Behaving Like Adults

Meet Holly, the sunny twenty nine year old owner of Girl Meets Boy, a dating service for those who are beautiful inside and out Though she s a successful matchmaker, she hasn t quite fulfilled her own relationship dreams her ex fianc , Nick, seems unlikely to progress from his job as Mr Elephant, children s party entertainer So when her friends dare her to pick a maMeet Holly, the sunny twenty nine year old owner of Girl Meets Boy, a dating service for those who are beautiful inside and out Though she s a successful matchmaker, she hasn t quite fulfilled her own relationship dreams her ex fianc , Nick, seems unlikely to progress from his job as Mr Elephant, children s party entertainer So when her friends dare her to pick a man off the top of the pile, she s game.But in one awful evening, the seemingly perfect Stuart turns out to be a complete cad, and Holly s belief in the goodness of humanity takes a hit What does it mean for her business and her romantic future if she can no longer trust her ability to read people Holly s friends and colleagues are drawn into the complicated drama of her life, while Holly learns her most important lesson to trust herself.Rueful and hilarious, Behaving Like Adults is a must read novel of men and women growing up in spite of themselves.
Behaving Like Adults Meet Holly the sunny twenty nine year old owner of Girl Meets Boy a dating service for those who are beautiful inside and out Though she s a successful matchmaker she hasn t quite fulfilled her own

  • Title: Behaving Like Adults
  • Author: Anna Maxted
  • ISBN: 9780060096687
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Had to stop reading this book because it was bumming me out. Anna Maxted has a knack for weaving totally serious and depressing topics into her pink covered lady books. Which is cool, you know. Convincing the world that chick lit isn't just fluff and all. But the main character gets raped in the beginning of this book. Okay, I can deal with that. I kept reading. But her struggle with herself to decide if she can apply the R word to what happened to her, and vacillating between thinking it's her [...]

    2. The first three paragraphs are GREAT. The rest is not. Cliched plot, cliched characters. It's been done before, and definitely done better.

    3. Until recently I have shunned "chick lit" but I also don't believe in completely ignoring a genre because of personal prejudice. I chose to read this book for two conflicting reasons that in themselves sum up the book beautifully: the sleek cover art and because of the "tougher issues" addressed in the book.The book for the most part is a typical chick lit: a thirty year old successful woman in a glamorous job tosses aside her long time boyfriend/fiance for her own shallow insecurities. Having g [...]

    4. The first paragraph of the book got me, hook, line, and sinker: Modern women don't believe in love. Believing in love carries roughly the same stigma as halitosis. It's as old-fashioned as going on a diet (as opposed to a detox). It suggests you have no sense of irony, and you like Meg Ryan films (the traditional sort). A modern woman cannot accept that Father Christmas is a fraud and persist in believing that one sunny day her dark handsome destiny will appear in a puff of Fahrenheit and haul h [...]

    5. Fortunately, I was pre-warned that this book was about a date-rape, and that's why I read it. There were many lines in Anna Maxted's book that really rang true for me, being a rape survivor myself. Holly starts to disconnect from her life and becomes extremely irresponsible after the assault. She also starts hating on her good from Nige, just because he is a guy. Until she really starts to process the rape and realize what she's doing. These anecdotes I felt were portrayed correctly.However, I f [...]

    6. This book was a little different than i expected it to be It,s set in London .Holly is the twenty nine year old owner of Girl meets Boy a dating service for those who are beautiful inside and out. Though she,s a success at match making her own love life is a disaster. Her ex fiance still lives in the house with her that they bought together.He doesn,t really work , he has a job as an elephant for childrens parties once in awhile. His parents are rich and they treat him like a child. When he fina [...]

    7. This book was really unimpressive, and it was hard to get into. I never got into it, even by the last page. Reading it to the finish was just an act of stubbornness. First of all, the characters did not seem believable at all. The main character, Holly, who also serves as the narrator, apparently runs her own business and owns a home, but she can lock herself up at home for weeks at a time without doing any work. She has a sister named Claudia who is a lesbian, and she has another sister who is [...]

