Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections

From the Millennium Falcon to Clone Battle Tanks, young fans can peel back high tech layers to reveal the cockpits, engines, hyperdrives, and construction secrets of the vehicles featured in the entire six film saga Full color.
Star Wars Complete Cross Sections From the Millennium Falcon to Clone Battle Tanks young fans can peel back high tech layers to reveal the cockpits engines hyperdrives and construction secrets of the vehicles featured in the entir

  • Title: Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections
  • Author: David West Reynolds Curtis Saxton Kerrie Dougherty Hans Jenssen Richard Chasemore
  • ISBN: 9780756627041
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections”

    1. After about 5-10 pages the first word that came to me was NERD!!! That is basically what you are if you read this book Man I am a semi nerd, OK more of a nerd when it comes to SW, but man not that much of a nerd This was pretty cool to see the vehicles, but this want far and beyond with the detail and description of what everything is. Man I don't know if this is everything, but there was some serious coordination with the SW people on thisIf you are a NERD, then maybe this is for you. If you ar [...]

    2. In my quest to read through many of my old books, I have found a true novelty item. SW:CCS is most definitely a quick read, probably an hour in total. It is mostly pictures with some supporting text boxes. My copy was released before Phantom Menace and only covers the original trilogy. I'm sure a newer and much larger version is out there now, but even the original trilogy cross-sections are interesting. I particularly liked the capital ships which almost have a "Where's Waldo?" feeling to them [...]

    3. This is a great guide if you like Star Wars! It focuses heavily on the first three movies more than the last three (which is good, because I like the former) and it sometimes shows how things work, which lead to great discussions about fiction vs nonfiction. I do not like it as well as the Complete Locations book, though.

    4. Asher (6yo) read all of this book (very carefully) mostly by himself. He said he really liked it because it helped him know how all the vehicles worked. I read a few of the pages with him and they chocked full of information. Very, very detailed information.Excellent, astounding, detailed to the extreme illustrations.

    5. Very cool book, showing the insides and mechanics of all the star wars vehicles (from the movies) and how they work. Theres not a ton of reading in it compared to other star wars books but its really cool, definatly something to look at when your bored!

    6. Quick read, awesome pictures and great for the kids or any Star Wars fan! It's worth it just to see the lil Jawas running around in their Sandcrawler!

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