Blind Expectations

Aristotle once said the only thing constant in life is change Or was that Confucius Whatever People are fluid they come into your life for a while, and when it s time for them to float on, Leah has no qualms waving goodbye The only exception is her neighbor and best friend, Trevor When all else fails in her crazy world, Trevor is always there, reliable, steady real.Aristotle once said the only thing constant in life is change Or was that Confucius Whatever People are fluid they come into your life for a while, and when it s time for them to float on, Leah has no qualms waving goodbye The only exception is her neighbor and best friend, Trevor When all else fails in her crazy world, Trevor is always there, reliable, steady real But what happens when friendship blossoms into something Can Leah and Trevor s relationship survive the change Or will the weight of blind expectations cause them to lose the one thing they love each other
Blind Expectations Aristotle once said the only thing constant in life is change Or was that Confucius Whatever People are fluid they come into your life for a while and when it s time for them to float on Leah has no

  • Title: Blind Expectations
  • Author: Jacinta Howard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. One word to describe this story: FANFREAKINGTASTIC!I have had book boyfriends in my time, but never have I actually fallen in love with a fictional character. I mean, holy shit! Trevor Carmichael is the prototype!If you’ve never read the Friends to Lovers anthology, featuring Blind Expectations, then this will be new to you. If you have read the anthology, then this is the expanded, “life after” version. Either way, you need to read this story! This is real life situations told in a fictio [...]

    2. Jacinta Howard just keeps getting better and better. I think with this book she has solidified her place as one of my top three favorite writers of AA romance. With Trevor and Leah, she captures perfectly the lives of young Black creatives living in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the country for that demographic. Their voices are authentic, their concerns are real, and the conflicts they face in their relationships never feel contrived just for the sake of creating drama to move [...]

    3. Good ReadThere are a few things I like about the author, the stories she writes are always well written in my opinion. She has the ability to capture your attention and capture your emotions in the story right from the outset. The other thing I like which I will call it the authors signature style is the use of nicknames in the stories she writes. Blind Expectations definitely deals with some challenging issues. It's a good story, very nicely developed. The only thing I could have done without i [...]

    4. APB Perspective Review:Four authors got together and wrote a book of Novellas with a tag line written in each story " Because My Heart Said So. " I call their writing style Neo ,Sexy and Soulful. Jacinta Howard has grown so much as an author and I read her growth as I read this book. Art and music and writers are the stories she tells the best. Trevor The music writer and Leah the hip hop artist decide that they have more than friendship , the chemistry between these two is undeniable , I got re [...]

    5. Great Full Length Novel Blind Expectations is the full length novel from the friend to lovers collection. I had to read Jacinta's story first because I fell in love with Trevor during that novella. Part I of this novel is actually the novella that was featured in Because My Heart Said So. I was pleased that this was included because I did not have to go back to the original novel to read this. Part II starts months after Part I ends and deals with married life between Trevor and Leah. Trevor thi [...]

    6. Couldn't put it down!Trevor and Leah are so real life! Felt like I was inside the story!Trevor makes you want to have a man just like him.Jacinta Howard never disappoints! Have read All her books and this is the best yet!

    7. Incredible Read!I have not read a book from this author in a while and I see I've obviously been sleeping on her. Trevor and Leah's story was a pleasant surprise. I usually shy away from the friends to lovers story but I'm so glad I gave this book a chance.

    8. Nicely written story as Trevor genuinely cared for Leah & his actions showed how much love he had for her. Relaxing read that held my attention. Good ending

    9. High Expectations I had very high expectations after reading the novella this summer. And my did she deliver! Ms. Howard delivered a solid story that allowed readers to relive the relationship between Trevor and Leah. Leah was a tough nut to crack for Trevor. Because of her upbringing and her constant need to protect her heart; Leah was the small prickly thorn in Trevor's side. Trevor deserved an award for his tenacity to hang on to the roller coaster ride named Leah Liftoff, and having the pass [...]

    10. Soul Deep!I have only ever connected with one other literary couple the way I connected with Trevor and Leah. Jacinta Howard, made me root for them. I cried with them. I could see myself in them. This novel is written not with purple prose but the stark reality of relationships. Jacinta Howard writes each and every word and it is palpable. Through Trevor and Leah's, I thought about my own feelings about love. I immersed myself in this book. Trevor and Leah loves each other but is love ever enoug [...]

    11. Trevor and Leah story was heartfelti really enjoyed this book. Leah worked my nerves a lot in this book and was so glad when she got it together. A story.

    12. This full length novel which was recently featured in the collaboration, "Because My Heart Said So" details the martial journey of Trevor and Leah. So they're married, .w what?Trevor and Leah find that marriage isn't all pancakes and morning sex; it takes a lot of work. But are they both willing to work through their marital issues for better or worse?I must say, I've been hooked on Jacinta Howard's work from I first read Happiness in Jersey (readatok). Though her first, I would have never guess [...]