    8. I wasn't sure if I would like this. I decided to give it another chance. Not too long in the book I was laughing out loud and that does not happen to me that much so I decided to keep reading. Then something i totally did not expect happened. The rape. You don't expect it in a chick lit book.Anyways then when reading a bit more I thought O no, she is going to be nice to her rapist? I do not think I can read anymore, but I did keep on and glad I did.It took me ages to read, I am not sure why. May [...]

    9. i'm glad to say this book ended much better than it began.s taken more seriously, interesting events that occurred. pretty good, considering how frustrated i was early on.-------------------------------------------------------------2/5/2008i'm becoming more unsatisfied/frustrated with maxted the more i read her. this one has some weird references to a possible date rape scenario, seems to minimize it, much in the way one of maxted's other books minimized the main character's anorexia. it's too b [...]

    10. Anna Maxted is my guilty pleasure. This was the third book I'd read by her. It's probably my least favorite, but I still enjoyed it. I pick up her books to laugh and get a happy ending, and Maxted delivered on both. One thing I appreciate about her books is that even though they are funny, they also have a serious undertone. I think that in this book she tackles something more difficult than in the other two books I'd read by her, and maybe that's why I didn't like it quite as much. Still worth [...]

    11. This one was hard to get through, not because it was bad, but because of the event that happened that shook the protagonist. Without giving too much detail, it was pretty seriousbut yet the author found a way to keep humor around the situation, which is much like real life. Comedy doesn't stop because of something terrible has happened so kudos to the writer to keeping it light but yet serious with awareness at the same time.

    12. This is Anna Maxted’s third novel, and once again, she’s outdone herself. This time, her main character, Holly, is a successful, confident woman – that is, until she is sexually assaulted. Holly’s world is turned upside down, and the novel becomes about her journey back to her old self. Once again, Maxted had you multi-tasking while you read her books – you flip the pages, both laughing and crying.

    13. I picked up this book from a free secondhand books stall expecting a fun but trashy read. It turned out to be a lot better than I expected - very easy to read and very light, chick-lit style but with some much more serious themes (rape, adoption, business freud etc.). Really enjoyed reading this!

    14. As the rating suggests, this book was okay. There is nothing special about it, the narrative wasn't riviting although it was interesting how the protagonist views and deals with her rape. Funny in places but overall not amazing.

    15. Ah chick lit people don't understand why I would like it, I think. I'm not a woman! I'm kind of austere and severe! I'm unromantic! But whenever I read something that really gets into the female experience, I find myself seeing how very much I am like a woman. Sometimes, as with Brene Brown's book on shame, I see how I feel disempowered and ashamed, while in this case, some of that was there, but here I resonated more with the protagonist's desire to please and make people happy while also being [...]

    16. Despite having one of the ugliest covers ever recorded in the annals of chick lit (I'm talking about the pink one), this is one good book.

    17. ‘Behaving Like Adults’ is darker than the cover would lead you to believe. It tells the story of Holly, the boss at a dating service agency called Girl Meets Boy. Her own relationship has failed as she views her ex-fiance Nick as immature. To get a fresh start and hopefully meet the man of her dreams she goes on a date with a guy named Stuart and the unthinkable happens.The book incorporates the heavy subject of rape and it is written very realistically and explored in-depth. After Holly’s [...]

    18. When I picked up this book to read, I wasn't really sure what it was about and I didn't bother reading the jacket copy. I knew it would be chick lit, you can tell that by the cover. And I enjoy the genre. In fact, I've been so immersed in paranormal the last couple of years I've come to crave contemporary stories, be they chick lit or straight out romance. The way I see it, there are two varieties of chick lit. You have the fluffy stories with the silly young heroine who goes through life making [...]

    19. Another great read from Anna Maxted. Despite the creeptastic cover art, there's a lot to like between the covers. It's chick lit with less shopping and shoes and more heart. Characters are given time and space to grow, and instead of insipid magazine interns, you get businesswomen with enough quirks and flaws to make them intriguing and human. It's not a thrill-a-minute page turner, or a happily every after romance - it's more like hanging out with friends over a span of time. The subject matter [...]

