Are We Pears Yet?

Join two young seeds who just can t wait to grow up and become pears in this clever and hilarious informational picture book that will make you look at growth cycles and fruit trees in a whole new way.
Are We Pears Yet Join two young seeds who just can t wait to grow up and become pears in this clever and hilarious informational picture book that will make you look at growth cycles and fruit trees in a whole new way

  • Title: Are We Pears Yet?
  • Author: MirandaPaul Carin Berger
  • ISBN: 9781626723511
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. 3.5 out of 5Are We Pears Yet? is a creative, cute, and informative (though a bit simplified) picturebook about a pear tree’s life cycle, which is literally acted out on a stage, props, stagehands, and costume change included.Miranda Paul's dialogue is full of pear-y puns, and the back matter, in which the author further explains a pear tree’s life cycle, provides five "peary" smart facts, and a short bibliography, is informative and engaging. However, even though the pollination stage is men [...]

    2. The book treats the journey of a pair of pear seeds to trees that bear pairs that contain more seeds as a stage play. It's an interesting idea, but I didn't really like how it worked out, ending up being somewhat repetitive, weird, and annoying. Kids could relate though. Also, there were some awful puns, which is normally a selling point for me.

    3. What a joyous, genius picture book! Creativity is sparking out of every page. Miranda Paul and Carin Berger manage to unite science, great language, emotions and drama in a way that is seamless and natural. Two pear seeds act out the real life amazing drama of their life cycle on what could be a school stage. There is an emotional parallel story of how difficult it is to wait for a long time for something you really want. It is funny, emotional, dramatic, simple, complicated, multi-layered and i [...]

    4. Miranda Paul, with her creative imagination, has written a story that’s both amusing and educational in Are We Pears Yet?Two pear seeds are excited that they will become pears. They love pears. One seed keeps eagerly asking the other, “Are we pears yet?” The other seed seems to know much more about the whole process so explains patiently each time what has to occur first. Soil, rain, sun, cold, a long 2-year nap 🙂 Then they have to grow into trees, which takes another year! The impatien [...]

    5. Just was NOT a fan. I think it was because my expectations were completely different from what it ended up being. I expected this book to be something I could hand my middle school science teachers to help them teach the plant cycle and instead even I was confused as it went along. The science coupled with the element of it being a play got strange for me and by the end I didn't quite know what I was reading. I'm not sure what the intent of this book was, but it was a huge miss for me - and I re [...]

    6. Who hasn't heard - "Are We There YET?" Such a common childhood complaint both Nina Laden and Dan Santat created books around this theme.But what happens when two pear seeds act out their life cycle on stage? Science becomes fun.  Kids will enjoy the pear puns, and the banter of the two seeds as they grow into fruit bearing trees.  With one seed incessantly asking - "Are we pears, Yet?"Carin Berger's charming cut paper collages of the cast and props brings the stage and these charming little s [...]

    7. This is an informative book about a pear tree’s life cycle. It stars two pear seeds that act out the life cycle on stage with props, stagehands, and even costume changes. One seed is very excited to grow and repeatedly asks the other if they are pears yet during the other seed's informative stage show. The last page offers more information on pears and some pear trivia facts. Also a short bibliography. Cons: I find myself vacillating on whether I like the illustrations or not.  Pros:  Thoug [...]

    8. I learned something from a couple of pear seeds and how long it takes and what has to happen to become pears. This is a different way to tell a story from seed to tree to fruit. And the journey is not short. The pictures are pasted cutouts on top of the same background not illustrations but different art materials. At the back are some facts about pears and some information about plants and seeds and growing pear trees. A good tie in to seeds and science as well as how we grow. Good resource for [...]

    9. This delightful story made us laugh and learn this morning! The whimsical illustrations are the perfect combination of lovely and silly--just like the story. We read the entire book, including author note, and peary facts. Miranda Paul did an amazing job of making each page mesmerizing and compelling. And my kids were surprised at how long it takes to become a pear!

    10. I love it! It made me laugh, it made the second graders laugh and join in. Such a great way to talk about nature with humor and cleverness. I admit the kindergarteners struggled, but if read at home, they would have a chance to stop and talk about what is happening.I am proud to have my own autographed copy. Meeting Miranda Paul was as fun as the book.

    11. Miranda Paul has done it again! She has made a matter-of-fact science concept into a fun fact with a theatrical flair. A pair of pear seeds grow together in the process of becoming "pears"-clever! Your child will love the whimsical story and illustrations and want to read it again and again. And the Encore author's note at the end is worthy of applause!

    12. So much of life is about waiting. We want to hurry things along to get to the 'good part". Are We Pears Yet does a great job of talking about the steps that each pear seed needs to go through before becoming pears. This would be a great addition to a nature unit, or a unit on soft skills (waiting your turn, manners, etc.)

    13. A fun, fresh, comical way to learn about how a seed grows into a tree and produces fruit. The story is told in dialogue as two seeds go back-n-forth. Kids will enjoy the humor of the impatient seed repeatedly saying "Are We Pears Yet?" Great for preschool thru 2nd.** I received an advance review copy. This review nevertheless reflects my own and honest opinion about the book.**

    14. There are these two pear seeds and one is anxious to turn into a pear. But his buddy keeps telling him, in different ways, that he needs to be patient and wait. I really liked this story and the message.

    15. Interesting illustrations for this quirky, word play book about two seeds who become frineds. Can see primary teachers using it with their plants units. Lots to talk about because of theater format and I appreciate the "Encore" - author's note.

    16. Very simple way of introducing a long, complex process to children. Well done. I loved the art style of the illustrations and how the story was told "on stage". Only criticism is that I felt a little more depth could have been brought in through the text. Fun book for kids of all ages!

    17. Just . . . weird. The science is really mixed up and confusing (for adults, let alone children) so it's not a good choice for any kind of 'life cycle'/STEM storytime. Also, why is the 'male' pear the one who knows everything and the 'female' pear the dumb one? Just no.

    18. The story draws the reader in. I loved how the book played out. I never knew what would happen next. This is a fantastic book to teach children about pears and plants. The art work will draw the reader further into the pears' story.

    19. I love this one. A great choice for a read-aloud for the life cycle process theme, or fruit i like it a lot. Also would be fun to do a flannel board for!

    20. A great, simple story about the life cycle of a plant. The ingenious illustrations make it look like a puppet show. Really beautiful and easy to understand for young children.

    21. The costume change confused me they went from tiny saplings to full fruit in two years? What is happening?

    22. Two seeds can't wait to be pears. But first they need soild raind sund coldd a lot of time.until finally, they're pears.

    23. Two pear seeds learn about the growth cycle in the context of a play in this fun book. Collage illustration add a pop of style.

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