Getting Over It

Helen Bradshaw isn t exactly living out her dreams She s a lowly assistant editor at GirlTime magazine, she drives an ancient Toyota, and she has a history of choosing men who fall several thousand feet below acceptable boyfriend standard Not to mention that she shares an apartment with a scruffy , tactless roommate, her best girlfriends are a little too perfect, and theHelen Bradshaw isn t exactly living out her dreams She s a lowly assistant editor at GirlTime magazine, she drives an ancient Toyota, and she has a history of choosing men who fall several thousand feet below acceptable boyfriend standard Not to mention that she shares an apartment with a scruffy , tactless roommate, her best girlfriends are a little too perfect, and the most affectionate male in her life her cat, Fatboy occasionally pees in her underwear draw.Then Helen gets the telephone call she least expects Her father has had a massive heart attack Initially brushing off his death as merely an interruption in her already chaotic life they were never very close, after all , Helen is surprised to find everything else starting to crumble around her Her pushy mother is coming apart at the seams, a close friend might be heading toward tragedy, and, after the tequila incident, it looks as though Tom the vet will be sticking with Dalmatians Turns out getting over it isn t going to be quite as easy as she thought.
Getting Over It Helen Bradshaw isn t exactly living out her dreams She s a lowly assistant editor at GirlTime magazine she drives an ancient Toyota and she has a history of choosing men who fall several thousand fe

  • Title: Getting Over It
  • Author: Anna Maxted
  • ISBN: 9780060988241
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I gave four to this book for the great British humor which made me laugh not only once. It was a relaxing read, which will probably not be remembered for long though. A perfect girlish novel, no doubt. I might take another book of A. Maxted when I need an easy-going, and not engaging story to read. I think that many of us can find some similarities with the personality of Helen Bradshaw. It's interesting to encounter all her fears, thoughts, mistakes etc and learn from them- get over them. The d [...]

    2. This is the second Maxted book I've read and I'm seeing a pattern - or is it a formula? Selfish, self-absorbed, shallow working girl from a very dysfunctional family tries to sort out her love life, stumbling through several inappropriate relationships and alienating "her true love" until he sees through her snarky exterior to the potential within and they go off happily ever after. Hmmmph. It was ok for the first book. But to repeat the formula is like eating leftovers, not as good the second t [...]

    3. I am a big fan of Anna Maxted's! I really enjoy her clever wit and ability to express in words some of the feelings that we all share, but don't know how to articulate. She writes of real life and while I'm assuming that the primary audience for her books would be women in their 20s and 30s, I do think there is the potential for broad appeal. I feel like I grew up with her and I am always looking forward to her next book!

    4. "But faint lady never won fair knight. Well actually she always won fair knight, but these days knights are lazier and ladies more proactive. "I like how this book is not a sugar-coated romance. Helen continues to pursue Tom despite the ups and downs of the relationship. I admire her courage for not giving up on it and keep trying. The quote above basically explains the character of Helen.The author also depicted the grief process of a person really well. The five stages of grief (Kubler-Riss gr [...]

    5. The full review is at: theromanticalskeptic.I struggled with this. 4 hearts because it was hilariously funny and there was a LOT going on (death in the family, serious trouble in a close friend's life, many hits and misses with some foolish men, anxiety at work, tumult with roommates, a sick cat at home)? Or 3 because the heroine acts like a serious wanker in every single one of her dealings with the hero and through all the other challenges in her life. Methinks 3.She: A 26-year old lowly emplo [...]

    6. I didn't enjoy this book at all. From reading the summary I thought it would be an enjoyable read but I was wrong. The plot disappointed me. It was blan and boring. I fell asleep every time I tried reading it. It was not humorous what so ever. One thing that was okay with this book is all the problems Helen goes through. Helen is the protagonist in the story. Her life is so complicated and hard to deal with. She deals with a getting rid of an AWFUL boyfriend, her fathers death, lacking ambition [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book immensely. The main character draws you right in and it had lots of dramatic twists and empathetic characters. It almost seemed too close to life, the kind of relationship drama and little things that can cause misunderstandings. It is for that reason I am keeping it at 3 stars. I really liked it but the characters weren't uplifting- just human! Full disclosure I read it in my hostel and 40 pages had been ripped out so I may revise later.

    8. I've been working on reading this book for (what is for me) a long time. I begin reading a couple of pages, become disappointed and put it down again for a later time. I have finally just begun to get over the rough beginning, and am seeing this as an enjoyable read.It was a ho hum book, although I did laugh out loud at some of the humorry cheeky, as the heroine would say. I love Brit chick lit, just not overly fond of this one.

    9. Enjoyable typical chiclit read. Girl meets love of her life, messes it up several times, but in th end it all works out ok. The characters are likeable and fairly believable. The author sets the typical storyline in the unusual setting of a 20something girl mourning the loss of her distant father. I got annoyed that around chapter 35 the main character suddenly became aware that she was playing to an audience but on the whole an enjoyable, if fluffy, read.

    10. One of the funniest books I have ever read. I had picked this up after my own mom passed away and it was literally scary how much I was feeling exactly what was written. It was as if someone had written about my life! I really laughed out loud with this one. This is the book that started my journey with reading everything on the list that Anna Maxted had written. Has not been a disappointing journey at all!

    11. I read this book many years ago. There's one scene that I've never forgotten; the one where she mourns her father by burning red candles and paper memories.Anna Maxted, like Marian Keyes, writes chick lit with depth.