    20. I am a connoisseur of chick lit. I've read a bunch, and every so often, when I'm in an airport, and the only books I've brought with me to read were non-fiction and sometimes a bit weighty, I buy another one. It was down to this one and one by Marian Keyes, and I've read one of the latter's before so I figured, what the hell, and picked up this one. It's standard fare except except for one event that drives the novel and is unusual to find in light, fluffy fare. A rape happens within the first 7 [...]

    21. Hmmm this is a difficult one.Bit of a conundrum here as, on the one hand, Anna Maxted is a highly skilled writer. Her descriptions are fun and interesting and dialogue is good - ticking all the right boxes for an interesting read. However - big HOWEVER - this book was extremely boring. I was wondering if this is evidence that the best technical writers don't necessarily write the best stories.As far as plot goes, something happens in the beginning - then nothing very much happens at all - just p [...]

    22. Ugh, I really like Maxted's books as she's the master of jaw-dropping surprises and dark-tinted chick lit. They're sooo addicting especially since her characters are either making achingly bad decisions or plot bombs are dropping in every chapter. But I just couldn't make it through this book. The main problem? It was surprisingly hard to follow. Not in terms of the plot but just that I couldn't follow the main character's train of thought at all. It's written in first person but it somehow mana [...]

    23. I loved this book. I love Anna Maxted. I love that she makes me laugh on almost every page. Anna Maxted is always sharp, wry, snarky, and clever and that comes through well here. As with a previous book by Maxted, this one was longish in the plot department, but I was happy about that because it meant more for me to read. Yes! That's how good the writing is.Character-wise, Maxted takes time for her heroine to figure people out around here, from her boyfriend who has some childish qualities to hi [...]

    24. i'm not completely sure if i want to give this 2 stars or 3. it was easy reading, like a beach book, except it was quite a bit longer than most of those and also covered some pretty serious material. i love her conversational text and the humor - a few times i did laugh actually out loud just a tiny bit. (nothing ridiculous, just a little heh-heh of course - don't judge me). i enjoyed the beginning and end, but felt like i was struggling a bit through the material in the middle and wasn't as exc [...]

    25. For me, the story turned out to be secondary to the psychology of the characters. This book made me notice that i often read the action and conversations more closely, but skim through the thought processes. The reason i noticed is because when i went to do that (during a conversation that was interrupted for a pages-long mental soliloquy) it didn't work. Initially that was annoying, but i came to LOVE this book for just those trains of thought. Holly's thoughts and feelings seemed amazingly rea [...]

    26. Despite some the reviews I've read on this, I was impressed with this book. I grabbed it for some light, humorous reading, a chick-lit book that I could just drown myself in but I love the way it was done. It definitely took on some of the more serious topics and did it well. It was still light reading but I feel that it was done in a matter that made me want to keep reading and not want to put it down! When tackling serious topics, it was still humorous and made out to be a journey in a women's [...]

    27. This book was very different than what I had anticipated. It was emotionally unsettling at parts & sometimes I wasn't sure if I could continue with how the protagonist was dealing (or not dealing) with events in her life.I thought of Manjit. In his early twenties, Manjit suffered from clinical depression. Nick, trying to be helpful, had suggested that going for a run in the park might help. Wasn't exercise good for depression? No, replied Manjit. Exercise was good if you merely felt a bit lo [...]

    28. What with the quirky cover and the synopsis provided behind the novel, I had no blooming idea what a serious topic I was to be presented with in the next few pages. I don't think I've ever been mislead in this sense by a book before but I did not much mind the change of subject, in my honest opinion. I'm definitely all for soppy, happily-ever-after endings but I sort of found it super rushed in this story. What a hell-hole the victims go through and that wasn't particularly depicted that well, I [...]

    29. Anna Maxted, the chick lit author who always likes to take it darker with an issue. This book's issue was date rape. Our main character is a happy woman who always wears pink and runs a dating agency, when one night she is date raped. While also going through a divorce with another guy. Issues pile up and she keeps things inside. This book tries to sort out people's thoughts and guilt about whether date rape is real rape, and what bottling things up inside can do to rot your life. As you can ima [...]

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