His FBI Sub

This is an updated cover edition of for ASIN B00S38JEXK.Courtney Sears entered the exclusive Club Alpha Cove, a BDSM club on David s Island, all for the sake of uncovering a syndicate She was an undercover FBI agent, as tough as nails and as sassy as they come She led a lonely life, all due to a tragedy six years prior that forced her to draw away from anyone that meantThis is an updated cover edition of for ASIN B00S38JEXK.Courtney Sears entered the exclusive Club Alpha Cove, a BDSM club on David s Island, all for the sake of uncovering a syndicate She was an undercover FBI agent, as tough as nails and as sassy as they come She led a lonely life, all due to a tragedy six years prior that forced her to draw away from anyone that meant something to her Her job became her life, she took chances no one else would, but at least all her loved ones were kept alive Ruark Greer decided she was his the moment he laid eyes on her and set motions in place to keep her returning to his club as his sub Courtney was appalled when the bust was successful and found she had no other choice but to remain at the Club as a trainee sub Yet, her fascination with the gorgeous hunky Master known as my Liege, grew and under his unyielding hands, she discovered a need she could not deny Even though Courtney did her utmost to keep an emotional distance from him, Ruark refused to back down No matter how many hard FBI Agents she controlled, in the Club she was a sassy submissive, yet sweetly vulnerable He soon realized her defenses were keeping her on the fringe of her sexuality and living life to the fullest Note This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable Anal play, BDSM theme and elements Excerpt Courtney was actually quite annoyed at the fact that she was under instruction from Ruark not to play So, to get at least some action, she sassed Master Quinlan and ended up over a spanking bench, to receive ten strokes with a paddle Master Quinlan, is this a demonstration, or a punishment He was back Oh shit Punishment, my Liege She sassed me She is due ten with the paddle Is this her first punishment No, second Hmm well, why don t I take care of that for you As you wish, my Liege She felt his hands on her hips, slowly stroking the seam of the denim short she was wearing He walked to the front and slowly but deliberately tightened leather wrist cuffs around her wrists and hooked them to the steel shackles on the legs of the horse He slowly lowered the front part of the bench and lifted the back part higher Her ass was now sticking high into the air He stroked his finger down her cheek and leaned down Now is it not luck I decided to come back early, little pet He walked back to the other side and she gasped when she felt him lift her hips and unzip her shorts These are in my way They have to go No No matter how she wiggled or tried to kick at him, he had her shorts off and threw them on her back By the time he had her legs tied as well, she was breathless She gasped when his large hand stroked over her ass Her ass, sticking up in the air, with only a thong to cover her pussy She moaned when his finger dipped beneath the thong and stroked over her labia Sweet and so wet, little pet Not that I can see anything now, but from the glimpses I got at the Fashion show, you have a beautiful pussy She groaned and rested her forehead on the padded bench, her long hair like a curtain around her face Suddenly his fingers were gone and stroked over her ass Beautiful I can t wait to whip that pussy of yours, my pet Now tell me, why are you being punished I I sassed Master Quinlan She stammered, the thought of him whipping her pussy made her even wetter How He told me to bend over and grab my ankles.
His FBI Sub This is an updated cover edition of for ASIN B S JEXK Courtney Sears entered the exclusive Club Alpha Cove a BDSM club on David s Island all for the sake of uncovering a syndicate She was an under

  • Title: His FBI Sub
  • Author: Linzi Basset
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Ruark Greer, My Liege or King of BDSM, has been without a sub for years. When he plays, it's only at his club. But, the minute he sets eyes on Courtney, that all changes. He wants her and he wants her now! What he doesn't realize is that she is deep undercover as an FBI agent trying to infiltrate The Syndicate. Things go sideways on her mission but the bad guys are arrested. In the meantime she becomes a trainee submissive with Ruark as her Dom. It's not smooth sailing, as her sassy mouth fails [...]

