Being Committed

A hopeless unromantic gets acrash course in love in the fourthhilarious novel from bestsellingauthor Anna MaxtedAfter her disaster of a marriage ends when she is justtwenty, Hannah is convinced you have to be out of yourmind or desperate to tie the knot And life without ahusband at thirty one is just fine, thank you very much.She has a steady job working as a private inA hopeless unromantic gets acrash course in love in the fourthhilarious novel from bestsellingauthor Anna MaxtedAfter her disaster of a marriage ends when she is justtwenty, Hannah is convinced you have to be out of yourmind or desperate to tie the knot And life without ahusband at thirty one is just fine, thank you very much.She has a steady job working as a private investigator albeit a mediocre one a devoted boyfriend of fiveyears, Jason and a wonderful relationship with her dad it s a shame her mother is such a lost cause Then, ona romantic weekend retreat to a faux ancient castle,Jason proposes marriage, leaving Hannah with nochoice but the obvious to turn him down cold.Much to her horror, four weeks later, Jason becomesengaged to his next door neighbor, a fine bakerand proficient seamstress Has Hannah blown herlast chance at a solid relationship as her familyclaims Jason agrees to give her another chance butonly if she meets his terms, among them a promise todust off the many skeletons in her closet.Brimming with her characteristic blend of humorand heartache, Anna Maxted s Being Committed is a perceptivelook at intimacy and its substitutes , commitmentphobia, and the power others have over us.
Being Committed A hopeless unromantic gets acrash course in love in the fourthhilarious novel from bestsellingauthor Anna MaxtedAfter her disaster of a marriage ends when she is justtwenty Hannah is convinced you ha

  • Title: Being Committed
  • Author: Anna Maxted
  • ISBN: 9780060096700
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is a really good read about being committed to both yourself and others in your life. It’s about family and how your past really can affect your future if you let it. Hannah has to go through a lot of relationships to get back to her one true love. She spends much of the book evaluating her purpose and role in her own immediate family and this helps her to move forward. She has to face the past and family secrets head on and once she had really and truly accepted them she can be a product [...]

    2. This book and I had a love hate relationship. There were several times I almost stopped reading it. The first 100-150 pages were painful. The author went on long tangents about back stories of the characters, but each one was jumbled in the middle of another. There was a lot of self analysis of Hannah, the main character. The book is also written by a British author, who heavily uses British slang and colloquialisms that often went over my head (as an American) so I missed many of the jokes of t [...]

    3. I think I read this too soon after reading Marian Keyes' "Mystery of Mercy Close". Both were about unlikeable single-gal detectives (though "Mystery" was set in Ireland), and the glass-half-full theme prevails. The thing that really left me unimpressed about BC is that the main character has such a personality turnaround, the likes of which I've never witnessed in real life. Yeah, it would be nice if every clueless, mean person suddenly stumbled upon a closely-gaurded secret that subsequently ma [...]

    4. This book annoyed me to no extent. I struggled to finish it, which is surprising, given how many good reviews it's gotten on here and in other places. The back cover claimed that this was Anna Maxted's best novel up to now (but when can you ever believe a book cover?) and as I hadn't read anything from her before, I thought it was a good place to start. I fear I won't be reading any more books from her though. The main character was, in my opinion, completely obnoxious and unlikeable. I can unde [...]

    5. I feel kind of ambivalent about this book. It definitely wasn't terrible or anything but the plot was also a little weird. Mostly I was confused by the fact that the main character seemed truly unlikeable, slobbish, schlumpy and self-centered so I couldn't figure out why she had two nice guys fawning over her the entire book. It was just confusing to me as a reader.

