Twinderella, a Fractioned Fairy Tale

Have you heard the story of Cinderella Well, you don t know the half of it Cinderella had a twin sister, Tinderella They each did half the housework, half the mending, and half the mean step sister tending But when they meet only one prince, what will they do
Twinderella a Fractioned Fairy Tale Have you heard the story of Cinderella Well you don t know the half of it Cinderella had a twin sister Tinderella They each did half the housework half the mending and half the mean step sister te

  • Title: Twinderella, a Fractioned Fairy Tale
  • Author: Corey Rosen Schwartz Deborah Marcero
  • ISBN: 9780399176333
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. What fits better with a fractured fairy tale than fractions? This twist on the classic Cinderella story introduces us to Cin's twin Tin - a math whiz. What fun! The rhyme from Corey Rosen Schwartz is superb (as always) and the illustrations from Deborah Marcero are enchanting. This unique tale show us that life is not half-bad when you share your troubles. A must-read.

    2. This was actually pretty cute. A clever way to introduce simple fractions/dividing things in half also.

    3. A delightful twist on the traditional Cinderella story. I like the math element, but much more than that there is a lovely sharing message here. Corey Rosen Schwartz once again rises to the occasion, and Deborah Marcero is a delightful new talent to keep an eye on. Thanks to Penguin Random House for the review copy!

    4. This is the story you never heard about the twin you didn't know existed that discovered the best things in life were meant to be sharedor halvedor in thirdsor fourths. You get the drift.Math takes a front seat in this fraction loving fairy tale, but the story is still superb! Cinderella is the sister we know that dreams of meeting her prince and living happily ever after. Tinderella is the mystery twin who enjoys puzzles, riddles, and dreams of twice the space!It's a fancy dance through the tal [...]

    5. Best. Cinderella. Story. Ever. I'm a huge fan of Corey Rosen Schwartz's books and this one may be her best book yet. Filled with witty language and fun fractions, this story will make you laugh out loud! It starts with:"Once upon a wicked time,Two sisters were mistreatedGiven lengthy lists of chores That had to be completed."The synergy of the rhyme and illustrations create a whimsical masterpiece. My kids and I especially enjoyed the "fractioned" part of the tale where Cinderella and her twin s [...]

    6. Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book. As always, all opinions are our own. Twinderella is two times the fun! The book introduces us to Cinderella’s lesser-known sister Tinderella. Just as in the classic, the girls are servants to a wicked stepfamily. But in this telling, the sisters share half the household chores thanks to calculations of math-whiz Tinderella. When it comes time for Prince Charming’s ball, there is an awkward problem: the prince falls in lo [...]

    7. Thank you @kidlitexchange for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own. This is a fun fractured fairytale on the classic story of Cinderella. In this book, we meet Tinderella, Cinderella’s lesser known twin who just so happens to be a whiz with numbers. The two sisters still live with the wicked stepmother and are expected to complete meaningless chores. Thankfully Tinderella uses her skills to suggest that they can equally split each task to lessen the [...]

    8. #partner @kidlitexchange I received a copy of this book courtesy of KidLitExchange. All opinions are my own.Fractured fairy tales have become a big trend in kidlit lately, but this “fractioned” fairy tale takes things to a new level! It follows the story of Cinderella and her twin, Tinderella, as they experience the traditional story with the twist of sharing everything by half. The rhyming text is clever and the twins find their “happily ever half-ter” with a healthy dose of fractions a [...]

    9. Twinderella by Corey Rosen Schwartz was a twist on the classic Cinderella fairy tale with a big helping of math. The tale of Cinderella's twin Tinderella was how the two managed to split everything in half their entire lives until they meet Prince Charming. What to do now? The story was simple to follow and easily incorporate math skills such as half and double. There were many opportunities for literature and math to intersect. I am looking forward to sharing this story in my Fairy Tale and STE [...]

    10. Full review with teaching tools: unleashingreaders/?p=1I am a huge fan of fairy tale retellings. I think they are a perfect way to bring attention to something, tell a unique story, or teach students because it is set in a basis of prior knowledge that most students already have thus allowing for a comfortable base to scaffold up from. With Twinderella, the story of Cinderella is used to teach about fractions and division while also telling a story of two sisters that find a way to make sure the [...]

    11. Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book - all opinions are my own.“Twinderella: A Fractioned Fairy Tale” by Corey Rosen Schwartz is a mathematical take on one of the most popular, well loved fairy tales of all time. The story is told from the perspective of Cinderella’s twin sister, Tinderella. Instead of having to do al the chores herself, Cinderella shares the work with Tinderella, who happens to be quite a math whiz. She uses her skills to make sure each c [...]

    12. It's a winner on several counts. The premise is that Cinderella actually had a twin, Tinderella. Cin and Tin suffered the same mistreatment as in the original story, but they shared the tasks equally, halvsies, and offered each other the comfort of sisterly love and a many-hands approach to drudge work.With numerous examples illustrated simply and embedded in rhymed text, the two personalities emerge as highly compatible but distinctly different. Cin has the more traditional romantic bent to her [...]

    13. A fractured fairy tale sure to delight female and male readers with it's rhyming text and out-of-the-box mathematical solutions! Read this book aloud to a group of young readers and they will be hooked immediately by the clever rhyme weaved by author Corey Rosen Schwartz! Twinderella and her sister Cinderella, use fractions to divvy up the good and bad things that life throws at them, and with the help of a mathematically inclined fairy godmother, the alternate solution to half-ing prince charmi [...]