    2. What a punch!This book had intrigue, it had hot alpha males, it had a badass woman and BDSM all wrapped into one. I loved it. I felt that the relationship between Ruark and Courtney was instant attraction. Their connection was deep and built throughout the story. Courtney is an FBI agent with a death wish. She rushes into dangerous situations and meets Ruark while under deep cover trying to take down the syndicate. Ruark is the ultimatehe is 'My Liege'. He demands respect and all that comes with [...]

    3. Absolutely amazing! Courtney and Ruark Wow! These 2 characters have a special place in my heart. I felt everything through them. I learned so much about the BDSM world through this book. I'm so glad they found that rare love most people dream about. Linzi you are amazing and I cant wait to dive into the rest of this series! READ THIS BOOK!!! I literally can't think of enough words to describe how this book made me feel. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. My heart pumped hard and my but was o [...]

    4. Amazing portrayal of bdsmLinzi Basset did an amazing job with the portrayal of Ruark and Courtney's bdsm dynamic and the trust and love Courtney needed to get past her fear of losing those she loves. I just started reading this series and I can't wait to read the next one.

    5. Love this book!Love this book. Lizi Basset knows how to pull you in and keep you interested. Hot alpha Dom with very hot sex scenes. Can't wait to read the next one. Would recommend this book and author.

    6. Hot hot hotThis is the first of Linzi’s club alpha cove books. It is smoking hot. Who doesn’t love a big bad Dom and a strong women willing to hand over control.

    7. Was not able to enjoy the book (despite the great scenes) because the punishments seemed too hard and often I didn't git the reasons for them. Sorry about that

    8. Ok so totally addicted to this series. Absolutely brilliant. You will not put it down and the next one can't be downloaded quick enough thanks Linzi

    9. If I could give this one negative stars I would. I really didn't like this book at all. I had read this story before through KU. So when I am commenting, I am going from what I remember plus what I read this time. It sounded familiar, but I honestly didn't recognize it from the blurb. Once I started reading it, I recognized it. I am always careful when reading this type of story because I have triggers. So I read the blurb. I read the look inside with the author's warning. I read reviews. I did [...]

    10. Needs a good editing and the use of contractions. The sex is hot but the punishments are over the top harsh.

    11. This book was a great read, didn't realize when I started that I wouldn't be able to put it down and that I would need to get the entire series. I relate to Courtney Sears, and her inner demonse love/hate relationship she has with her job and life she excels, lives her job, because she is afraid to feel. Her reunion with friends, her romance, the running away from feelingsraw emotions at times. Love Linzi Basset and her style of writing ank you

    12. 3*** for the content of the Scenes. For the Possibility of a good Love story.2** because having a story where all the Scenes are about Punishment just doesn't cut it for me. Ok so i'm done, i actually enjoyed the story very much. Loved the scenes even. i don't like that most of them were all about Punishments. You take a Vanilla woman & throw her into a complex D/s relationship with the "God of BDSM", (in the book anyway) & proceed to put unrealistic expectations on her. It'd be one thin [...]

    13. BDSMI did like the book. However, not being in the lifestyle, it's hard for me to understand the "out of the bedroom" aspect of the lifestyle. Also hard to go through the punishment aspect of it. I could never submit in that way to a man. I always make mistakes and when I get mad at my husband, I scream at him, and sometimes not respectfully (as he does too). But, after apologies, all is well. To be spanked, flogged, orgasm denial, etc for an infraction, NEVER. Maybe for pleasure, only. In any e [...]

    14. I actually enjoyed this story. We meet several of the members of the club that sets up future books.In this book we see the challenges as the owner meets a fiery FBI agent he makes his own. The problems arise because she is just learning the lifestyle and is very stubborn. I was actually happy with the choice made about Quin near the end.

    15. I loved this book. It reminds me of Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair. There are powerful doms, fbi, a bdsm club and twists and turns to keep you interested. This is the firs book of the series and I can't wait to read the rest of them.

    16. My. My. My.A new author to investigate. This story was interesting. He was a bit of a bad ass. Not my favorite Dom but he's ok. Story was good. And I shall read the rest.eagerly.

    17. Loved itNeeds a new cover but she is one kick a$$ girl. The women has super powers and she found a man strong enough to take her on. The story line was great kept me reading and was a little more different then the usual.

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