    6. het enge positieve aan dit boek is dat ik het heb uitgelezen.en dat heeft dan ook nog eens heel veel moeite gekost. sorry echt niet mijn ding, veel te chaotisch, egoïstische personages, geen herkenbaarheid (gelukkig maar)

    7. ‘Being Committed’ is about Hannah who turns down her boyfriend, Jason’s marriage proposal and is then given a second chance, provided that she agrees to his terms and conditions.Hannah wasn’t likeable to me. I didn’t like how she was indecisive and seemed to jump back and forth between two guys. Her problem with commitment stems from an incident in her childhood as well as her failed marriage at the age of twenty. At that time, she was married to Jack and cheated on him. Basically she [...]

    8. Selfish, selfish selfish. What is it when British people? All this reading makes me never want to go back. Seriously, I wish Americans knew more about the s. pacific countries. Not only are they easier to get into and stay for a while, but the people are so much less selfish! Okay, I am going off onto something else here now. Anyway, this book is about a Girl who can’t make up her mind between the old and the new. And I couldn’t tell either of the Dude’s apart, as their names both began wi [...]

    9. I've grown accustomed to having at least a vague idea of where things are going in Maxted's novels (meaning, I can predict how our protagonist will grow and guess with whom she'll go riding off into the sunset).That doesn't mean Being Committed didn't throw a few surprises my way. And I don't just mean with the plot. Let me tell you, I did not expect to start laughing with such force that my boyfriend came from the other room to see what was the matter, only to see me smiling, gasping for air, w [...]

    10. 2 1/2 stars. It took me a while to slug my way through this one. I liked the main character, Hannah and thought she was funny, sarcastic and enjoyed the fact that she wasn't a girly girl. The story itself however didn't have a lot of action or gravity to it. It was all delving into the psychology of Hannah, her past and why she had trouble committing to relationships. It seemed very long to me, and dragged a bit, and I'm relieved that I'm finished with it and can move on to another book. There w [...]

    11. I had a hard time with the rating. Up until page 300 something I would have given it four stars, but I got to the page where I learned the main character hates recycling, and immediately lost respect. I wanted to give it just one star because of that, but it was really just that one page that was awful. But it was good up to that point, and it has a good ending. I was slightly inclined to not want her to end up with either of the potential mates because they both seemed to be jerks in different [...]

    12. At first I didn't think I was going to enjoy 'Being Committed' by Anna Maxted. The main character was a cliched 'zany yet well-meaning' girl who has trouble with her relationships. The author kept going off into long-winded asides and the humour seemed forced. All the characters were rather annoying with their commitment problems and family secrets. Even Jack, who presumably we are meant to like, is judgmental, stubborn and self-absorbed. But then I began to warm to these silly characters weighe [...]

    13. I loved this book! A lot of reviewers said the main character is unlikable at the beginning, but I never felt that way about her. I liked her from the beginning. You could tell she had emotional issues she needed to work out & duh the title of the book! The first proposal from Jason had me rolling w/ with laughter!!! I even read it to my mom & she was cracking up! I seem to always fall in love w/ the main men in Anna's books! They are such lovely British men!I love Anna Maxted's writing [...]

    14. I enjoy Anna Maxted but the more I read by her the more I notice a sameness to her protagonists. They are all incredibly damaged people. And it's always tied to long buried family issues. These women always have some tragedy to overcome - rape, the death of a parent, eating disorder, intimacy/commitment issues, the infidelity of a parent. Emotionally these women are train wrecks. While I enjoy her writing and the acerbic humor, the drama of these women to overcome such incredible baggage can be [...]

    15. This reminded me of how people described the sit-com, Seinfeld: A show about nothing. The book seemed to be a book about nothing, but I kept reading as the author has a style that begs the reader to keep going, and as fast as one can. I had the sense of urgency in her storytelling style. However, I couldn't figure out why I kept reading - it just didn't seem to go anywhere until more than halfway through. The writing style is what gripped me and kept me going, but scratching my head at the conte [...]

    16. I really liked it. It is written in first person with self-depricating humor that I just love. Hannah is a woman with a healthy fear of intimacy. She has Jason who is ready and willing to marry her. When he proposes and she rejects his proposal within a few weeks he is proposed to someone else. Did she lose her chance at a lasting love? So she sets out to win her back her man but he has a lot of demands now that he has her where he wants her. Will she jump through his hoops or will she find her [...]