    12. Fun Easy read, some parts laugh out loud funny Definitely chick lit and just what I needed I enjoyed it very much and found myself rooting for Helen

    13. this is the second time I gave Anna Maxted a chance, and only because it was free, and my friend said it was a silly but funny read. I didn't find that to be the case. The characters are so annoying and unlikable that I finally couldn't stand to spend any more time with them and quit halfway through. I have enjoyed books with unlikable characters doing interesting things, or likable characters doing boring things, but I couldn't hang with unlikable characters doing boring, stupid things.

    14. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!The story and the characters were hilarious, and the writing was amazing! Had a good laugh.Thank you Anna Maxted for this amazing book!

    15. I did not love this one. The main character was a little too dumb and other characters were a bit too caricaturale. The thing with Tina is one example. The story line would have been stronger if she had been more developed as a chaarcter. Marian Keyes tackled it much better in This Charming Man. Lots of bodily functions and references to excretions. I mean, obviously they're part of life, but they appear often enough in this book that I noticed. Not sure I need a description of when a characters [...]

    16. ‘Getting Over It’ is primarily about dealing with the death of a loved one. Helen finds it difficult to move on after her father’s sudden death despite never really being close to him. However, she isn’t able to fully express her feelings about it.I’d expected a light read with the theme of death as the foreground but it was actually a major part of the story. The author handled the topic realistically, showing how Helen focuses on caring for her mother and in the process, ends up negl [...]

    17. Martedì scorso dovevo scegliere un nuovo libro, dopo aver terminato, nel weekend di Pasqua, sia Jane Eyre che A Start in Life. Normalmente il passaggio a un nuovo libro per me non è un problema, in quanto ho una lista, una specie di prospettino mensile che normalmente - per pigrizia fondamentalmente - seguo abbastanza fedelmente. Capita però che ogni tanto il libro previsto non mi convinca al 100%. In questo caso era Desperate Remedies di Thomas Hardy, e ha rischiato di essere sostituito da u [...]

    18. Okay it is chick lit and I will still admit that I recently read it. It is very much like revisiting Bridget Jones and I am sure that I won't remember the characters' names and all of it in a year or so but I will remember that it was funny and I enjoyed it. About a British 20-something looking for love and she is a little goofy and a little unorganized but very likeable. Book tackles a couple serious issues but still overall a happy book. My favorite line from the book is when the heroine is de [...]

    19. This book made me realize that I love authors with a sense of humor. It totally changed my genre interest and I'm thankful because I read more light hearted books now. Such a sweet escape.

    20. Helen, a twenty six year old single girl, leads a rather standard life for a young Brit. She shares an apartment with a guy she has adored since forever her cat called Fatboy. She's in a long term relationship. She's an assistant for an editor from hell and at night she has a full active social life with her fun-loving friends. Suddenly everything is turned upside down. She breaks up with her abusive boyfriend but has second thoughts even though she knows that he has and probably will continue t [...]

    21. I didn't want this fun book to end. When reviewers said it was hilarious, I initially questioned their standards, before I actually read it, of course. Helen, the main character, is so REAL. Well, despite the fact that she lives in London and I live in the Midwestern United States, she is the one woman in ChickLit that I felt wasn't pawning over Fendi and Gucci (she can't afford that, get real!). Readers watch Helen struggle with issues we all can relate with: loss of a loved one, not knowing ho [...]

    22. Ah, this could have been so much better. It's really difficult not to compare it (unfavorably) to Bridget Jones. The main reason I picked it (and the main thing I liked about it) was that it discussed in a very realistic way what it's like to lose someone in your life, to try and go on and deal with your pain while the rest of the world goes about their business like nothing happened, and especially how difficult it is to try and manage your own grieving process while at the same time being resp [...]

    23. I picked up Anna Maxted’s Getting Over It because the cover looked interesting in part, but also because I am constantly admonishing my kids to “get over it” or “suck it up” so I connected to the title. I struggled with this book, but I can’t entirely say why. I will admit to skimming somewhere in the middle out of sheer desperation. I don’t really get the blurb on the cover – “Hilarious” -USA Today. Hmmm, not so much, no. I think my major issue was that the main character se [...]

    24. Chick lit has slowly won me over with stories like this. Although the basics are formulaic (girl works at a magazine, girl has glamorous friends, girl's love life is a mess), this is the first one I've read that has dealt with something serious -- the death of a father. While Becky Bloomwood would no doubt argue that being a "shopaholic" is a legitimate problem, its triviality is obvious when compared to grief.A lot of things about Helen Bradshaw bugged me (mostly relating to her love life and t [...]

    25. I loved this book. I read a bunch of mixed reviews before reading it, although I read enough to convince that any self-respecting lover of the genre would add this to her reading repertoire. Many reviews compared it to Bridget Jones' Diary, as it came out in the same era--but Getting Over It is snappier and darker. Many reviews said it was too snarky and they stopped reading after a few pages. Well, this is a wonderfully snarky book and some people don't like snark--I get that. The story and the [...]

    26. Anna Maxted - Getting Over ItRegan Books, 2000This book is a great read for someone who has recently lost a close friend or family member. Maxted captures the not-so-pretty reality of getting over a loss, and a complicated one at that. The dynamics of the main character Helen Bradshaw's relationship with her father make his death a bit confusing. She, at first, doesn't feel strongly effected by his death, but rather her annoying, overbearing mother. We discover with her, deep into the story, tha [...]

    27. Hmmm. I originally read this book when I was 21 and at the time was obsessed with it. Then I read Anna Maxted's other books and didn't like them nearly as much.Now that I've reread it, I'm kind of surprised at how much my taste in books has changed.All right, there was a lot to this book that I liked: dealing with grief and the anger we feel toward the person who was died (whether through unresolved issues, anger with the death itself, etc), inability to cope with said grief and anger, and tryin [...]

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