Book of Mormon Reader

This book includes 54 colorfully illustrated stories from the Book of Mormon, written on a basic reading level Each picture within the stories includes a caption with corresponding scripture reference The book also includes glossaries of important words, people, and places, maps, a timeline, and a full index.
Book of Mormon Reader This book includes colorfully illustrated stories from the Book of Mormon written on a basic reading level Each picture within the stories includes a caption with corresponding scripture reference

  • Title: Book of Mormon Reader
  • Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. জিসাসের জন্মের ৬০০ বছর আগের কথা। স্রষ্টার পথে কেউ চলেনা। প্রফেট লেহিকে স্রষ্টা নির্দেশ দিলেন জেরুজালেম ছেড়ে চলে যাওয়ার। মরুভূমির মধ্যে দিয়ে এসে পৌঁছালেন সমুদ্রের ধারে। স্রষ্টার নির্দেশ [...]

    2. I love this book for teaching my children the stories from the Book of Mormon. I just finished it with my 5 year old. She was able to follow the story and keep track of the different groups of people and the battles. The pictures are great. It is a great summary of the book. My 9 year old liked hearing it again also. I feel like my girls have a better understanding of how the record of these ancient people in America relate to Joseph Smith and our church, and how the gospel principles are the sa [...]

    3. We have personally had a better experience reading the stories to our kids straight from the source, but this picture book adaptation definitely has its place. I have to say, though, the videos (found on LDS for free) which utilize both the artwork and words from this book are truly wonderful!

    4. I actually finished the adult version today, but I thought I would rate this one instead since I hadn't already. Some of the artwork is better than others, but it's a great way to teach children the Book of Mormon stories. I have no doubt in my mind that this is a true book and that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth. Other churches have bits and pieces of the truth, but the fullness of the gospel is in the Mormon church. I know it, I live it, I [...]

    5. Whether or not you believe the Book of Mormon to be a book of scripture, or "one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on the American people", you cannot deny that this book is an excellent resource for teaching the stories of the Book of Mormon. It takes the stories and relates them in a manner that even a child could understand, even taking the time to explain some of the principles that the stories are supposed to teach.

    6. we read these to our children (ages 2-5) for family scripture study. the whole family including mom and dad is learning new things. my son (age 5) is starting to remember some of the stories, and refer to them during his playtime. you can find this book for free at lds

    7. This is a great way to introduce the scripture stories to young children who cannot read and/or just beginning to read.

    8. A great rendition of the Book of Mormon. It is something that I can get my five year old to pay attention too, most of the time. Beautiful pictures, great summaries.

    9. This, with the other few books in the series really made a difference with teaching my kids about the Gospel and introducing them to the difficult world of scripture language. From about first grade until probably fourth grade, this was their main source of the scriptures. They then started entering into family scripture reading with the standard works. But along the way, with small chidlren and so many demands on me as the mom, these books were the only scriptures I read for s few years. It was [...]

    10. 156 p. 06/16/05I have read this many times through with my children and the cover and many pages have been lovingly taped back together. In the list of books read to our children, it appears in the following as we would re-read it with them: 08. Book of Mormon Stories[Some illustrations and design, we think, were done by Lynn & "Uncle Tom" Thomas (and others)]156 p. 06/16/0510. Book of Mormon Stories, w/ 1 verse/day156 p. 07/26/0513. Book of Mormon Stories, w/ 1 verse/day120 p. ~10/19/0517. [...]

    11. July 30-September 30, 2012September 15-November 20, 2011I've been reading one "chapter" a night to my daughter (who was 13-15 months during this reading). She doesn't get it, but I figure it's a good way to introduce small children to the stories in the Book of Mormon. It just isn't the same as actually reading the scriptures (of course)! And sometimes it was strange which parts of the stories they kept in and which they chucked. I added a few phrases here and there with what I considered import [...]

    12. This was how I finally got my little one to get excited about the scriptures! Instead of being frustrated at scripture time, he asked for another chapter and then another chapter. That is the upside!! The downside is that if you want your child to understand scripture language, "thou"s, "and it came to pass", etc. your child is not going to get that from the stories. Also, the powerful testimonies of the prophets are not included. It is a story book with the general story line. So my advice is t [...]