    13. Seriously enjoyed this book. Absolutely loved Trevor and Leah, which I found shocking. Usually I prefer one or the other. The perfect example of opposites attract. There were a few points I didn't enjoy. One being their lack of communication, something I'm sure the majority of us can't handle. They had some major issues I felt were left unsolved. I was hoping for some sort of dialogue about it, but it was all about I love you. Which is great, but when there are so many other factors going agains [...]

    14. These two!Loved Part 1 of this book, and the love fest continued in Part 2. I was a little surprised that Leah and Trevor got married so quickly, although I have no idea why. I thought the author did a great job of realistically portraying the issues faced by young, struggling couples. I loved how much Trevor loved and took care of Leah in the novella. But he worked my nerves a little in this one. I couldn't help but feel like he put Leah in a very awkward position regarding the Brandon situatio [...]

    15. As real as it gets!They say love conquers all, but does it really? Leah and Trevor met when he helps his new neighbor move into the building, and they develop a close, platonic friendship. Over the years, their friendship involves into something more, and the love they share for another is tangible, passionate thing. They have cross the line from friends to lovers, and must navigate the ups and downs and high and lows of what it means to be in a committed relationship. Now that the dynamics of t [...]

    16. CloudedI understood that there was supposed to be blind expectations in the book. But somehow I felt the confrontations when finally approached and dialogue fell short. I felt that the H was jealous, and hypocritical in his wants and needs. ***some spoilers*** He would get super angry about things that never happened and her past. So when she lied about apart of her past he's understandably upset but it makes sense why she lied because he never handled his issue with jealousy. He had lunch with [...]

    17. Am I the only person who thinks Jacinta's pic makes her look like Alicia Keys Okay nevermind. Anywhooo I love Jacinta's book and this one is fabulous. Leah and Trevor decide to take their friendship to the next stratosphere and Lord these two are out of this world with their madness and insecurities and issues. I love their thick, rich love story. One filled with bumps, bruises and nail bighting moments. This is one of those things you have to experience for yourself. Leah had the bad habit of p [...]

    18. Soooo Good!This is an engaging, thoughtful, enjoyable look into a couple as they transition from friends to lovers to married life and the real life challenges they face on their love journey. I really loved Leah and Trevor's story. I just love how the author writes her male lead characters. I love how they Love their women while still being a little alpha. Another great read by Jacinta Howard.

    19. Excellent StoryI loved the follow up to Leah and Trevor's story. This story was not a fairytale, it was about real life. Marriage takes work and couples have their ups and downs. This story was relatable. I absolutely love positive stories about black love and this story did not disappoint.I have read all of Jacinta Howard's stories and I'm looking forward to what she has in store for us next.

    20. Blind ExpectationsThis truly was a blind expectation. Jacinta allowed us to get a more in-depth look into Trevor and Leeah's marital journey. Marriages are not all peaches and cream, roses and candy. There will be trials and triumphs. It's not always a fairytale. This book also delved into the importance of communication and keeping oneself from being caught up and destroying what you have. Great read! Nown I get a Prototype book 3 please and thank you!

    21. Blind ExpectationsThis book truly exceeded my expectations only because I couldn't see how much more I needed to know about Trevor & Leah. Their story was amazing and I'm glad that cracked the pages to find out more. Ms. Howard is a gifted and talented writer and I plan to read more of her work.

    22. Absolutely Loved it!!!I loved the realness of this story! How realistic and the journey it takes you on is so true I form! I loveeeedddd it! Leah and Trevor are your classic friends to lovers story wrapped in a complicated situation. Thing after thing came and they attacked it in their own little way! Great emotional read.

    23. Loved it!My expectations are high whenever I start a Jacinta Howard book and as usual, this did not disappoint! Trevor and Leah are funny, serious, sexy and real. Their story touches on the fundamental reason people marry and stay married. I don't know but this couple is giving my all time favorites, Dorian and Raven, a run for the money!!

    24. The perfect man Jacinta Howard has written so many of my favorite book boyfriends. Finding her work has been one of the highlights of my reading life, but Trevor has a special place in my heart and so does Leah. I loved every bit of their love story and now I'm just semi-patiently waiting for Ms. Howard's next work.

    25. Excellent read! Feels like real love on the pages. A thoughtful perfectly sexy and often funny story featuring creative/artistic leading characters who are community focused, message driven and best of all not self absorbed. Bravo Jacinta! If you're writing, I'm reading.

    26. Loved itI have been waiting on a this full instalment of Leah and Trevor. This story shows that even women with promiscuous past needs love too. Trevor and Leah relationship has a lot of growing pains but their journey makes you believe it's worth it.

    27. This was a really amazing book. It felt quite long but it was super engaging. Very realistic but such a powerful love story.

    28. Satisfying!!!!I read the condensed version which was a part of the collaboration with other writers but the expanded version is so much better. I

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