    14. Author Corey Rosen Schwartz, who is being well-known for her creative take on well-known fairy tales, with such titles as THREE NINJA PIGS, NINJA RED RIDING HOOD, and GOLDI ROCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, brings us yet another twist on an old tale about Cinderalla. Did you know Cinderella had a twin sister named Tinderella? Neither did I. But, both of the girls lived with their nasty step-mother and their nasty step-sisters, and both of them shared the nasty chores. They divided them in half, fifty-f [...]

    15. Did you know that Cinderella had a twin sister? Most people don't, but you should get to know Tinderella, math whiz extraordinaire. Corey Rosen Schwartz, teamed with Deborah Marcero, has created a sure to be smash hit with Twinderella. I love Schwartz's signature rhyming style, the words roll of my tongue magnificently, both in rhyme and meter and I can hardly wait to share this in storytime. Marcero's illustrations, watercolor with India ink, are bright and cheery with just the right amount of [...]

    16. Do you remember the story of Cinderella? Well, I bet you've only heard the half of it. Twinderella is the precious "fractioned" fairy tale of Cinderella. The children will love this rhyming story of Cinderella but with such a cute twist. Cinderella actually has a twin sister, Tinderella, and they half everything - half of the chores, half of their food, and even half of a bed. What happens one night when they go to the ball and they both dance with the prince? How in the world can you half a pri [...]

    17. I requested a copy from the author via Twitter. All opinions are my own.Did you know Cinderella had a twin? Her name is Tinderella. They shared EVERYTHING. Half of the chores, half of the mean step-sister tending, half of the gifts from the fairy godmother. How does this fairy tale end? You have to read TWINDERELLA to find out!I read this fractioned tale aloud to my fifth-grade class. They absolutely LOVED it. The bell rang before I could read the last two pages and many shouted, "No, read the r [...]

    18. *I received a copy of this from the Kidlitexchange network in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*Using a popular fairytale like Cinderella to teach the concept of fractions is very clever. I liked that the story stayed pretty close to the original and all the deviations made sense within context. At times I did find that the story wasn’t quite flowing well. I also found that it was lacking the wondrous feel that usually accompanies fairytale stories. I’m not sure if it w [...]

    19. Like all of Schwartz's book, this story has impeccable rhyme, great characters, and a fun narrative with a great lessons for kids. Like the classic fairy tale, Cin is a hard-working, mistreated sister. But in this fractured version, instead of wicked stepsisters (she still has the wicked stepmother), Cin has a devoted, numerically-savvy, kind twin: Tinderella.When the go to the ball together, the Prince is enchanted by the pair and dances all night with them both all night. But alas, how is a ha [...]

    20. The book was cute and a good introduction to fractions.I just wish someone along the way to getting it published looked at it and went "Maybe we shouldn't name Cinderella's twin TINDERella" I'm sure the intention was to play on tinder for a fire like cinder from the ashes and not the app. Younger students most likely won't make the connection (and if they do it's not your fault) but older students might.Plus CollegeHumor made a video of Cinderella and other Disney princesses using Tinder, that's [...]

    21. Twinderella is a mathtastic take on the classic fairy tale Cinderella. It is a clever review on basic fractions, and the subtitle “fractioned” is punny. With the review of fractions, I can easily see this being used in elementary math classrooms, to introduce the concept. Rosen-Schwartz, uses the style of rhyme that we have come to expect from her writing, the pace of the story is quick and engaging. Overall, Twinderella is a fun, clever take on a classic fairy tale that readers of Rosen-Sch [...]

    22. Some fairy tale variants are such a stretch or so contrived that they barely serve as worthy, but this one brings a new twist that will entertain and challenge older youngsters as well as the young ones.Would be great to introduce or reinforce 'half' and 'double' math lessons.Cartoonish, bright illustrations done in India ink, gouache, watercolor, and Photoshop. Panels present sections of the story, idea and speech bubbles, and diagrams to show the math concepts.This edition has a poster with ma [...]

    23. Thanks to the @kidlitexchange. All opinions are my own. .Love fairy tales, math, and new character twists?! Twinderella by Corey Rosen Schwartz is an adorable tale of two sisters Cinderella and Tinderella. The two encounter some problems along the way where Tinderella is able to use her Math skills to solve these problems. The author does a great job keeping the old story line there while adding new Math concepts and ideas into the book. The illustrations by @deborahmarcero are clever and cute! [...]

    24. I liked what this was attempting to do, but I really hated the ending with mixture of "pair the spare," and "teehee, does he have a brother," troupes. It started off pretty important with learning how to share, but the end was just toxic. Also, with the sister's name being "Tinder"ella, I just couldn't stop the inappropriate giggling. The art was really lovely, though, and I thought the title was cute!

    25. Enchanting and delightful, Twinderella tells the tale of Cinderella and her twin sister, Tinderella. Corey Rosen Schwartz is skilled at crafting clever, fun twists on well-known fairy tales, and this one is no exception. As always, her perfect meter creates an engaging page-turner and readers will be swept up in the story. To top it off, she expertly weaves a bit of math into the story line. This book is sure to be a favorite read-aloud for kids.

    26. In this twist on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella still toils for her wicked step-family, but only has half the chores because she shares them with her twin, Tinderella. The witty, rhyming text will keep young audiences giggling as they find out what the math savvy sisters do when Prince Charming falls in love with both of them! Reviewer 5

    27. TWINDERELLA is the best fractured fairy-tale yet! The rhyming action keeps the story moving and engaging. Fast paced but filled with illustration nuances sure to please the kiddos.Written by Corey Rosen Schwartz, illustrated by Deborah Marcero and published by G. P. Putnam Books.#FracturedFairyTale #funny #twins #rhyme

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