    13. A kids book I read as a kid. It was great! It had great artwork and different styles of pictures for different stories. Some were more cartoonish while others were potrait-esque. Like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I believed the stories in it were real when I was a child. It will simply hold its place among Mother Goose and Grimm Fairy tales in my memory. As I am adult and have read the adult version many, many times I know it is simply fantasy.

    14. It's really cool because I go to this church and I get to learn about main parts of it. Alma was a long part. Ether was a really cool story about how he went to the woods to pray. I also liked the story of Nephi when he broke his bow and the stories of Alma and his sons. I really enjoyed reading all 53 chapters.

    15. I can't imagine raising my kids without this book. When they were small, we would read this story version, then go to the "real" thing to read from the Book of Mormon. This helped the kids visualize what was happening and to understand it a little better. They would also pick this up and read it on their own.

    16. Way better than the actual BOM. personal opinion. ok just kidding obviously but the language is much more accesible and the movies are fabulous if you havent seen them. Personally I suggest getting them as a podcast from itunes on the Mormon Channel podcast as to get the most updated and AUTHENTIC church versions.

    17. Although I think this is supposed to help the kids with simplified stories of the Book of Mormon, I found it awesome for me! When first studying the Book of Mormon, I find some of the vocab a little beyond my comprehension, but being able to read it side by side with this picture book, brings more understanding.

    18. Falsely teaches that the Laminates were cursed with dark skin. A closer read of the book of Alma explains that Mormon was referring to their clothing or garments being dark, as the Laminates wore skins about their loins. This promotes racism and the idea that white skin is preferable to God. When the Book of Mormon was translated white referred to purity of the soul, not of the skin.

    19. Arley loved his "Mor-man stories!" He would ask for them all the time. We just read him a page at a time since he was a short attention span, but even then it was a pretty quick read. It's a good summary of main events in the Book of Mormon. Which helps get a basic understanding of the BOM before they learn about it in primary, or read it themselves.

    20. The April Conference Jeff and I felt we better do better at reading our scriptures with our kids. We choose to read the Book of Mormon Stories and it was been very good for us. Kids are so smart! I love hearing them say works like "Liahona" or "Abinadi" etc. We finished the whole book and have moved on to other scripture.

    21. Recently finished reading this with TRuman, and it is awesome how much of the scriptures little children can soak up so quickly. It has been so much fun, that we had a battle with his army guys and my team was the nephites, and his team was the lamanites. So fun to see him remember, and know that these things really happened.

    22. My grandfather comes from a Mormon family, and there were always a lot of Mormons where I grew up. So I had a Mormon influence growing up, though I have to say, I didn't learn very much about it. Anyway, I remember this book being around. Men in suits were always coming by and trying to make being a Mormon fun or something. Didn't work!

    23. The simplicity of the illustrated and summarized Book of Mormon is great for children and for people like me, who like the pictures :) Reading this illustrated version in conjunction with the Book of Mormon helps me understand both better, and I would recommend the tactic to anyone muddled in the middle of Alma somewhere, trying to understand who's fighting whom and why they're warring.

    24. Five-stars for the art, one-star for the text. This one is all narrative, so your kiddos will get all the ultra violence of the Book of Mormon with little of its redemptive theological sermons and explications. If you must, go with the more recent BoM Stories. The art is dreadful, but at least it privileges theology over narrative.

    25. One of my fondest childhood memories is devouring this book cover to cover every Saturday. And sometimes, just to shake things up, I'd listen to the audio cassette. I can honestly attribute my love for scripture to this book. I wish they'd bring the old version back. The new one just doesn't have the pull for me that the original one had.

    26. I love this beautiful book! I love it because even though I understand the book of mormon, it helps me understand it more!I love how it has pictures and tons of details. I could read this over and over again!

    27. I've read it with my older daughter before. But I'm currently reading it with my little one towards her goal of reading the Book of Mormon for Primary. Since she's so young, if we read it to her twice this year it counts as having read the Book of Mormon for her.

    28. Love this for reading to my wee ones. The pictures and kid-appropriate narration ("dumbing down" if you will of original verses) make it easy for kids to understand and get excited about the Book of Mormon.

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