FIYAH Literary Magazine, Issue One: Rebirth

Don t call it a comeback From the ashes of 1926 s FIRE magazine, the first issue of FIYAH rises in 2017 with new voices in Black speculative fiction taking on the theme of Rebirth.
FIYAH Literary Magazine Issue One Rebirth Don t call it a comeback From the ashes of s FIRE magazine the first issue of FIYAH rises in with new voices in Black speculative fiction taking on the theme of Rebirth

  • Title: FIYAH Literary Magazine, Issue One: Rebirth
  • Author: Justina Ireland Troy L. Wiggins Wendy Dunlap Malon Edwards V.H. Galloway Brent Lambert L.D.Lewis DaVaun Sanders
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: ebook
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    1. In an age of constant reboots and reimaginings of old media, the new FIYAH Literary Magazine stands out as one of the most promising such projects in recent years. Inspired by the work of Jazz Age black writers and motivated by current events and the ongoing dearth of recognition and opportunities for black writers in SFF, executive editors Justina Ireland and Troy L. Wiggins have created a unique and special space that is as much needed now as ever before. From its stunningly beautiful cover ar [...]

    2. This is an outstanding collection and a tour de force of modern day Black speculative fiction, and I am very much looking forward to future issues of this new magazine. All of the stories contained in this issue used speculative fiction to make very compelling statements about the Black experience, and explore thought-provoking themes like alienness, abuse of power, betrayal, survival, motherhood, identity, etc all wrapped in the main theme of rebirth. For five out of six stories in a magazine t [...]

    3. Whoa. Each story in this is so damn good!!!! My faves though? --Police Magic, which looks police violence. and is so damn relevant considering what's happening in the US currently. A powerful take on this subject for sure. --Chesirah. i need an entire full length book of this character! Chesirah's a fenox (phoenix) who at the beginning of the story is being held captive by a doll maker. I was enthralled by the way in which the author, L.D Lewis gave us each lil tid bit of Chesirah's character. l [...]

    4. I was breathless to read the first issue of Fiyah Lit Mag, but I forced myself to wait until I finished reading my current book. That was not easy, I promise you. I’ve felt this was needed for a long time.Finally, I opened it. I’d kept myself away from reading other reviews of the mag, although I knew it to be astounding because I’ve seen the first seven words of Tweets about its stunning portrayals of POCs in speculative fiction worlds.“Rebirth” is the theme of the first of what I hop [...]

    5. i enjoyed each of the six short stories included in this volume, and i'm very much looking forward to the next installment. i originally subscribed because i felt it was important to support diverse storytelling, but now that i've read issue one my motivations are purely selfish because i just want more of this kind of content! speculative fiction is probably my favorite genre and each of these stories had really vivid, detailed world-building that i loved. the worst thing about them is they are [...]

    6. The 1926 experimental periodical called FIRE!! only had one issue, but it broke a lot of ground and taboos. This new publication is like the 21st century grandchild of the original, all grown up and ready to fly. Very solid first issue with a couple of standouts for me: "Chesirah" by L.D. Lewis and "SiSi Je Kuisha (We Have Ended)" by V.H. Galloway. The project description intrigued me, but the cover art definitely pushed me over the edge. I plan to read future issues (they're currently up to #3) [...]

    7. You know how sometimes you read a literary magazine and you like a couple of stories or you like one but none of the others or really you came for the interviews and the rest of this is just fluff?THIS IS NOT THAT.This is a magazine where everyngleory is on fire. Every author spinning worlds that you want to spend more time in. Every author writing characters your interested in. It's amazing. Buy this, share this. you won't go wrong.

    8. Contains six stories and one excerpt. The standouts:The Shade Caller by DaVaun SandersSiSi Je Kuisha (We Have Ended) by V.H. GallowayChesirah by L.D. Lewis****This needs to be a full length novel. I want more!!

    9. Worth buying it for the story Chesirah alone (It's truly special), but honestly every story in this issue had something to offer. Highly recommended.

    10. I recommend this collection, even if, especially if, you're not white and the stories don't "resonate" with you. How are they going to ever resonate if you don't immerse yourself or give them a chance? And even if they don't resonate, ever, at least you learned something about others and yourself. Note that the craft level of the writing is very variable here. Some stories are very polished and others are very rocky. I think that many of the authors are newcomers (or couldn't get in the door com [...]

    11. 4.5/5. Positive: My favourite story was Revival. I also liked Long Time Lurker, Police Magic, The Shade Caller, Sisi Je Kuisha, and Chesirah-- all of the short stories in this anthology! It was a really great first issue, full of emotion and surprises, and I really enjoyed it. There were lots of great characters, lots of memorable worldbuilding, and fantastic writing.Negative: I didn't really like the indie excerpt featured at the end.

    12. This entire collection was a great introductory issue, and sets the bar high- and with talent like these writers and these editors at their finger tips, i have NO doubt that they'll be able to keep up the quality!

    13. On a technical basis, maybe this initial offering of the new FIYAH Literary Magazine doesn't quite merit 4 stars, but despite any weaknesses in the writing I really liked it. I really liked it a lot. I like that it exists and I think the aim of collecting and uplifting black speculative fiction writers is incredibly important. The common thread of these stories is reflecting on the black experience through the lens of speculative fiction, and that comes through powerfully in all six of the featu [...]

    14. A great collection that's introduced me to several authors I want to read more from, and convinced me to subscribe to the magazine.

    15. The writing was great and the stories were fascinating, but the overall theme bored me. Oh well. The next issue should be awesome.

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