superheroines. Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comic [...]

    14. I really liked this. It's simple stories and beautiful artwork make for comics that anyone of any age can enjoy. This will no doubt be a lot of young readers gateway book into comics. It reminded me of Teen Titans and Batman the Animated series fused together, in a way. Mostly geared toward young girls to read, I believe young boys could enjoy this just as well. My hat is off to DC for putting out more all-age content to get kids, now girls interested and invested.I received an advanced copy of [...]

    15. This is a bit of a tough recommendation for kids I think. We got this for our nieces wanting to introduce them to graphic novels and the DC universe. Although I like that each chapter builds off each other and has call backs to earlier events, I worry that the way the characters are introduced will cause more questions than answers. This might be better suited for older kids, but I might be way off.

    16. If you enjoy DC Super Hero Girls you will probably enjoy this comic. It is a quick read and a fun book. My favorite character, personally, is Harley Quinn! I like her because of her personality,she loves to party and is always having fun! Make sure to read this book! Bye!

    17. I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Review to follow on publication date!DC Super Hero Girls Vol. 1: Finals Crisis comes out July 5.

    18. Incredibly fun and while the "having to go your final exam" wasn't the biggest hook for me; seeing all the girls getting captured and then working together against their foe WAS a fabulous hook! Each of the girls is unique and I loved how there was a chapter from the POV of each of 7 of the great characters so we could get a looking into their personalities. It was my first non-freebie DC SuperHero Girls comic book and it has made me eager to read more! Powerful girls? Working together to fight [...]

    19. This is on the lower end of a 4 star for me, it's cute, it's fun, it doesn't scream revolution to me but it really does it's job. Also it's for kids and not for me but I really thought it was good. There is a lot of things I would have liked to be included like even casual background queerness when you got so many queer characters in this school and do see some heterosexual attraction. Still it works for what it is and I wouldn't mind reading another volume. The world needs more lady super heroe [...]

    20. This series is fun and especially recommended for young girls who are keen on superheroes. The characters don't follow canon at all but they are cute, funny, and exciting. I like the cartoony art but the manga eyes are a bit annoying. This story sees the girls preparing for their finals. Each chapter shows a hero girl prepping for finals before being kidnapped by a mysterious villain. It's pretty easy to guess who the bad guy is early on but at the end, the girls learn a lesson about teamwork.

    21. Picked this up for my girls for Batman Day. Read it to them today. I like the chronological overlap as well as the message of teamwork. My girls are 4 and love superheroes. I'm glad they have this series on tv and in print. The virtues of teamwork as well as individual accomplishments are balanced out nicely. The D.C. Superhero girls are girly yet still kick butt. Thank you, DC!

    22. Bought this for my daughter who devoured it, it's apparently perfect for a six year old. One day she'll graduate to my graphic novels but in the meantime this is well written with very positive messages of friendship & teamwork. Like My Little Pony with capes & tights.

    23. It was cute, not something I would personally want to read again. However, I actually purchased the e-comic for my nine year old and she really liked it. Personally I think this comic book is better for my daughter's age range.

    24. I absolutely cannot get enough of the DC Super Hero Girls- the webisodes, the graphic novels, the fantastic dolls. The stories are uplifting, empowering, and downright adorable.I highly recommend this series for children, librarians, and adults alike.

    25. Read this with 8 year old, who really enjoyed it. What I particularly like about this series is how often she picks them up off the shelf to read them herself. :)

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