    17. This has been my least favorite of Anna Maxted’s novels, but I still loved it. That’s how good Maxted is. Like her other books, the subject is serious, but the writing is humorous. Hannah is a girl who thinks she has it all, and the last thing she wants is a husband – she’s been there, done that. When her long-term boyfriend proposes, Hannah’s world is turned upside down – her own fault, of course, as she says no, then yes, then no again. Hannah’s drama will suck you in, and you’ [...]

    18. Fun Read. Hannah a 30-year-old London private investigator with commitment issues and a breezy lack of sensitivityJason, Hannah's boyfriend of five years pops the question and Hannah turns him down, only to realize that she wants him after all. Jason agrees to give Hannah another chance if she promises to resolve her intimacy issues, visit a therapist and make amends with Jack, her ex-husband, who's now a successful theater agent.

    19. Maxted's books are usually chick lit with a dark, more realistic side. This one was more on the chick littiness of chick lit. This woman is a detective but over the book detects things instead about herself and her family. It was only ok, it never drew me in, although it got better at the end. Still, it's no Running with Heels. If you're a fan of her work, why not read it, but if you've never read anything by her, don't begin with this one. It was just ok.

    20. Okay, this is definitely a summer beach read… one I snagged for free from an e-book sale and read here and there on my phone. Not the best or the worst of the genre… it takes the female lead through various relationship hoops to her 'aha!' moment at the end. Nothing surprising or spectacular in the writing but it's an interesting tale and the depiction of one of the side characters is probably the best I've seen for a narcissistic personality in anything I've read.

    21. DNF. I loved Maxted's Running in Heels and in fact reread it often. I just could not continue fooling myself that this book would live up to that standard. The main character was unlikable. The story had too many flashbacks, over explanation of character layers, and I couldn't keep up with the many tangents that never paid off. Too many books with the potential to be read and too little time to trudge through this one!

    22. This is a wonderfully snarky book, rich with sarcasm and very dry wit. Hannah and her family make even the craziest, most dysfunctional family look normal by comparison. Anna Maxted's characters say and do the most outrageous things, usually without any sort of filter, sort of like a room full of 4-year-olds. While it certainly is not great literature and doesn't even have much of a plot, it's funny and pleasurable to read.

    23. This was a predictable book and an easy read. That is not to say I did not enjoy it. I read this in a day and enjoyed it. You know exactly where the story is going in the first few pages, but she did a good job of keeping you entertained getting there. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an entertaining short read.

    24. This book annoyed me! I felt like it was just rambling on and on, and at times the rambling was confusing. Plus it was constantly up and down, up and down, like a movie that never ends. I didn't really enjoy how this author wrote. It took me a really long time to read. I just couldn't give it up, because I felt like I should finish it, I don't know why!

    25. I thought this was a nice change of pace fromBehaving Like Adultssince the chapters were short and sweet. Although Hannah, the protagonist, is far from likable, she is undeniably hilarious, as are her romantic foibles and unlike the former novel, the supporting cast is pitched perfectly.

    26. Apparently I read this book, because I have it written down in a list of books which I read in 2005. I remember all the books on the list - except this one. Despite reading through half the reviews, I still can't recall anything about this book. Thus, it can't have been earth-shatteringly amazing.

    27. [on difficult women]" 'Difficult' gives an impression of being wild, independent, untamable, which I like. But, stripped of its cute, coltish associations, I fear the true translation of 'difficult' is 'bad-tempered.' ""However, five years on, I returned to Polzeath in a contrite spirit. Which sounds like a sports car, but alas, no."

    28. I found this in a pile of free books. Sorta fluffy chick read, but with a more wicked sense of humor than most. The author's British, so I enjoyed the slang. A really fast read, and not great, but not bad either. About a girl with intimacy issues - she knows she's an arse and just can't help herself.

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